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Content infrastructure vs. Headless and decoupled CMS
The essential guide to content infrastructure vs. headless and decoupled CMSs
api  cms  headless  contentdesign  contentstrategy 
3 days ago by garrettc
Headless CMS Scenarios: This Is Not Your Traditional CMS!
"The traditional CMS systems were built to manage websites. Headless CMS, however, represents a universal building block that can be used in any scenarios that involve content."
webdevelopment  headless  contentstrategy  contentdesign  content  cms  migration 
5 days ago by garrettc
Headless CMS comparison for 2019
"With the raise of popularity of single-page application (SPA), we can separate front-end and back-end completely."
cms  contentdesign  headless  list  comparison  webdevelopment 
5 weeks ago by garrettc
7 (not so secret) secrets about headless CMS
"Having problems understanding the concept of headless CMS? Cracking these secrets might help you understand what it is."
contentstrategy  contentdesign  cms  headless  introduction 
6 weeks ago by garrettc
Headless API CMS for both developers and marketers - Prismic
"Prismic helps developers and marketers/content managers to work on websites and apps together: 1) Developers can focus on code and never touch content 2) Content teams can change and create pages independently· Compatible with React, Angular, Node, Laravel, Rails, vanilla JS/PHP/Ruby"
javascript  api  cms  content  webdevelopment  headless 
january 2019 by garrettc
Content Modelling: A Master Skill
"The content model is one of the most important content strategy tools at your disposal. It allows you to represent content in a way that translates the intention, stakeholder needs, and functional requirements from the user experience design into something that can be built by developers implementing a CMS. A good content model helps ensure that your content vision will become a reality."
contentdesign  contentstrategy  cms  content  model 
november 2018 by garrettc
List of development resources
Covers programming, business, theory, gaming, security, and more.
programming  business  security  theory  gaming  cms  networking  devops  sysadmin  resource  list 
october 2018 by garrettc
Simple URL Forwarding with Routes
"Perch Runway's Routing a powerful feature. One thing it allows you to do with ease is URL forwarding which can be useful for social media, referral and affiliate links."
cms  perch  php  webdevelopment 
august 2018 by garrettc
Perch add-on links
A curated list of third party add-ons.
cms  php  perch  webdevelopment 
august 2018 by garrettc
Locking Master Pages in Perch
"Its built into Runway, but how can you prevent users selecting system master pages in standard Perch?"
perch  cms  webdevelopment  programming  php 
june 2018 by garrettc
{static is} the New Dynamic
The Static Web: Static Site Generators and the Post-CMS paradigm. Resources for designers and developers.
blog  cms  jekyll  ssg  jamstack  webdevelopment  infrastructure 
march 2018 by garrettc
headlessCMS is a leaderboard of the top Content Management Systems for JAMstack sites. Promoting a static approach to building websites.
blog  cms  headless  jamstack  webdevelopment 
march 2018 by garrettc
Publish blog posts, photos and media to your own site, and syndicate it to your social networks. Keep everything on your own site.
blog  blogging  indieweb  cms  socialnetworking  php  opensource 
march 2018 by garrettc
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS | Grav
Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, opensource CMS that requires no database
cms  markdown  opensource  php  static  webdevelopment 
january 2018 by garrettc
Perch Event Logger
"The Perch Event Logger tracks the activity of users with access to your CMS."
perch  cms  webdevelopment  programming 
august 2017 by garrettc
Perch Image Optimisation
"The Perch Image Optimiser will compress images that are generated by the CMS"
perch  cms  performance  webdevelopment  programming  imagery 
august 2017 by garrettc
Displaying a webmentions facepile
July’s release of the free Blog add-on for Perch and Perch Runway adds support for webmentions. One thing that quickly became apparent when displaying likes and reports on my own site was that the traditional listing format that we’re used to for comments is not well suited to these lighter interactions. One popular solution to this is a design pattern known as the facepile.
cms  perch  programing  webdevelopment 
july 2017 by garrettc
How to customise Redactor editor in Perch
Adding a View Source button to Redactor editor in Perch. Customising the editor using other Redactor plugins.
webdevelopment  cms  perch  wysiwyg 
june 2017 by garrettc
"Mavo extends the syntax of HTML to describe Web applications that manage, store, and transform data. Store data in the cloud, locally, or not at all by just changing an HTML attribute. Edit data right in the website, with an intuitive, auto-generated, customizable interface. No more wrestling with CMSes and servers!"
