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The Geotaggers' World Atlas
Paths from geotagged Flickr photos showing concentrations of photographers.
photography  data  geodata  geocoding  geolocation  geotagging  flickr  mapbox 
april 2015 by garrettc
Google Map Custom Marker Maker
An easier way to create custom markers for Google Maps API v3
mapping  maps  geodata  geolocation  webdevelopment  google  googlemaps 
may 2012 by garrettc
An Open Source hosted geospatial platform. Supports visualising data on Google Maps, Mapbox tiles, Open Street Maps and many others.
database  geo  geolocation  location  maps  mapping  geodata  analysis  wdcs  gis 
april 2012 by garrettc
Google Places, Structured Data, and Geositemaps
Useful Lullabot article on getting your location data into Google in a useful way using
drupal  location  geodata  geolocation  webdevelopment  wdcsintranet 
february 2012 by garrettc
Bear 71 - An interactive documentary
An interactive documentary which begins with the capture of a grizzly, its tagging, and then release. A first-person narrative tells a story through the eyes of the bear. As the observer, youfollow the bear and explore its environment on an abstract map.
art  documentary  nature  geocoding  geodata  geography  geolocation  flash  narrative  storytelling  wdcsintranet 
february 2012 by garrettc
A web service for turning a given lat/lon coordinate into a textual description of the actual city block to which the coordinate points. Very much US focused though.
api  geo  geolocation  location  geocoding  mapping  maps 
april 2011 by garrettc
Nominatim - OpenStreetMap
"Nominatim (from the Latin, 'by name') is a tool to search OpenStreetMap data by name and address and to generate synthetic addresses of OpenStreetMap points (reverse geocoding)"
geocoding  geolocation  openstreetmap  location  api  geotagging  openapi  opendata 
march 2011 by garrettc
Turns commuting in London into a game via the Oyster Card and Bike Key.
london  game  data  travel  location  geolocation  networkcity 
december 2010 by garrettc
BBC - Dimensions
Dimensions takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are.
maps  mapping  history  statistics  data  geography  geolocation  visualisation 
august 2010 by garrettc
Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta
Feed placemaker some text and it will identify locations and return geographic data for those locations in the form of WOEIDs.
api  yahoo  geocoding  location  geolocation  geo 
may 2009 by garrettc

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