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The Click-Away Pound Survey 2019 - Home Page
Click-Away Pound is a research survey designed to explore the online shopping experience of people with disabilities and examine the cost to business of ignoring disabled shoppers.
accessibility  webdevelopment  webdesign  society  inclusivity  retail  business 
13 days ago by garrettc
Setup GDPR Cookie Consent Notification with Google Tag Manager
"Learn how to install and configure a GDPR Cookie Consent Notification with Google Tag Manager and update your marketing tags accordingly"
guide  howto  privacy  cookies  webdevelopment  business  marketing  google 
17 days ago by garrettc
Assess your agile engineering practices
"Some weeks ago I read a slide deck by Jeff Nielsen about “Five Key Numbers to Gauge your Agile Engineering Efforts“. Even though using agile engineering practices is no goal in itself, the practices are usually helpful in reaching the ultimate goal of useful software. That’s why I compiled the five numbers into a single page to print out and let teams self-assess."
agile  business  bestpractice  measurement  management  methodology  scrum  tool 
6 weeks ago by garrettc
Scrum Checklist
"Are you really doing Scrum? Download the Scrum Checklist (version 2.2, PDF format)."
agile  scrum  business  development  bestpractice  management  methodology  measurement  tool 
6 weeks ago by garrettc
Story Blocks: A tool to help founders capture their company story
"Capturing your company story simply is incredibly powerful as it is central to everything your business will go on to do. It helps to crystalise the problem and solution, unite teams and add texture and personality that can help build your brand."
business  model  company  tool 
10 weeks ago by garrettc
How to run a Remote-First Open-Space Technology Un-Conference
Open-space technology un-conference is a powerful self-organized workshop. Here is a guide to making it remote-first. What principles does it rely on? What tools does it require? How to configure them? What is the preparation required? What are the different roles that emerge during the event?
work  conference  business  remote  collaboration 
october 2019 by garrettc
Adversarial Interoperability
“Interoperability” is the act of making a new product or service work with an existing product or service: modern civilization depends on the standards and practices that allow you to put any dish into a dishwasher or any USB charger into any car’s cigarette lighter. But interoperability is just the ante. For a really competitive,…
internet  business  worldwideweb  technology  hacking 
october 2019 by garrettc
Creddle helps you make beautiful, modern, paper-friendly web résumés.
business  resume  CV  tool  career  service 
september 2019 by garrettc
Moltin | eCommerce API for developers
The eCommerce API for developers & innovative brands, empowering you to rapidly build custom commerce experiences with headless, API-first microservices. Unlike traditional eCommerce platforms Moltin provides unmatched flexibility, speed, and control.
api  ecommerce  webdevelopment  programming  business 
september 2019 by garrettc
It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings
"Daily stand-up meetings have become a common ritual of many teams. However, there are many subtle details that distinguish effective stand-ups and a waste of time."
agile  patterns  scrum  standup  business  projectmanagement 
september 2019 by garrettc
Calendar defrags
"Life as a manager means that I go to a lot of meetings. Over time it's very easy for them to get a bit unruly, and for your calendar to start managing you rather than the other way round. Every now and again I've found it's good to take stock, to tip everything out and start again, in the form of a calendar defrag. Here's how I approach it, and a tool you can use if you'd like to join me."
business  time  calendar  management 
august 2019 by garrettc
How to Avoid Groupthink When Hiring
A structured process leads to better decisions.
hiring  work  business  interview  management 
august 2019 by garrettc
Square’s Growth Framework for Engineers and Engineering Managers
"Our Software Engineering Career Ladder is a crucial element of Square’s toolkit for supporting engineers’ growth. It helps us ensure that we evaluate and reward engineers consistently and fairly, regardless of their team, discipline, or background. Every employee has a level, which describes the scope, complexity, and impact of their role and factors into compensation."
leadership  management  career  engineering  business 
august 2019 by garrettc
Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters
management  software  business  book  ebook  projectmanagement  agile 
august 2019 by garrettc
Everyone loves a roadmap
"In agile programmes people prefer to talk about roadmaps rather than plans. This post is about the reasons behind this and the benefits of using a roadmap rather than a gantt chart to manage pure agile, or mixed methodology programmes."
roadmap  gds  business  planning  projectmanagement 
july 2019 by garrettc
A rota for retrospectives
"In agile teams, the ‘retrospective’ is an essential – maybe the most essential - meeting we have. At the end of every two week sprint, we get together for an hour to reflect on how the work got done so that we can learn from it. We celebrate what went well, give thanks and agree some changes to improve our effectiveness in future sprints."
