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Instant Pot Pork Ribs recipe - Tastes Better from Scratch
Tender, flavorful, and delicious Instant Pot Ribs, cooked in just about 30 minutes! A great, easy meal made with your pressure cooker.
recipe  cooking  ribs  instantpot  pressurecooker 
5 weeks ago by garrettc
Instant Pot FAQ and Accessories - Spice Cravings - Quick and Easy Recipes
Spice Cravings is a peek in my kitchen where I make my family's favorite quick, easy and tasty recipes. Here's you'll find a wide variety of Instant Pot recipes as well.
instantpot  cooking  accessories  tobuy 
september 2018 by garrettc
Instant Pot Barbacoa Beef | Gimme Some Oven
LOVE this Instant Pot Barbacoa Beef recipe! It's easy to make in the pressure cooker, full of big flavors, and perfect for tacos, burritos, salads and more!
cooking  food  recipe  mexican  beef 
august 2018 by garrettc
Jacques Pépin: How to Chop Garlic
The chef demonstrates proper technique for chopping garlic.
cooking  garlic  tip 
june 2018 by garrettc
The Best Yorkshire Puddings | Serious Eats
As with all simple recipes, Yorkshire pudding technique is steeped in rules designed to make you believe that they're a tricky, fickle food and that following the wrong recipe or wrong technique will lead to disastrous end results. After dozens of tests and hundreds of puddings, I have some good news for you: It's nearly impossible to mess up a Yorkshire pudding. But of course, some puddings are lighter and crisper than others. I considered it my duty to investigate each and every rule and theory in the lore of Yorkshire pudding to figure out which ones rise to the top and which are simply puff pieces.
baking  british  cooking  recipe 
december 2017 by garrettc
Tips for Hosting a Hassle-Free Dinner
What's for dinner? As we head into the festive season, more of us are likely to be hosting gatherings. Here are a few tips to help you along the way...
food  cooking  friends  party  tips 
november 2017 by garrettc
Instant Pot Barbecue Ribs - Mommy's Home Cooking
These Instant Pot Barbecue Ribs are sticky, saucy, savory, sweet, and so tender. Fall-off-the-bone tender. They are done in 30 min, with just 5 ingredients.
cooking  instantpot  pressurecooker  ribs  pork 
november 2017 by garrettc
Sauerkraut: Modern Baker's natural medicine - Modern Baker
Modern Baker healthy chef Ashley Keen shares her delicious fermented cabbage (sauerkraut) and kraut juice recipe, and tips for fermenting.
cooking  recipe  german  sauerkraut  pickle  cabbage 
august 2017 by garrettc
Supercook: recipe search by ingredients you have at home
Supercook is a recipe search engine that lets you search by ingredients you have at home. Find thousands of recipes you can make right now with the ingredients you have available at home. Supercook can help you save hundreds on grocery bills by showing you how to fully use the ingredients you have at home. No more wasted left-overs. Asian,Breads,Breakfast,Cakes,Caribbean,Casseroles,Cookies,Desserts,Dinner,Dips,Drinks,Fish recipes,Grilling & BBQ,Indian & Thai,Italian,Kid Friendly,Meat recipes,Mediterranean,Mexican,Poultry recipes,Quick & Easy,Salad Dressings,Salads,Sandwiches,Sauces,Seafood recipes,Slow Cooker,Soups,Veggie recipes
cooking  food  recipes  search  database 
august 2017 by garrettc
Spinach, Artichoke, & Blue Cheese Galette
Galettes provide the joy and happiness of pies, but for about half the effort. This spinach, artichoke, & blue cheese galette is a savoury treat for all.
pie  spinach  cooking  recipe  food  cheese  artichoke  halloumi  feta 
august 2017 by garrettc
Travancore Coconut Fish Curry
During my trip to India in May, I had the opportunity to rediscover some of my old favourites. One of which is, Travancore coconut fish cur...
food  cooking  fish  curry  indian 
july 2017 by garrettc
Knife Maintenance and Sharpening
Knife Maintenance and SharpeningBy Chad Ward (Chad)Warning: Remember that handling, using and sharpening knives is inherently dangerous. Neither eGullet no...
knife  sharpening  knives  howto  kitchen  cooking 
july 2017 by garrettc
MyFridgeFood - Home
Easy recipes using ingredients you already have in the kitchen.
cooking  food  recipe  search  tool 
july 2017 by garrettc
Explore Parts Unknown
Eat, Drink, Know, Go: The world according to Anthony Bourdain
travel  cooking  food  television  guide  archive 
may 2017 by garrettc
Recipe: Gnocchi Skillet with Chicken Sausage & Tomatoes
Late summer nights call out for easy food that is also fresh and vibrant, abundant with tomatoes, herbs, and other garden booty
food  recipe  sausage  tomato  cooking 
may 2017 by garrettc
Pumpkin curry with chickpeas
A veggie dinner party dish which stands alone as a vegan main course or as a complex side dish perfect served with spiced roast meat or fish.
cooking  recipe  curry  vegetarian  asian  pumpkin  chickpeas  vegan 
january 2017 by garrettc
class_posts - cookingcollaboration
reddit: the front page of the internet
cooking  howto 
january 2017 by garrettc
Foolproof 2-Minute Hollandaise Recipe
Foolproof real hollandaise in about 2 minutes.
