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Plant Wizard
"Use the filters on this page to choose the indoor houseplants that will grow best in your home or office. See lists of the best low light houseplants, indoor flowering houseplants, bonsai plants, office plants, and clean air plants. Learn which indoor houseplants are non-poisonous and safe to have around children and pets and which houseplants are poisonous."
plants  house  home  decorating  guide 
february 2017 by garrettc
How To Buy Plants And Keep Them Alive
You should own a plant. It’ll make you happy. Here, a guide to purchasing your first plant and helping it thrive.
home  house  plants  decorating  design  guide 
february 2017 by garrettc
PowerPig's Lego Builds
Custom Lego kits for tiny technology, holiday, food, bonsai, modular arcade, gaming
lego  retro  shop  gift  tobuy  technology  decorating 
november 2016 by garrettc
Painters and decorators in Oxford - D Kelly decorating services
D.Kelly painters and decorators in Oxford offer top quality redecorations and refurbishment at excellent prices. Get a free quote today on 01865 599 583.
painting  decorating  home 
january 2016 by garrettc
Twig Terrariums
Tiny moss terrarium dioramas.
inspiration  tobuy  home  decorating  ideas 
july 2011 by garrettc
Help me geekify my office with posters!
Great ask.mefi thread with lots of suggestions on artwork to brighten your cubicle/dungeon/office.
art  posters  inspiration  decorating 
june 2010 by garrettc
Famille Summerbelle: Cable Tidy
Ingenious solution to wires trailing over the house
home  ideas  clever  decorating 
december 2009 by garrettc
The Small Stakes Posters
Beautiful two and three colour silk screen music posters.
art  cool  decorating  design  gallery  gift  ideas  inspiration  illustration  music  posters  print  shopping  graphics  tobuy 
july 2007 by garrettc
Easy Photo Wall on a Shoestring Budget
Interesting idea, I think this could work quite well in the flat.
art  cool  decorating  design  diy  gallery  home  howto  ideas  interesting  photography  presentation  projects 
november 2006 by garrettc
UK stockist of blik wall graphics, excellent
graphics  diy  home  decorating 
november 2006 by garrettc

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