cms  data  html  webapp  webdevelopment 
may 2017 by garrettc
Using A Static Site Generator At Scale: Lessons Learned
"Static site generators are pretty en vogue nowadays. It is as if developers around the world are suddenly realizing that, for most websites, a simple build process is easy enough to render the last 20 years of content management systems useless. All right, that’s a bit over the top. But for the average website without many moving parts, it’s pretty close! However, does that hold true for websites bigger than your humble technology blog? How do static site generators behave when the number of pages exceeds the average portfolio website and runs up into the thousands? Or when development is a team effort? Or when people of different technical backgrounds are involved? This is the story of how we managed to bring roughly 2000 pages and 40 authors onto a technology stack made for hackers."
automation  cms  javascript  jekyll  webdevelopment 
march 2017 by garrettc
A free website publishing system developed for photographers, designers and creative DIYs.
cms  photography  portfolio 
january 2017 by garrettc
Introducing the GOV.UK publishing platform in detail
Lovely clarity from on how the GOV.UK publishing platform works in detail
cms  publishing  webdevelopment  architecture  gds 
july 2016 by garrettc
Open source content management system for the virtual reality web
opensource  virtualreality  cms 
april 2016 by garrettc
Don’t Trust Your CMS -- Following: How We Live Online
Don’t Trust Your CMS via - definitely pay attention to this if you are a developer of publishing software
cms  publishing  workflow 
april 2016 by garrettc
Looping Data in Perch
This post explains the different ways to loop through data in Perch, plus some tips for which to choose
perch  webdevelopment  programming  php  cms  contentdesign 
december 2015 by garrettc
Building Lightning-fast, Extensible Websites with Perch CMS
Phil Smith introduces Perch, a lightning-fast, extensible, easy-to-use CMS that's perfect for projects small and large, scaling easily via Perch Runway.
perch  perchrunway  cms  contentdesign  webdevelopment 
october 2015 by garrettc
Introducing smartcrop.js
smartcrop.js is a javascript library for content aware image cropping.
javascript  webdesign  cms  contentmanagement  contentmodelling 
october 2015 by garrettc
Perch Log
An event based activity log for the Perch CMS. Useful for keeping track which content editors have published changes and viewing the historical differences.
perch  cms  webdevelopment  logging 
september 2015 by garrettc
Love Your CMS
Selecting and configuring the “best” CMS can bewilder and confound, but worry not. Eileen Webb, Karen McGrane, Jeff Eaton, and Ryan Irelan take you through customization, traditional versus “headless” CMSes, design, backend UX, and more in this hour-long event recorded live on August 25.
cms  cmf  contentmanagement  contentdesign  content  contentstrategy  webdesign  webdevelopment  drupal  perch 
september 2015 by garrettc
pamgriffith/patternlab-exporter · GitHub
"I created a toy script to see if I can automate getting pattern lab patterns into a couple CMSs I use"
webdesign  webdevelopment  template  atomicdesign  cms 
september 2015 by garrettc
Drupal 7 Deconstructed
How Drupal works: a plain(ish) English guide
drupal  technology  cms  webdevelopment  learning 
august 2015 by garrettc
Decoupled CMS
Why “Going Headless” is becoming so popular.
cms  headless  drupal 
august 2015 by garrettc
Announcing The New
The fifth iteration of uses a decoupled, isomorphic approach driven by React, Node.js, CouchDB, on top of Drupal as the CMS.
javascript  drupal  couchdb  reactjs  nodejs  webdevelopment  cms 
august 2015 by garrettc
Making reactive Headless Drupal 8 interfaces with Meteor
"Meteor is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to quickly create reactive, highly accessible applications. Drupal is a great content management system that makes it really easy to create well-structured content models and interact with data. Why not combine the two and let Drupal provide Meteor with semantic data with Meteor rendering that data in a reactive way?"
javascript  drupal  drupal8  headless  cms  contentdesign  contentstrategy 
july 2015 by garrettc
When Editors Design: Controlling Presentation In Structured Content
A really nice article about structured content by . I recommend reading slowly, bookmarking everything.
contentstrategy  contentdesign  content  cms  structure 
july 2015 by garrettc
Install and Integrate Elasticsearch with Drupal
"In this tutorial I am going to look at the possibility of using Drupal 7 as a content management system that powers another high performance application. To illustrate the latter, I will use the Silex PHP microframework and Elasticsearch as the data source. The goal is to create a proof of concept, demonstrating using these three technologies together."
drupal  contentdesign  content  contentstrategy  cms  search  symfony  silex  php  elasticsearch 
april 2015 by garrettc
Using Page Tables to Deliver Meaningful Design
Page Tables are a powerful UX tool. They serve as the key step between discovery and design. They define the business goals, target audiences, and content elements on a more granular level for all template pages.
