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PCI Compliance & Drupal Commerce: Which Payment Gateway Should I Choose?
Several contributed modules with stable releases exist to leverage new eCommerce technologies in Drupal.
drupal  drupal7  ecommerce  pcidss  regulation  security 
june 2016 by garrettc
Rest Easy Part 3: Now Filter This
"In the third installment of REST Easy, our RESTful module tutorial series, we’ll take a look at how to filter your API endpoints for results, a great feature that brings in the power of Entity Field Query for your APIs."
drupal  drupal7  rest  restful  headless  filter 
august 2015 by garrettc
How To Force Search API To Reindex an Entity
"By default Search API (Drupal 7) reindexes a node when the node gets updated. But what if you want to reindex a node / an entity on demand?"
drupal  drupal7  search  solr  elasticsearch  searchapi 
march 2015 by garrettc
Caching Data in Drupal 7
Use of drupal_static, and the cache_* functions.
drupal  performance  programming  webdevelopment  drupal7 
march 2015 by garrettc
Field Paywall
"Field Paywall allows developers to replace fields on entities with a message depending on user permissions. It's useful for giving visitors teasers to content before advising them to sign up to see more."
drupal  drupal7  paywall  ecommerce  module 
march 2015 by garrettc
Death to Field Arrays! - EntityMetadataWrapper
"If used properly, EntityMetadataWrapper has the power to transform your ugly and fragile custom entity handling into readable, robust lines, and save you time to boot."
drupal  drupal7  programming  php  webdevelopment 
september 2014 by garrettc

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