agile  retrospective  gds  business  delivery  teams 
july 2019 by garrettc
Organising around outcomes
In the pre-internet era, technology projects were defined up-front with a huge specification document, a formal business case and maybe a Prince 2 Project Initiation Document. In the internet era, technology projects got smaller as teams were able to release more regularly and deliver iterative value, and governance got lighter. Today, a team is more…
webdevelopment  webdesign  appdevelopment  userexperience  usercentereddesign  userjourney  business 
july 2019 by garrettc
Opening up our Atlassian Term Sheet
The traditional M&A process is broken and favors large companies. So, we're leveling the playing field by releasing our Term Sheet for anyone to see.
june 2019 by garrettc
Get Paid What You’re Worth to Speak at Conferences
Knowing your value and negotiating smartly are skills worth learning.
business  speaking  negotiation  equality  society  advice 
june 2019 by garrettc
A collection of open source frameworks for helping designers and engineers to grow at work
career  management  progression  learning  work  business 
june 2019 by garrettc
Marketing Copywriting: A Guide
The ability to craft quality copy is a core competency for marketers everywhere, yet across nearly all industries, bad copy continues to prevail. This guide was written as a countermeasure for all…
copywriting  writing  marketing  business 
may 2019 by garrettc
How to successfully develop engineering team leaders
"Find out why the most exceptional team leaders in engineering are masters of code and so-called soft skills such as communication, empathy and flexibility."
business  management  leadership 
may 2019 by garrettc
The modern B2B buyer
"Business to business (B2B) service providers are facing a new challenge: How do you best sell and deliver your services in a world where engagement increasingly happens online and is your website best equipped for this?"
ecommerce  research  b2b  b2c  business 
april 2019 by garrettc
Womansplaining the Pay Gap
I asked the gender editor of The Times to walk us through the details.
equality  society  business  pay 
april 2019 by garrettc
Good collaboration, bad collaboration: A new report by Slack
"What makes for good team collaboration? We surveyed 7,000 knowlege workers in 17 countries to better understand top employee workplace values."
survey  business  collaboration  slack  communication 
february 2019 by garrettc
The decision-making process is a team sport
Learn how to create the right conditions for decision-making, techniques for making decisions as a team, and the tools that help move things along.
business  process  decisionmaking  teams 
february 2019 by garrettc
Questions for a new technology.
"Given that coordination and communication swamp all other costs in modern software development it is a pressing area to invest in, especially as your team scales."
development  evaluation  management  technology  business  questions 
february 2019 by garrettc
OKRs, Explained with "Star Wars"
"Having trouble understanding OKRs? This presentation will explain it to you, with the Emperor as CEO, and Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin as his leadership team"
culture  management  business  performance  metrics  okr 
january 2019 by garrettc
OKRs, Explained with "Star Wars"
Having trouble understanding OKRs? This presentation will explain it to you, with the Emperor as CEO, and Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin as his leadership t…
business  management  performance  okr 
january 2019 by garrettc
Cultivate high-performing teams with these feedback tips
"Looking to build high-performing teams and improve employee performance? Here are four invaluable tips for providing feedback in the workplace."
business  management  mentoring  teams 
january 2019 by garrettc – charity wtf's about technology, databases, startups, engineering management, and whiskey.
Last night I was out with a dear friend who has been an engineering manager for a year now, and by two drinks in I was rattling off a long list things I always say to newer engineering managers.
IFTTT  Pocket  business  management 
january 2019 by garrettc
The Engineer/Manager Pendulum –
Lately I’ve been doing some career counseling for people off Twitter (long story). The central drama for many people goes something like this: I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while.
IFTTT  Pocket  business  management 
january 2019 by garrettc
A Pirate's take on Strategy vs Tactics
"Strategy vs. Tactics is one of the most written-about topics in business, but most business books seem to explain it in ways that hinder the clarity of thought."
book  business  history  strategy  tactics 
january 2019 by garrettc
An inside look into secrets of agile estimation and story points. Good agile estimation lets product owners optimize for efficiency and impact.
agile  scrum  projectmanagement  business  development 
january 2019 by garrettc
Why you should stop using product roadmaps and try GIST Planning
"I created my fair share of product strategies, roadmaps and project gantts, but I don’t do them anymore. I found a better alternative — GIST"
projectmanagement  planning  gist  okr  agile  business 
january 2019 by garrettc
Engineering Management: The Pendulum Or The Ladder
Last night I was out with a dear friend who has been an engineering manager for a year now, and by two drinks in I was rattling off a long list things I always say to newer engineering managers. Then I remembered: I should write a post! It's one of my goals this year to write…
management  career  manager  business  engineering 
january 2019 by garrettc
Risk-First Software Development
"Scrum, Waterfall, Lean, Prince2: what do they all have in common?

