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Teaching data science with puzzles
Of the many coding puzzles on the web, few focus on the programming skills needed for handling untidy data. During my summer internship at RStudio, I worked with Jenny Bryan to develop a series of data science puzzles known as the "Tidies of March." These puzzles isolate data wrangling tasks into bite-sized pieces to nurture core data science skills such as importing, reshaping, and summarizing data. We also provide access to puzzles and puzzle data directly in R through an accompanying Tidies of March package. I will show how this package models best practices for both data wrangling and project management.
learning  datascience  statistics  R  datamodelling  bigdata 
january 2019 by garrettc
Designing great data products
"Prediction technology can be interesting and mathematically elegant, but we need to take the next step. The technology exists to build data products that can revolutionize entire industries. So, why aren't we building them?"
data  datamining  analytics  design  datamodelling 
march 2012 by garrettc

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