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Imaging the entire Earth, every day
See how the Earth is slowly build up from each of the 600,000 satellite images taken by Planet's satellites in a single day
3d  earth  javascript  globe  data  geodata  photography  visualisation 
august 2019 by garrettc
What 3 Words? Jog on mate!
The website notes that "Address data is essential infrastructure". Geography underpins so much of the data we collect and is collected about us, making address registers important parts of national data infrastructure. In the UK we've been wrestling with the fact that our address register is not open for many years. After the decision to sell…
address  maps  mapping  geodata  what3words 
march 2019 by garrettc
"GeoMesa is an open source suite of tools that enables large-scale geospatial querying and analytics on distributed computing systems. GeoMesa provides spatio-temporal indexing on top of the Accumulo, HBase, Google Bigtable and Cassandra databases for massive storage of point, line, and polygon data. GeoMesa also provides near real time stream processing of spatio-temporal data by layering spatial semantics on top of Apache Kafka. Through GeoServer, GeoMesa facilitates integration with a wide range of existing mapping clients over standard OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) APIs and protocols such as WFS and WMS. GeoMesa supports Apache Spark for custom distributed geospatial analytics."
database  geodata  gis  opensource 
june 2018 by garrettc
Large-scale WebGL-powered Geospatial Data Visualization Tool is a data agnostic, WebGL empowered, high-performance web application for geospatial analytic visualizations.
geo  gis  geodata  visualisation  maps  mapping  javascript  opensource 
june 2018 by garrettc
Uber’s Open Source Geospatial Toolbox
Created by Uber's Visualization team, is an open source data agnostic, high-performance web-based application for large-scale geospatial visualizations.
geodata  gis  mapping  maps  visualisation  opensource  webgl 
may 2018 by garrettc
REST Countries
Get information about countries via a RESTful API
api  data  restfull  geodata 
may 2018 by garrettc
UNESCO Institute for Statistics database
UIS.Stat enables users to search for and extract data from across UIS’s many databases.
world  society  culture  history  data  geodata  datamining  science  technology  resource  education  communication 
april 2018 by garrettc
Weather Spark
"Get monthly, daily, and hourly graphical reports of the average weather: daily highs and lows, rain, clouds, wind, etc."
history  travel  weather  visualisation  data  geodata 
march 2018 by garrettc
Smart Oxford
represents a commitment by Oxfordshire Partners to develop efficient and effective use of data and technology for the benefit of its citizens
oxford  oxfordshire  data  opendata  maps  geodata  api 
january 2018 by garrettc
Oxfordshire Open Data
Open data resources for Oxfordshire
oxford  oxfordshire  data  opendata  maps  geodata  api 
january 2018 by garrettc
Population estimator
Draw an area on the map and it will return an estimation of the population of that area.
demographics  geography  population  nasa  data  society  geodata  maps 
january 2018 by garrettc
The London Time Machine
"The Morgan Map of 1682 was the first to show the whole of the City of London after the fire. Produced by William Morgan and his dedicated team of Surveyors and Cartographers it took 6 years to produce, and displayed a brighter perspective on city life for a population still mourning their loved ones, possessions, and homes."
history  maps  mapping  london  geodata 
january 2018 by garrettc
Light pollution map
Interactive world light pollution map. The map uses NOAA/EOG VIIRS/DMSP (2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), World Atlas 2015 overlays and SQM overlay managed by users.
science  astronomy  map  geodata 
december 2017 by garrettc
Every record shop in the world
recordshop  geodata  mapping  shopping  database 
november 2017 by garrettc
Interactive Database of the World's River Basins
"This database provides the first-ever compilation of the world’s river basins developed specifically for corporate disclosure. It features a comprehensive list of river basins worldwide, including their names, boundaries, and other helpful information."
database  geography  reference  world  rivers  geodata  map  environment 
november 2017 by garrettc
Public Data
The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand. You don't have to be a data expert to navigate between different views, make your own comparisons, and share your findings.
search  statistics  google  data  geodata  visualisation 
october 2017 by garrettc
Atlas for the End of the World
"Coming almost 450 years after the world's first Atlas, this Atlas for the End of the World audits the status of land use and urbanization in the most critically endangered bioregions on Earth. It does so, firstly, by measuring the quantity of protected area across the world's 36 biodiversity hotspots in comparison to United Nation's 2020 targets; and secondly, by identifying where future urban growth in these territories is on a collision course with endangered species.

