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A foundation for technical investigations
"A high-level structure for asking people about their technology, with a view of looking at how things are and identifying how they might be."
business  strategy  exploration 
october 2018 by garrettc
"a funded research project exploring the potential of walking to gather environmental data and through multiple walks and visualisations build a rich picture of that area. The project examines technology and tools for creative data gathering and experimenting with data visualisation, to create tools, gain insight, and share knowledge"
data  mapping  maps  visualisation  walking  exploration  environment  society 
april 2018 by garrettc
Support site for the book Gamestorming
creativity  design  games  business  ideas  exploration  resource 
july 2017 by garrettc
"…a visual data exploration tool for exploring data collections of images by presenting vast quantities of images in a single field of view."
data  analytics  images  software  exploration 
june 2017 by garrettc
How to Explore Japan By Train Without Ever Leaving Home
There are thousands of YouTube videos that can let you explore almost every part of Japan by train from your own computer.
video  youtube  exploration  japan  trains 
february 2017 by garrettc
Landscape Diagram
"The Landscape Diagram demonstrates the impact of constraints on a system. It gives you a “map” or picture of how those constraints influence patterns of activity and decision making across the whole system."
business  planning  exploration  diagram  modelling  map 
january 2017 by garrettc
Pics about Space
Big collection of full-sized public images about space.
space  science  exploration  nasa  blueprints  diagram 
september 2016 by garrettc
Mars Posters
Exploration of the planet Mars - rover, mission, videos, pictures and information. Download a free Mars poster that speaks to you. Eight posters are available for download and printing. Each poster represents a different type of explorer NASA is seeking. Download at
mars  science  exploration  posters 
june 2016 by garrettc
A Wildly Detailed 100-Year Plan for Getting Humans to Mars
In 1989, a Rockwell engineer named Ron Jones published his Integrated Space Plan, a detailed outline of the next 100 years of human space travel, from continuing shuttle missions in the 1990s to the large scale habitation of Mars.
nasa  space  mars  science  exploration 
april 2016 by garrettc
Follow the brown signs
"The only website in the world dedicated to the humble brown tourist sign"
blog  exploration  travel  urban 
september 2015 by garrettc
NASA Mars Trek
"Mars Trek is a NASA web-based portal for exploration of Mars. This portal showcases data collected by NASA at various landing sites and features an easy-to-use browsing tool that provides layering and viewing of high resolution data."
astronomy  mars  nasa  space  map  science  exploration 
august 2015 by garrettc
Andy Weir's 'The Martian' Map
A map showing Mark Watney's antics in Andy Weir's The Martian.
literature  map  googlemaps  mars  fiction  science  exploration  sciencefiction 
july 2015 by garrettc
Two Way Street
A fantastic example of what you can do with good metadata around objects. Explore the British Museum collection by acquisition date, acquisition source, type, material, techniques, and more.
collection  museum  data  metadata  britishmuseum  science  history  exploration 
april 2015 by garrettc catalogs the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy
"We love space probes to the Moon and beyond! catalogs the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy. For each space probe, we've affectionately crafted a short-and-sweet summary as well as handpicked geeky hyperlinks we think are worth exploring. Where possible, we utilize data from the Deep Space Network."
space  science  exploration  astronomy  cool  design 
february 2015 by garrettc
Mapnificent shows you areas you can reach with public transport in major cities around the world, including London, Manchester, and Dublin.
london  transport  travel  maps  mapping  exploration  manchester  dublin  geodata 
january 2015 by garrettc
The Overview Effect, first described by author Frank White in 1987, is an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of the planet and mankind’s place upon it.
ifttt  vimeo  video  science  space  exploration 
october 2014 by garrettc
- adj. entranced and unsettled by the vastness of the universe, experienced in a jolt of recognition that the night sky is not just a wallpaper but a deeply foreign ocean whose currents are...
philosophy  words  language  space  exploration 
september 2014 by garrettc
A live HD view of the Earth from the ISS.
space  science  exploration  earth 
may 2014 by garrettc
80 maps that explain the world
From the Washington Post, an interesting collection of 80 maps (in two parts: one and two) that explain the world and how it works.
maps  mapping  history  exploration  world  society 
january 2014 by garrettc
The stories of early space exploration, told through the original NASA transcripts. A @devfort production.
space  nasa  history  astronomy  archive  exploration  apollo  devfort 
december 2010 by garrettc
Low-fi technique that makes it possible for designers to explore and evaluate a range of interaction concepts while involving both business and technology partners.
wireframes  process  interface  sketching  prototype  exploration  informationarchitecture  webdevelopment  wdcs  wdcsintranet 
november 2010 by garrettc
Kayak's Explore
Give it an airport and a budget and it'll show you how far you can get.
airfare  inspiration  maps  mapping  holiday  shopping  exploration  tools 
june 2010 by garrettc
Toiling in the data-mines: what data exploration feels like
Tom Armitage talks about how he approaches the exploration of large datasets.
data  programming  code  exploration  inspiration  visualisation 
october 2009 by garrettc
Long Duration Love Affair
"It orbited the Earth for five and a half years with nothing expected of it other than to float there, getting battered about by whatever the great black yonder saw fit to throw at it. You see, every inch of its outside surface was covered with Science."
nasa  photography  satellite  space  images  exploration  ldef 
february 2008 by garrettc
Will Self Walks
Will Self walks 26 miles from South London to Heathrow, flys to New York, then walks from Kennedy Airport to his hotel.
article  culture  environment  exploration  funny  interesting  literature  nyc  people  travel  writer  walking  book 
december 2006 by garrettc
Cane Hill asylum
Photo tour of Cane Hill asylum in South London, abandoned in the early 90s. Heartbreaking and melancholy.
exploration  photo  photography  tour  london  asylum  institution 
august 2006 by garrettc

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