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Text Editing Tips And Tricks Roundup
"We asked the Smashing Community for their favorite tips and tricks when editing text and code. With so many great suggestions, we've decided to collect them all into one article so you can add it to your useful bookmarks."
programming  webdevelopment  text  editing  editor  tips  tricks 
july 2018 by garrettc
The office suite for reproducible research
api  data  programming  spreadsheet  science  research  authoring  editing  software 
february 2018 by garrettc
When Editors Design: Controlling Presentation In Structured Content
Jeff Eaton shares five techniques to help provide editors and writers with more control over the presentation and design of their content.
content  contentstrategy  contentdesign  webdevelopment  cms  editing 
july 2015 by garrettc
Chartbuilder is a D3.js based front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts.
data  chart  graphs  editing  visualisation 
august 2013 by garrettc
TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos
Allows you to isolate a section of a YouTube video for sharing.
editing  video  youtube  tools 
december 2011 by garrettc
Search 43 different stylebooks at once. Just in case you're not confused enough.
reference  writing  style  editing  search  styleguide  grammar 
february 2011 by garrettc
Ben Hammersley's new project helps writers and editors publish content across multiple platforms, launches in the Spring. One to watch
publishing  content  mobile  writing  editing 
january 2010 by garrettc
wmd - The Wysiwym Markdown Editor
A simple, lightweight HTML editor that uses Markdown as it's intermediate layer.
application  browser  cms  code  development  editing  formatting  javascript  layout  markdown  opensource  plugin  resource  text  wysiwym  editor  forms  tools 
june 2008 by garrettc
Photoshop vintage effect
I try to stay away from post processing my images apart from tweaking the curves a little, but this is a nice little tutorial from Veerle on how to achieve an aged and vintage look.
editing  photography  photoshop  vintage  process  tips  tricks 
january 2008 by garrettc
Google Picasa Web Albums Uploader updated for iPhoto '08
I should imagine this would be handy for those of you who used Picasa on Windows and are missing the functionality on the Mac.
google  picasa  image  editing 
october 2007 by garrettc
Fixing Haze in Digital Photos
How to use the unsharp mask in photoshop or gimp to rescue hazy pictures
art  camera  digital  editing  graphics  howto  photography  photoshop  software  useful  photo  tutorial  tips 
september 2006 by garrettc
Free Online Broadcast & New Media Courses
Useful and free. Guides and internal training documents from the BBC concerning televsion and radio production, journalism and style guides
radio  television  bbc  media  broadcast  multimedia  journalism  howto  free  education  editing  audio  reference  resource  sound  study  useful  video  training  tutorial  guide 
august 2006 by garrettc
Glenn Feron - The Art of Retouching
Glenn Feron, photo retoucher, shows us some examples. A telling reminder of how many of the images we see today have been manipulated.
model  photo  digital  retouching  editing 
april 2005 by garrettc

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