One perspective is that they are individual software methodologies, offering different approaches on how to build software.

However, here, we are going to consider a second perspective: that building software is all about managing risk, and that these methodologies are acknowledgements of this fact, and they differ because they have different ideas about which are the most important risks to manage."
software  development  business  management  risk  process  projectmanagement 
january 2019 by garrettc
100+ Lessons Learned for Project Managers
"Jerry Madden, the former Associate Director of Flight Projects at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), collected 122 lesson learned nuggets from a variety of sources that are instructive to managers of NASA spaceflight projects. These aphorisms should be accepted where they may provide insight into NASA project management success."
business  projectmanagement  nasa  advice  funny  wisdom 
january 2019 by garrettc
How much does it cost to make an app? - App Cost Calculator
"Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to build an app for iOS or Android? We’ve created this handy app cost calculator just for you. Find out how much your app will cost in under a minute!"
ios  android  calculator  business  budget  development 
january 2019 by garrettc
Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace
"Stolen identities, ominous threats, intricately coordinated hijackings, and the people who are just trying to understand the rules of a lawless land. This isn’t the Wild West. It’s Amazon’s Seller Marketplace, where customers buy things like tents and novelty socks and other tchotchkes."
amazon  business  marketplace  ecommerce 
january 2019 by garrettc
4 Questions You Should be Asking Your Employees
"Not sure how to motivate your team and help them perform at their best? Here's a simple solution: Just ask."
management  process  business  employment 
december 2018 by garrettc
Microservices are for humans, not machines
"The microservice architecture is an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services, which implement business capabilities. The microservice architecture enables the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications. It also enables an organisation to evolve its technology stack."
microservices  architecture  business  programming 
december 2018 by garrettc
Scaling Engineering Teams via Writing Things Down and Sharing - aka RFCs
Using an RFC-like model to avoid the lack of visibility on others building or having built the same things as other teams, and the tech and architecture debt accumulated due to different teams building things very differently.
agile  culture  engineering  management  programming  business 
december 2018 by garrettc
The Signal Network
"My educated guess is that 50% of my job as a manager is information acquisition, assessment, and redistribution. It is my primary job and the efficiency with which I do this is a direct contribution to the velocity of the team."
communication  information  business  management 
november 2018 by garrettc
Yes, Alan, There Is An ROI For UX Design
"Alan Cooper recently wrote that the value of design should be obvious to everyone in the organization. If someone is asking you to explain design’s value, it’s because they can’t see it."
business  design  roi  userexperience 
november 2018 by garrettc
Evangelizing a Design System
Get buy-in from executives for your design system. Explain why design systems are popular, show current gaps, calculate the expected ROI.
business  investment  management  designsystems  patternlibrary  styleguide  roi  budget  powerpoint  keynote  template 
november 2018 by garrettc
Building a compelling business case for a Design System
"Design Systems are here to stay. […] But it’s not designers who we have to convince when it comes to investing in the build of a design system. Especially if we aren’t lucky enough to be in an organisation where design has a ‘seat at the table’. How can we sell the benefits of a design system with more focus on appealing to upper management, who may not see the same benefits we do?"
designsystems  webdevelopment  webdesign  business 
november 2018 by garrettc
Getting executive buy-in for your design system
"As you may know, sometimes it’s difficult to explain inside a company what exactly a design system is and what value it provides. It’s also usual that we, the designers, try to get executive buy-in without having analyzed the specific circumstances of our company."
designsystems  business  presentation 
november 2018 by garrettc
List of development resources
Covers programming, business, theory, gaming, security, and more.
programming  business  security  theory  gaming  cms  networking  devops  sysadmin  resource  list 
october 2018 by garrettc
A foundation for technical investigations
"A high-level structure for asking people about their technology, with a view of looking at how things are and identifying how they might be."
business  strategy  exploration 
october 2018 by garrettc
How we do on-call at Monzo
A team of engineers are available 24/7/365 to respond when things go wrong. For other companies thinking about how to approach incidents, here’s how we do on-call at Monzo.
