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Very Slow Movie Player
"A film watched at 1/3,600th of the original speed is not just a very slow movie, it helps you see yourself against the smear of time."
diy  film  movies  raspberrypi  technology  art  time 
january 2019 by garrettc
BASIC Engine
"The BASIC Engine is a very low-cost single-board home computer with advanced 2D color graphics and sound capabilities, roughly comparable to late-1980s or early-1990s computers and video game consoles. It can be built at home without special skills or tools and using readily available components for under 10 Euros in parts, or mass-produced for even less."
code  computer  hardware  electronics  diy 
july 2018 by garrettc
Artem vs. Predator
I’m not sure what it was. Might have been the Predator movies, might have been something else. Heat vision. The ability to see heat was something I wanted for a while.
electronics  diy  cool  camera  photography 
october 2017 by garrettc
Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement - iFixit
Mac mini Model A1283 Hard Drive Replacement: Replace the hard drive in your Mac mini Model A1283.
diy  mac  macmini  upgrade 
april 2017 by garrettc
Cool Tools
"Cool tools really work. A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. All reviews on this site are written by readers who have actually used the tool and others like it."
video  book  blog  diy  review  recommendations 
april 2017 by garrettc
The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch
Remember how our homebrew router embarrassed off-the-shelf options? Go make your own.
technology  internet  infrastructure  network  diy  router  networking  hardware  linux  firewall 
april 2016 by garrettc
When a Phillips is not a Phillips! - All
Way more than you have ever wanted to know about screws!
diy  tools  history  society 
march 2016 by garrettc
Template maker
This page is a resource for DIY artists, graphics designers and everyone who likes paper crafts. It contains an ever growing number of templates for gift boxes and increasingly more other interesting things that can be made out of paper. The templates are all dynamic: you can customize almost all dimensions. All templates are free, no login is required.
wrapping  packaging  packing  boxes  diy  design  templates  paper  box  template  crafts  gifts  make 
december 2015 by garrettc
Why you shouldn't just plug any old USB device into your machine.
arduino  diy  hacking  security  usb  microcontroller 
december 2014 by garrettc
Dear Delia | She Makes War
's Delia Derbyshire tribute played live on loop pedal and megaphone
music  shemakeswar  diy  loop 
november 2013 by garrettc
Clever DIY
Drill holes and put in some marbles.
art  diy  inspiration 
march 2012 by garrettc
Ana White Homemaker
100s of free plans and schemes for furniture and home DIY projects.
craft  diy  furniture  home 
february 2012 by garrettc
How to build a pinhole camera with a 6 month exposure to show the path of the sun.
photography  pinhole  camera  howto  tutorial  diy  project  solargraph 
april 2010 by garrettc
D-Touch Papercraft Drum Machine
Drum machine with a tangible user interface built from printed PDFs and a webcam.
audio  paper  papercraft  userinterface  diy  sound  drum 
july 2009 by garrettc
Paper CD Case generator
Give it track details and graphics and it will generate a PDF to be printed and folded into a ready made case, cool.
music  paper  diy  design  pdf  cd 
june 2009 by garrettc
How to Clean Stuff
Donating to the Clean Water Fund for every tip published.
advice  clean  diy  home  howto  learning  lifehack  productivity  reference  skills  tips  tricks 
may 2008 by garrettc
Brew Ginger Beer
From the Wired How-To Wiki. Not sure I'll ever get round to this, but it would be nice to give it a go.
diy  food  home  howto  recipe  ginger  beverage  toeat 
february 2008 by garrettc
Optical experiments
over 30 PDFs of scientific experiments thanks to Anchor Optics
camera  diagram  diy  education  free  optics  physics  projects  interesting 
november 2007 by garrettc
How to make a string tripod
Nice tutorial from Instrctables. I've been thinking about making one of these for a while, just to throw it in my bag when I'm out and about.
cool  photography  diy  tripod  howto  tutorial  simplicity  travel  todo  tips  hacks 
may 2007 by garrettc
Easy Photo Wall on a Shoestring Budget
Interesting idea, I think this could work quite well in the flat.
art  cool  decorating  design  diy  gallery  home  howto  ideas  interesting  photography  presentation  projects 
november 2006 by garrettc
UK stockist of blik wall graphics, excellent
graphics  diy  home  decorating 
november 2006 by garrettc
Money Origami
Making things out of dollar bills
art  craft  diy  fun  money  paper  origami  howto 
april 2005 by garrettc
How To Make A Coin Ring
How to make a ring from a coin using just a spoon, vice grips and a dremmel
art  cool  craft  fun  diy  jewelry  ring  coin  currency  tips  hacks 
april 2005 by garrettc

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