By bringing urbanization and conservation together in the same study, the essays, maps, data, and artwork in this Atlas lay essential groundwork for the future planning and design of hotspot cities and regions as interdependent ecological and economic systems."
culture  economics  future  environment  society  earth  atlas  geography  data  geodata 
june 2017 by garrettc
NYC Space/Time Directory
"The NYC Space/Time Directory will make urban history accessible through a set of resources including: a searchable atlas of New York past, an historical location directory and geocoder, a set of APIs and data sets, and a discovery tool linking NYPL collections together in an historical and geographic context."
data  geography  history  mapping  nyc  geodata 
june 2017 by garrettc
England and Wales facts in maps and graphs
Crime stats, car crashes map, house prices, population stats.
data  uk  geodata  statistics  crime  housing 
january 2017 by garrettc
British Film Locations website
A guide to the locations where movies were filmed in the UK, Ireland, and The Isle Of Man - with maps, screenshots, and real-life photos.
cinema  film  movies  uk  reference  geography  geodata 
january 2017 by garrettc
Open Infrastructure Map
Open Infrastructure Map is a view of the world's hidden infrastructure mapped in the OpenStreetMap database.
data  geodata  infrastructure  politics  society  world  mapping 
december 2016 by garrettc
Designing for new digital rights
"In May 2018 the European Parliament will introduce the General Data Protection Regulation. With these new rights come new opportunities, which is why we’ve published a collection of prototypes and product sketches responding to them."
designthinking  privacy  geodata  society  eu  europe  userexperience  pamoja 
november 2016 by garrettc
Compare Countries Sizes
Drag and drop countries around the map to compare their relative size.
geography  world  data  map  mapping  geodata  education 
november 2016 by garrettc
Tron 2.0 - Creating a Visual Language of Scale
Mapzen create their own in-house map style, with particular reference to scaling.
code  geography  javascript  maps  mapping  geodata  design  userexperience  pamoja 
october 2016 by garrettc
The language of addresses
"Addresses are a critical part of our national data infrastructure, but address terminology can be really confusing."
gds  govuk  uk  address  geodata  data  location 
august 2016 by garrettc
Edukit - Programme Search
"[a] one-stop-shop connecting teachers to thousands of development programmes across London. We are a social enterprise, putting people before profit."
education  resource  london  search  geodata 
august 2016 by garrettc
London Picture Map
Browse the collections of the LMA and Guildhall Art Gallery geographically.
london  history  maps  mapping  geodata  inspiration 
august 2016 by garrettc
Chronas: History
Chronas is a history project linking Wikipedia to a dynamic map with a time slider.
history  interactive  maps  mapping  data  geodata 
april 2016 by garrettc
US and Canada states
Free downloads of US states, Canadian provinces, territories, and minor possessions in formats you can easily integrate with your project.
data  development  html  php  geodata  geography  csv 
december 2015 by garrettc
what3words is a giant grid comprised of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares that cover the entire globe. It is the simplest way to communicate location.
gis  gps  location  mapping  maps  geocoding  geodata  geography  society 
october 2015 by garrettc
Standard of living research tool
map  mapping  gis  geodata  cartography  uk  statistics  society 
august 2015 by garrettc
The Geotaggers' World Atlas
Paths from geotagged Flickr photos showing concentrations of photographers.
photography  data  geodata  geocoding  geolocation  geotagging  flickr  mapbox 
april 2015 by garrettc
40 maps that explain the internet
Where the internet came from, how it works, and how it's used by people around the world
cartography  history  internet  maps  mapping  geodata 
february 2015 by garrettc
Mapnificent shows you areas you can reach with public transport in major cities around the world, including London, Manchester, and Dublin.
london  transport  travel  maps  mapping  exploration  manchester  dublin  geodata 
january 2015 by garrettc
Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses
"Addressing is a fertile ground for incorrect assumptions, because everyone's used to dealing with addresses and 99% of the time they seem so simple. Below are some incorrect assumptions I've seen made, or made myself, or had reported to me."
programming  assumptions  development  address  maps  mapping  geodata 
january 2015 by garrettc
Ordnance Survey Maps Six-inch England and Wales, 1842-1952
"Topographic mapping covering all of England and Wales from the 1840s to the 1950s."
history  maps  mapping  ordnancesurvey  geodata 
january 2015 by garrettc
Bomb Sight - Mapping the London Blitz
"The Bomb Sight project is mapping the London WW2 bomb census between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941. Previously available only by viewing in the Reading Room at The National Archives, Bomb Sight is making the maps available to citizen researchers, academics and students."