business  devops  oncall 
september 2018 by garrettc
The Decision Matrix: How to Prioritize What Matters
The decision matrix is a powerful tool to help you prioritize which decisions deserve your attention as a leader, and which should be delegated. Here’s how you can start using it today.
productivity  leadership  prioritisation  business  decisions 
september 2018 by garrettc
Followership - Jason Wong's Blog
Everyone likes to talk about leadership—we are culturally conditioned to view success as a progression through leadership positions—but there is far less
management  leadership  business 
september 2018 by garrettc
Gordon Brander: pattern
"This is my bag of tricks — loose notes, design patterns, rules-of-thumb, methods of enquiry, tools, cheatsheets, gimmicks, leverage points, descriptions of systems, key questions, risks, and unknowns."
reference  inspiration  designthinking  mentoring  design  business  patterns  storytelling  strategy 
august 2018 by garrettc
With Goals, FAST Beats SMART
Traditional goal setting undermines the alignment, coordination, and agility needed to execute strategy.
management  business 
august 2018 by garrettc
What walls are for
"I love walls with post its and index cards stuck on it and sketches on whiteboards. I like walls for planning, for thinking, for communicating and for analysing. And then you capture it all in a tool, like Jira."
agile  business  standup  teams  communication  wall 
july 2018 by garrettc
Catwigs: A conversation with your project
"One very direct, sensible question to ask about an idea is “does it actually solve a problem?”. If it doesn’t, why are you doing it? Valid reasons include “to have fun” or “because I like it”, but what if they’re not there? Like wigs for cats, many ideas do not solve a problem. Cats don’t need wigs."
bbc  game  gamestorming  business  userexperience  designthinking 
july 2018 by garrettc
7 Steps to Managing Remote Developer Teams if You’re Nontechnical
"Here are some essential steps to take to better manage a team of developers who are not in the same city, country, or timezone."
business  development  management  remote 
july 2018 by garrettc
Sizing engineering teams.
"Over the past year I've refined my approach to team sizing into a bit of a framework, and even changed my mind on several aspects, especially the viability of small teams. This post describes how I now size teams"
advice  career  management  business  mentoring  teams 
july 2018 by garrettc
The Designer Who Changed Airbnb's Entire Strategy
"Product-market fit is the only thing that matters, and yet this is where many companies fail. Learn how Airbnb used design thinking to disrupt itself, expand its product offering and secure lasting product-market fit on its way to becoming a true lifestyle brand."
productdevelopment  productdesign  business  management 
july 2018 by garrettc
Brand Purpose without all the nonsense
"I’ve worked with lots of founders, CEOs and CMOs and I hear pretty much the same thing from all of them: ‘We kind of know what we’re trying to do, but we just can’t quite say it simply. And as we grow it’s getting more important that everyone gets it.’ Often, they’ve been struggling with it for years."
branding  business  marketing 
july 2018 by garrettc
Honest Work
Honesty is the new game changer. Real jobs, real salaries, real transparency.
work  business  transparency 
july 2018 by garrettc
The Three Games of Customer Engagement: A Product Strategy Framework | The Amplitude Blog
This article is the third in our north star metric series. This series unpacks a modern approach to product management strategy and execution that accelerates product development and growth.
IFTTT  Pocket  business 
july 2018 by garrettc
Why Design Systems Fail by Una Kravets
"It’s like going to the gym. Small incremental changes make a big difference over the long term. If you just work out for three months and then stop, you’ll lose all your progress. It’s like that with design systems. They have to stay in sync with the live site. If you don’t keep it up to date, people just won’t use it.

It’s really important to have a solid core. Accessibility needs to be built in from the start. And the design system needs ownership and dedicated commitment. That has to come from the organisation."
designsystems  designpatterns  patternlibrary  styleguide  webdevelopment  webdesign  business 
june 2018 by garrettc
Steve Blank
"Is your organization full of Hackathons, Shark Tanks, Incubators and other innovation programs, but none have changed the trajectory of your company/agency?"
business  change  entrepreneurship  innovation  management  culture 
june 2018 by garrettc
Say the Hard Thing
"The majority of people-related disasters I’ve created originate with my choice to not say the hard thing. On my short list of critical leadership skills, the ability to “say the hard thing” is right after “delegate until it hurts.”"
business  feedback  management  mentoring  leadership 
june 2018 by garrettc
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