cms  contentstrategy  business  planning  pagetables 
april 2015 by garrettc
Decoupled Drupal with Silex
A slidedeck from Larry Garfield about building a CMS for video metadata, using Drupal, elasticsearch, and Silex.
drupal  silex  restful  cms  hal  elasticsearch 
february 2015 by garrettc
"KeystoneJS is the easiest way to build dynamic websites, applications and APIs with Node.js and MongoDB."
javascript  cms  framework  nodejs  mongodb 
february 2015 by garrettc
Native mobile apps
Using Drupal as the backend for mobile application development.
ios  drupal  application  android  content  contentstrategy  business  cmf  cms 
january 2015 by garrettc
Training the CMS
Launching a site powered by lovingly crafted content models is a joy. But what happens in the weeks that follow, as authors start entering new content into the CMS? If you want to keep your well-structured content intact and on strategy, a training PDF won’t cut it. Let Eileen Webb show you what will: getting editorial guidelines where your authors need them most—in the CMS itself.
cms  content  contentstrategy  webdevelopment 
october 2014 by garrettc
Decoupling Drupal
Using Drupal to build a headless CMS engine, with Elasticsearch for storage, and Silex as a frontend.
drupal  drupal8  silex  elasticsearch  headless  cms  cmf 
september 2014 by garrettc
Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages
Jekyll is a website generator that’s designed for building minimal, static blogs to be hosted on GitHub Pages. This article shows how to set it up.
blog  cms  github  generator  static  webdevelopment  sysadmin  jekyll 
august 2014 by garrettc
Why selecting a new CMS will just not cut it | Acquia
I think my colleague can smell project failure in an RFP. A new CMS isn't going to fix your problems.
cms  cmf  business 
april 2014 by garrettc
Content Cleanup!
Take the opportunity afforded you by moving CMS to clean up your content.
content  contentstrategy  cms  business  copywriting 
october 2013 by garrettc
Phase2 Technology
Home of the Drupal distributions Open Atrium, Managing News and TattlerApp.
drupal  webdevelopment  opensource  cms  cmf  framework  technology  publishing  intranet  monitoring 
february 2011 by garrettc
Real time publishing system for embedding in other sites.
realtime  cms  news  events  tools 
february 2011 by garrettc
Advice for CMS users
Coverring things like accessibility and writing for the web
cms  writing  web  copywriting  tips  text 
october 2010 by garrettc
Designing for the wrong target audience
"And so we have this tension. Drupal as a ‘Consumer Product’ and Drupal as a ‘Developer Framework’. Currently, the official direction is that the project is going to attempt to be both. I think this is a serious problem."

The target audiences for each of these objectives are so far removed from each other in terms of their tasks & goals, their capabilities, their vocabulary, their priorities. An attempt to devise an interface to suit both will result in an outcome that I expect we’ll see in the release of Drupal 7 – that is a compromise to both parties.
drupal  community  strategy  webdevelopment  cms  cmf  framework  direction  process 
october 2009 by garrettc
wmd - The Wysiwym Markdown Editor
A simple, lightweight HTML editor that uses Markdown as it's intermediate layer.
application  browser  cms  code  development  editing  formatting  javascript  layout  markdown  opensource  plugin  resource  text  wysiwym  editor  forms  tools 
june 2008 by garrettc
Cheat Sheets
Extensive list of cheat sheets for programming languages and applications
cheatsheet  apache  cms  code  css  drupal  geek  javascript  jquery  networking  photoshop  php  programming  useful  resource  webdevelopment 
february 2008 by garrettc
Drupal themes and theme services.
design  drupal  template  theme  cms  cmf  webdevelopment 
september 2007 by garrettc
11 usability principles for CMS products
"The functionality of the content management system (CMS) is obviously a key deciding factor when purchasing a new product. Equally important is the usability of the CMS."
cms  content  design  guidelines  hci  interface  management  reference  usability  webdevelopment 
august 2007 by garrettc
Contrib modules version 5.x status
List of modules being ported to the drupal 5.x release and their current status.
drupal  programming  status  module  drupal5  php  cms 
november 2006 by garrettc
Customising drupal profile fields
Snippets for changing the layout of drupal profile pages based on user role.
template  cms  php  howto  drupal  webdevelopment  tips  tricks 
march 2006 by garrettc
Regarding the Content Construction Kit Module
Quick intro to the CCK module for drupal from Nick Lewis.
cms  content  drupal  webdevelopment 
february 2006 by garrettc

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