recipe  sauce  food  eggs  cooking  breakfast 
november 2016 by garrettc
Foolproof Eggs Benedict Recipe
Combine our recipes for foolproof Hollandaise sauce and foolproof poached eggs—along with a toasted, buttered English muffin and ham crisped in butter—and you've got yourself a plate of eggs Benedict, the unrivaled King of brunch dishes.
eggs  recipe  food  cooking  ham  breakfast 
october 2016 by garrettc
Essential Kitchen Equipment
Photo album of essential bits for the kitchen
food  cooking  equipment  tips 
october 2016 by garrettc
How to Make Perfect Popcorn on the Stovetop |
How to make a perfect batch of popcorn, with no burnt kernels! Easy stove-top popcorn recipe.
popcorn  recipe  snack  food  cooking 
october 2016 by garrettc
Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken and Rice Soup) Recipe
Arroz caldo is a hearty Filipino congee made with chicken and rice and seasoned with onion, garlic, ginger, and fish sauce and topped with crunchy fried garlic. The result is a quick, comforting bowl that's a perfect wintertime meal (and rivals chicken soup for its ability to sooth those suffering from a cold).\n
recipe  rice  soup  cooking  chicken  garlic  filipino 
october 2016 by garrettc
Cooking Fats 101: What's a Smoke Point and Why Does it Matter?
One of the most important things you'll want to consider when picking out a fat is smoke point. But what is it and why does it matter? Here's what you need to know.
cooking  fat  oil  food 
august 2016 by garrettc
Hello, Tamago Kake Gohan, Your Time Has Come
"Tamago gohan—rice mixed with a raw egg—was one of the very first recipes I learned, and it's Japanese comfort food at its simplest. All it takes is a bowl of rice and an egg to break into it, perhaps seasoned with a little bit of soy sauce, salt, and MSG. Whip up the rice with chopsticks and the egg will turn pale yellow and foamy, holding the rice in a light, frothy suspension."
cooking  recipes  food  japan  japanese  egg  rice 
june 2016 by garrettc
Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce Recipe
This is perhaps the most famous recipe created by Marcella Hazan, the cookbook author who changed how Americans cook Italian food It also may be her easiest Use your favorite canned tomatoes for this and don’t be scared off by the butter
food  recipe  cooking  italian  pasta  tomato  sauce 
april 2016 by garrettc
Healthy Mac And Cheese
Pin ItRelated Posts via CategoriesBean Burgers with Avocado Basil CreamSlow Cooked Sweet Potato Chili with Quinoa and BulgurQuinoa Bean BitesRoast Vegetable...
cooking  recipe  pasta  cheese  squash 
april 2016 by garrettc
Binging with Babish: Pasta Aglio e Olio from "Chef" - YouTube
What dish can make any man or woman ache for the touch of Jon Favreau? Pasta Aglio e Olio is the dreamy midnight snack that lives up to its porny portrayal in the foodie-comedy-drama "Chef".
IFTTT  YouTube  video  food  cooking  pasta  italian 
march 2016 by garrettc
Lodge Cast Iron
The Lucky Dogs of South PittsburgAmong the most prized objects owned by Southern families are the cast-iron skillets passed down from generation to generation.…
family  history  cooking  cookware  designthinking  longevity 
march 2016 by garrettc
Cheese & pesto whirls
These herby tear-and-share bread rolls have mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes baked into them - perfect for a picnic or for dipping into soup
cooking  recipe  bread  pesto  cheese 
february 2016 by garrettc
Recipe blog and other musings from the author of the bestselling cookbook 'A Girl Called Jack'. "The contemporary pauper's cook" - Daisy Goodwin. "The Jocasta Innes of her generation" - The Independent. "A bit of a pillock" - my Dad. (by Jack Monroe)
food  cooking  recipes 
february 2016 by garrettc
Dinner Tonight: Chicken with Lemon
Yawnnn.... right? How can this possibly be any good? I mean, it's just lemons and chicken! Honestly, I never would have attempted this recipe from Craig Claiborne's New York Times Cookbook if I didn't have a whole stack of lemons and a chicken. Plus it looked easy. But it's remarkable how this can have so much flavor from so few ingredients.
chicken  recipe  food  cooking  lemon 
february 2016 by garrettc
Chilli Con Veggie | Family Basics | Jamie Oliver
Kerryann's vegetarian chilli con carne recipe is a family favourite packed with loads of veg making it the perfect midweek dish that everyone can enjoy!
recipe  food  cooking  chilli  vegetarian 
january 2016 by garrettc
Eat the Seasons
UK seasonal food information, tips and recipe ideas, updated every week
cooking  environment  food 
july 2015 by garrettc
Cook's Thesaurus
"A cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions.
cooking  food  reference  recipe 
march 2015 by garrettc
Lasagne soup. It’s a thing.
"Today I mentioned I had Lasagne soup for lunch, and Twitter was all ‘WHUT? WHERE? HOW?’ so here we go."
recipe  food  cooking  soup  lasagne 
december 2014 by garrettc
Only The Best Recipes
The top <1% of recipes from sites like allrecipes,, epicurious, and foodnetwork.
cooking  food  recipe 
february 2014 by garrettc
Ask: Grab-and-go Breakfast
Ask MeFi question on good solutions for grab-and-go breakfasts.
food  recipe  breakfast  cooking 
january 2014 by garrettc
English translations of Japan's top recipe website.
cooking  japan  japanese  recipe 
august 2013 by garrettc
Smashed celeriac
Somewhere between mashed and whole.
celeriac  food  cooking  recipe  vegetarian 
april 2013 by garrettc
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