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How much does it cost to make an app? - App Cost Calculator
"Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to build an app for iOS or Android? We’ve created this handy app cost calculator just for you. Find out how much your app will cost in under a minute!"
ios  android  calculator  business  budget  development 
january 2019 by garrettc
Chi-Square Calculator
A Chi-Square Test calculator for a 2x2 table.
statistics  data  calculator  research  maths 
june 2018 by garrettc
Modular Scale
Calculator to generate a typographic scale.
calculator  css  sass  scale  typography  design  webdesign  webdevelopment 
january 2017 by garrettc
A natural language calculator/scratch-pad thingy.
calculator  osx  software  maths  mathematics 
august 2011 by garrettc
Em Calculator
Convert pixels to ems, allows you to add child elements too.
css  webdesign  typography  web  font  html  calculator  tools 
may 2010 by garrettc

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