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A small command-line python script that creates a local backup of your Flickr data. It mirrors images, titles, description, tags, albums and collections.
flickr  python  backup  software  photography  tool 
december 2017 by garrettc
Self-hosted photo-management done right
Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.
application  opensource  photo  photography  indieweb  selfhosting  flickr 
january 2017 by garrettc
Django Ditto and archiving your stuff
"I wrote about making Django apps to mirror Flickr, Twitter & Pinboard accounts, and whether it was worth the bother"
backup  django  webdevelopment  python  flickr  twitter  pinboard 
august 2016 by garrettc
Moving photos from Flickr before it is shuttered
I have accumulated - and curated - around 5K photos on Flickr. Quite a few of these are embedded/pulled into various places (blogpost example). In case Flickr does go under, I'm looking for...
photography  flickr  curation 
july 2016 by garrettc
Flickr cities
"Flickr Cities is an exploratory interface to browse the millions of images shared by Yahoo Labs in its amazing Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M dataset. Filter the dataset by location, date and time, topic, photographer's nationality or combine the different parameters to see weekend night parties, sunday morning activities, or the difference between DSLR photographs and smartphone snapshots."
flickr  data  datamining  visualisation  photography  science  mapping  maps 
october 2015 by garrettc
The Geotaggers' World Atlas
Paths from geotagged Flickr photos showing concentrations of photographers.
photography  data  geodata  geocoding  geolocation  geotagging  flickr  mapbox 
april 2015 by garrettc From The Shortest Path to Happiness
Using Flickr metadata to predict walking directions prioritised by beauty (via )
flickr  metadata  walking 
july 2014 by garrettc
Open source Javascript based timeline generator with support for Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud.
javascript  json  opensource  timeline  chronology  history  flickr  twitter  youtube  vimeo  wdcs  wdcsintranet 
march 2012 by garrettc
Not good enough
Flickr and Instapaper, 'streaming' vs 'showboxing' and how sites affect their audience.
camera  flickr  instagram  iphone  photography  society  socialmedia 
february 2012 by garrettc
straup/parallel-flickr @ GitHub
"parallel-flickr is a tool for backing up your Flickr photos and generating a database backed website that honours the viewing permissions you've chosen on Flickr."
backup  flickr  photography  data 
november 2011 by garrettc
BBC processes for verifying social media content
From the BBC College of Journalism Blog, how they verify user generated content
journalism  socialmedia  research  socialnetworking  facebook  twitter  flickr 
may 2011 by garrettc
Flickr test page
See the status of the content farms and web components. Also there's /help/urltest to check url length handling.
flickr  status  server  api  testing  tools 
january 2011 by garrettc
Welcome the National Archives UK to the Commons
The UK National Archives are now a member of Flickr Commons! Fantastic news.
flickr  community  society  history  flickrcommons 
march 2010 by garrettc
BBC - Viewfinder: Malta seascapes: From the web to print
Malta Flickr Group produce a book of gorgeous seascapes.
flickr  photography  malta 
february 2010 by garrettc
The U.S. National Archives' on Flickr
Amazing slice through history including Ansel Adams, personnel records and photos from the Women's Bureau during WWII.
history  flickr  art  photography  USA  archive 
february 2010 by garrettc
Flickr: Looking Into the Past
A group for photographs of modern day scenes overlaid with a picture from the past. Time travel.
photography  history  flickr  ideas  inspiration  retroscope 
january 2010 by garrettc
How "hard" should your startup's technology be?
"Entrepreneurs can build on work that's come before to solve lots of interesting problems." - Caterina Fake on finding the sweet spot between technical innovation and building on what already exists.
innovation  technology  business  creativity  flickr  tagging 
january 2010 by garrettc
Pitfalls of parity
"Prior to Flickr, all the competition was focused on printing an a couple of other features. Sharing was under-developed. Rather than competing on printing, Flickr completely ignored this functionality until recently. Instead, Flickr blew the wheels off the competition in sharing. It follows a similar pattern with editing and uploading functionality."
flickr  strategy  webdevelopment  chart  commentary  information 
january 2010 by garrettc
Photo Box « MarkSelby
A wonderful idea. A box that every so often searches the owners Flickr stream and randomly prints out a photo.
flickr  print  api  paper  randomness 
november 2009 by garrettc
Flickr as a paintbrush
What colours are people on the ground looking at? Using the Flickr API to map colours to geography.
flickr  cartography  colour  api  art  visualisation  maps 
october 2009 by garrettc
Fake Subway APIs
Fake Subway API is a plain-vanilla XML-over-HTTP API service for returning information about train and subway stations.
api  transport  flickr  programming  webservices 
october 2009 by garrettc
Small Bridges (to Proximate Spaces)
Noticings, Flickr, Wikipedia, TLF, and machine tags oh my!
flickr  machinetags  geotagging  api  metadata  noticings  transport 
october 2009 by garrettc
Noticings, a photography game
Take pictures of interesting things you've noticed, upload to Flickr, tag and geocode.
