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Ancient Earth - What the globe used to look like
Plot where your address would be throughout geological history.
earth  fun  history  visualisation  geology 
june 2018 by garrettc
Make Frontend Shit Again
"We used to make websites because it was fun and at a point we lost the way. We need to make dumb shit! Make useless stuff, make the web fun again!"
css  fun  html  webdesign  webdevelopment 
may 2018 by garrettc
Library of Babel
A project towards a universal library. By this art you may contemplate the variation of the 23 letters.
library  art  borges  babel  experimental  fun  literature  interesting  weird 
may 2018 by garrettc
Battleship Solitaire: Mindless Podcast Companion
Something mindless and fun to do while you listen to podcasts.
game  battleships  solitaire  puzzle  fun 
april 2018 by garrettc
Crime Scene Live | Natural History Museum
Become a crime scene investigator and work with our Museum forensic experts to solve a murder mystery.
museum  fun  adventure 
march 2018 by garrettc
Totally suck at putting your feelings into words? Use this generator to share your fervour with an aw yiss comic!
fun  generator  comic  funny 
february 2017 by garrettc
A digital replica of the classic Spirograph toy. Written in TypeScript, using D3.js.
art  fun  drawing  spirograph  design  javascript  graphics 
january 2017 by garrettc
HTTP Status Cats API
An API for the awesome HTTP Cats! Use it in your website to show funny error messages.
api  cat  fun  http 
october 2016 by garrettc
EverBlock™ modular building blocks
"Manufacturers of snap-together modular building blocks for all types of modular construction."

It's giant lego!
fun  furniture  home  lego  design 
august 2015 by garrettc
Cameron's World
A web-collage of text and images excavated from the buried neighbourhoods of GeoCities.
culture  fun  history  gif  midi  geocities  internet  worldwideweb 
august 2015 by garrettc
The Infinite Jukebox
Analyses an uploaded song then calculates playable pathways through it so it never ends.
webaudio  audio  application  data  music  fun 
november 2012 by garrettc
Compose a tune using tiny digital toy bells on the web, which will then through the magic of the internet play out in Tellart's studio on ‘real’ tiny toy bells.
music  arduino  art  fun  cool  interactive  communication 
february 2011 by garrettc
Measure the Speed of Light Using Your Microwave
It involves marshmallows, science plus marshmallows equals win.
science  experiment  physics  fun  cool  education  geek 
october 2010 by garrettc
A New Theory of Awesomeness and Miracles, by James Bridle
Being NOTES and SLIDES on a talk given at PLAYFUL 09, concerning CHARLES BABBAGE, HEATH ROBINSON, MENACE and MAGE
history  presentation  science  machinelearning  education  fun  babbage 
september 2010 by garrettc
New livery for Kulula Air
South Africa's low fare airline Kulula have painted one of their 737s in a brand new livery consisting entirely of labels. The captain's chair is labelled "The Big Cheese". Nice.
fun  advertising  branding  aircraft  airline 
february 2010 by garrettc
The Euphemismator
Automatically generate euphemisms. Fun.
generator  fun  humour  language 
october 2009 by garrettc
Cards that are wrong, for pretty much every occasion
funny  ecards  cards  fun  humour  design 
april 2009 by garrettc
Powerpoint Karaoke
I'm sure there's some milage in this for one of the Oxford Geek Nights.
elearning  powerpoint  karaoke  fun  presentation  funny  humour  geek  game 
july 2008 by garrettc
The NeoCube
Fun with rare earth magnets
3d  fun  game  physics  sculpture  shopping  tobuy  toys 
april 2008 by garrettc
Active URLs
OmniTI hasve made all their urls complete sentences, starting each path with an active verb: /is/hiring, /helps/ning etc. Useful or gimmicky?
informationarchitecture  fun  design  interesting  language  semantics  url  webdevelopment 
april 2008 by garrettc
Christopher Walken cooks chicken and pears... seriously
Coolest guy alive shows us how to roast chicken and pears on
chicken  cooking  food  fun  recipe  video  toeat 
july 2007 by garrettc
Laws of Development
Laws, axioms and rules pertaining to mainstream software/web development
architecture  design  computer  geek  programming  software  philosophy  humour  fun  interesting  webdevelopment 
july 2007 by garrettc
I/O Brush
I remember seeing this a little while ago and forgot to save the link. Very very cool, the world as a palette.
art  camera  cool  design  digital  drawing  education  entertainment  fun  gadget  graphics  hci  ideas  inspiration  interaction  interesting  interface  media  multimedia  painting  projects  research  scanner  science  software  mit  video  visual  visualisation  textures  technology  userinterface  computer  colour  tools  hacks 
august 2006 by garrettc
Lee Krasnow - Puzzle maker
This guy makes the most amazing and intricate wooden puzzles I've ever seen, think japanese puzzle boxes crossed with that cube from Hellraiser.
craft  fun  wood  puzzles  maker  cool  skills  tools 
may 2006 by garrettc
The Website Development Process
Great little photo set explaining how website's come into being, with little toy figures.
advice  client  design  fun  funny  guide  geek  howto  toys  workflow  scope  teaching  projectmanagement  business  layout  management  metrics  people  photo  webdevelopment 
december 2005 by garrettc
David Lanham
Fantastic, creepy, and funny artwork from the guy behind drunkenblog's Cow
art  artwork  cartoon  design  desktop  fun  gallery  graphics  style  vector  wallpaper  cool  illustration 
october 2005 by garrettc
Flickr Sudoku
Incredible application of the flickr API to play image based versions of sodoku
game  flickr  api  ajax  xmlhttprequest  cool  tagging  fun 
august 2005 by garrettc
Teaching Turing
Learn how Turing Machines work, via We Make Money Not Art
cool  fun  learning  programming  software  teaching  turing  computer 
august 2005 by garrettc
Poloroid frame an image. There's something about poloroids, that white frame.
art  cool  digital  free  fun  gallery  geek  graphics  layout  media  photo  photography  toys  hacks 
june 2005 by garrettc
Screen Clean
Is your screen dirty? Get it cleaned here
flash  funny  fun  cat  humour  cute 
may 2005 by garrettc
learn morse code
Learn Morse Code in one minute via repetition and recognition. Very clever.
audio  cool  education  fun  geek  guide  howto  language  learning  memory  radio  morsecode  morse  code  reference  tools 
may 2005 by garrettc
Money Origami
Making things out of dollar bills
art  craft  diy  fun  money  paper  origami  howto 
april 2005 by garrettc
How To Make A Coin Ring
How to make a ring from a coin using just a spoon, vice grips and a dremmel
art  cool  craft  fun  diy  jewelry  ring  coin  currency  tips  hacks 
april 2005 by garrettc
25 Great Calvin & Hobbes Strips
Includes the raccoon story *sniff*
art  calvin  fun  hobbes  cartoon  comic 
april 2005 by garrettc
Destroy your favourites websites with all manner of natural disasters... and coffee.
flash  fun  humour  disaster  coffee  meteors  aliens  toys 
march 2005 by garrettc
Free web based software toys, including the amazing Flickr Colr Pickr
flickr  software  free  colour  toys  fun  design 
march 2005 by garrettc
Metacortechs Archives
Fan retelling of the Matrix/Metacortechs ARG
alternaterealitygaming  game  matrix  fun 
january 2005 by garrettc

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