history  london  maps  war  blitz  wwii  geodata  geography 
november 2014 by garrettc
London Pedestrian Routemap
"The first aim of the London Pedestrian Routemap is to encourage walking in London. It does this by providing a simple, memorable picture of key walking routes in the Capital. At present there is no such map. The Routemap shows how key places connect by straightforward routes of varying character."
mapping  maps  geodata  geography  walking  routes  london 
october 2014 by garrettc
Maps Of Street Layouts Colored By Orientation
Maps of street layouts, coloured based on their orientation. Includes San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, Berlin, Boston and London.
mapping  maps  openstreetmap  geodata  geography  cities 
october 2014 by garrettc
Pints in the Sun
Find a pub near you that won't be in the shade.
beer  3d  mapping  maps  geodata  geography 
june 2014 by garrettc
Open Access Maps at The New York Public Library
More than 20,000 cartographic works as high resolution downloads
creativecommons  history  maps  mapping  geography  geodata  newyork  library 
april 2014 by garrettc
Locating London's Past
Allows you to search a wide body of digital resources relating to early modern and eighteenth-century London, and to map the results on to a fully GIS compliant version of John Rocque's 1746 map.
data  gis  geocoding  geodata  history  london  mapping  maps  geography 
february 2014 by garrettc
UK Postcodes
UK Postcodes is a webservice for postcodes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As well as geographical information, it also returns information about council areas and constituencies.
api  geocoding  opendata  uk  geodata  geography  webservices 
january 2014 by garrettc
A Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain (pdf)
Myth 1: "A point on the ground has a unique latitude and longitude" - eek!
geography  ordnancesurvey  data  geo  geocoding  geodata 
october 2012 by garrettc
MapBox JavaScript API
Introducing the MapBox JavaScript API - a unified, documented, tested API for web maps
maps  mapping  geo  geodata  location  javascript  api  webdevelopment 
july 2012 by garrettc
Google Map Custom Marker Maker
An easier way to create custom markers for Google Maps API v3
mapping  maps  geodata  geolocation  webdevelopment  google  googlemaps 
may 2012 by garrettc
US Historical Topographic Map Collection
The U.S. Geological Survey released more than 161,000 digitally scanned historical maps spanning over 130 years.
geography  history  mapping  maps  geodata  usa 
april 2012 by garrettc
An Open Source hosted geospatial platform. Supports visualising data on Google Maps, Mapbox tiles, Open Street Maps and many others.
database  geo  geolocation  location  maps  mapping  geodata  analysis  wdcs  gis 
april 2012 by garrettc
Stamen map gallery
The new watercolor tiles are stunning.
design  visualisation  inspiration  mapping  maps  geodata 
march 2012 by garrettc
A new framework for building interactive map applications without Google Maps or any other mapping service. Early days but looks promising.
javascript  mapping  maps  python  svg  geodata 
march 2012 by garrettc
Old Maps Online
Historical maps from libraries around the world
mapping  maps  history  geo  geodata  geography  cartography 
march 2012 by garrettc
Google Places, Structured Data, and Geositemaps
Useful Lullabot article on getting your location data into Google in a useful way using
drupal  location  geodata  geolocation  webdevelopment  wdcsintranet 
february 2012 by garrettc
Bear 71 - An interactive documentary
An interactive documentary which begins with the capture of a grizzly, its tagging, and then release. A first-person narrative tells a story through the eyes of the bear. As the observer, youfollow the bear and explore its environment on an abstract map.
art  documentary  nature  geocoding  geodata  geography  geolocation  flash  narrative  storytelling  wdcsintranet 
february 2012 by garrettc
SimpleGeo neighbourhood shapefiles
SimpleGeo release their European neighbourhood shapefiles under the Open Database License
api  geocoding  geodata  geography  geotagging  geometry  shapefile  opendata  opensource  openstreetmap 
august 2011 by garrettc
TileMill for Processing
How to use TileMill to style and generate rendered map tiles for use in Processing and PImages.
mapping  maps  processing  geodata  geocoding 
june 2011 by garrettc
Geodjango Basic Apps
Simple Django Apps highlighting GeoDjango integration
django  python  tutorial  geocoding  geodata 
june 2011 by garrettc
Open Layers Widget
A javascript library for adding editable maps to forms. Standalone and Django versions available
django  python  javascript  mapping  geocoding  geodata  geotagging  maps 
june 2011 by garrettc

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