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Moving photos from Flickr before it is shuttered
I have accumulated - and curated - around 5K photos on Flickr. Quite a few of these are embedded/pulled into various places (blogpost example). In case Flickr does go under, I'm looking for...
photography  flickr  curation 
july 2016 by garrettc
How to destroy special collections with social media
A presentation on how the importance of librarians and researchers using social media to help sustain special collections libraries.
book  socialmedia  society  history  worldwideweb  curation  presentation 
august 2015 by garrettc
Frictionless and frictionfull sharing and where the meaning lies.
"Frictionlessly shared things feel devoid of meaning to me. They were shared automagically without human intervention and, as such, all they have is an algorithmic relationship with that person." - Makes me wonder about the worth of +1 and Like buttons, where's the curation?
socialmedia  socialnetworking  sharing  curation  signal  wdcs  wdcsintranet  meaning 
december 2011 by garrettc
Musing Around the Web
Interesting mefi thread about museums, curation and the web.
museum  history  curation  technology 
april 2010 by garrettc
A List Apart: Articles: The Content Strategist as Digital Curator
What can we learn from museums libraries and other institutions that manage collections about effective content strategies.
content  strategy  webdevelopment  marketing  copywriting  curation  uxoxford2012  oxdug2013 
december 2009 by garrettc

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