flickr  game  photography  tagging  socialsoftware 
september 2009 by garrettc
Velocity 09: "10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr"
John Allspaw (Flickr/Yahoo!) and Paul Hammond (Flickr) talk about cooperation between dev and ops teams and how Flickr is able to do multiple deployments per day.
flickr  yahoo  infrastructure  agile  deployment  automation 
june 2009 by garrettc
Light Graffiti
Adrian tells you all you need to know about getting started with light graffiti.
flickr  photography  graffiti  technique  tips  tricks 
november 2008 by garrettc
Shepherding Passionate Communities
Heather Champ, Director of Community for Flickr, shares her experiences in shepherding passionate communities. Lessons learnt? Own it; Don't wait; Change is hard; Avoid creating super-villains; and Embrace chaos.
flickr  video  towatch  community  webdevelopment  change  chaos  leedsgeekup09  ogn16 
november 2008 by garrettc
Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site
Things Flickr learnt whilst building their mobile site (which btw is one of the best sites for a mobile device I've ever seen).
programming  mobile  javascript  iphone  framework  webdesign  webdevelopment  flickr  tips 
october 2008 by garrettc
Getting your ASCII on with Flickr
An image to ASCII convertor built on the Flickr API. Completely useless but a lot of fun.
flickr  art  api  ascii  webdevelopment 
october 2008 by garrettc
Flickr Collection: Design Patterns
"This collection captures findings of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows from across the web."
design  development  elements  examples  flickr  gallery  graphics  gui  guidelines  ideas  images  interaction  interface  patterns  reference  research  resource  showcase  usability  userexperience  useful  inspiration 
june 2008 by garrettc
Web Design Inspiration - a photoset on Flickr
Nice collection of screenshots that I came across whilst trying to find some inspiration for an internal site design.
branding  examples  flickr  gallery  graphics  ideas  inspiration  layout  list  reference  resource  deve 
december 2007 by garrettc
Community Building isn’t about Features
Heather Champ, Flickr's community manager, gives the 10 things that build a community. Not one thing on the list is a feature, it's all about relationships and people. via Bokardo
community  culture  socialnetworking  usability  social  flickr  webdevelopment 
september 2007 by garrettc
Scaling websites
A collection of presentations from twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, and more about how to scale websites.
admin  advice  application  architecture  web2.0  twitter  scaling  performance  mysql  network  flickr  lastfm  webdevelopment 
may 2007 by garrettc
TagMaps - World Explorer
From Yahoo! Research Berkeley. Overlaying geotagged images from flickr onto a map to aid exploration.
flickr  folksonomy  geography  geotagging  gis  gps  images  interface  internet  photo  photography  research  search  tagging  technology  maps 
january 2007 by garrettc
Learn all sorts of interesting things about your flickr account and photos, including if they're being used anywhere else
analysis  api  community  data  flickr  geek  information  interesting  interface  metrics  social  visualisation  useful  flickrinspector  photo  photography  tips  tools  hacks 
october 2006 by garrettc
Making Moo-gnets
Great idea for using moo mini cards
craft  flickr  photography  projects  minicard 
october 2006 by garrettc
USSR posters
Fantastic photoset on Flickr of Soviet propaganda posters from 1917 to 1991
art  flickr  gallery  graphics  history  illustration  inspiration  politics  posters  propaganda  resource  typography  USSR  design 
september 2006 by garrettc
hackdiary: Annotated source code for Second Life flickr screen
Matt Biddulph post the source code for his Flickr/Second Life mash up. One day I'll find the time to get my head round the Second life scripting language.
flickr  secondlife  programming  development 
june 2006 by garrettc
A social analysis of tagging
Rashmi Sinha explores why people tag, the psychology behind feedback and reinforcement .
blog  culture  flickr  folksonomy  psychology  social  cognitive  sociology  software  tagging 
january 2006 by garrettc
Flickrmap - Geotagging Flickr photos with Google Earth
I've started playing with the OSX version of Google Earth, and now that I've found I can tie it in to flickr I don't think I'll ever get my social life back
flickr  google  photo  googleearth  geotagging  earth  gps  cool  maps 
january 2006 by garrettc
Flickr Backup
Java app that allows you to retrieve all your posted pictures from flickr via their API
application  backup  data  flickr  free  java  opensource  photo  photography  software  useful  tools 
september 2005 by garrettc
Flickr Sudoku
Incredible application of the flickr API to play image based versions of sodoku
game  flickr  api  ajax  xmlhttprequest  cool  tagging  fun 
august 2005 by garrettc
Delivr Digital Postcards
Online postcards powered by CC licensed flickr images
api  flickr  photo  photography  postcard 
may 2005 by garrettc
Free web based software toys, including the amazing Flickr Colr Pickr
flickr  software  free  colour  toys  fun  design 
march 2005 by garrettc
Stewart Butterfield on Flickr
Very interesting interview with Stewart Butterfield (CEO of Ludicorp) about Flickr
flickr  folksonomy  businessmodel  openapi  api  socialnetworking 
february 2005 by garrettc

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