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Five Leadership Hacks
"To me, a hack is a clever or unexpectedly efficient means of getting something done. A good hack should feel like cheating because the value created by the hack feels completely disproportionate from the work done.

With this definition in mind, I present five leadership hacks I regularly use. These are not practices designed to redefine your leadership philosophy. They are hacks. "
business  development  leadership  management  strategy  hacks 
december 2016 by garrettc
Kitchen Hacks: Ask MetaFilter
What are your best hacks for repurposing items or using them in an unusual way to help organize your kitchen?
metafilter  kitchen  home  house  hacks 
november 2014 by garrettc
Ikea standing desk hack
A standing desk, hacked together from Ikea products for around £130
furniture  work  office  hacks 
october 2012 by garrettc
99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!
I'm sure a few are these are urban myths (a wooden spoon stops a pan boiling over?), but there are some real gems here.
home  lifehack  life  tips  tricks  hacks 
october 2012 by garrettc
Inside the precision hack
How 4chan manipulated the vote.
security  4chan  internet  programming  time  news  culture  hacks 
april 2009 by garrettc
Working With History in Bash
Excellent tips on configuring your shell environment to make history a little more useful.
bash  geek  computer  shell  unix  linux  howto  tips  hacks  cli 
july 2008 by garrettc
Make Your Own Flash Diffuser
Use a transparent film container to improve your flash shots. Also has links to doing the same with a cig packet or a yogurt pot
photography  useful  flash  tips  tricks  hacks 
march 2008 by garrettc
Making bridges talk
Tom Armitage has hooked Tower Bridge in London up to Twitter, brilliant!
information  london  machines  technology  twitter  messaging  API  bridge  computer  hacks 
march 2008 by garrettc
How to make a string tripod
Nice tutorial from Instrctables. I've been thinking about making one of these for a while, just to throw it in my bag when I'm out and about.
cool  photography  diy  tripod  howto  tutorial  simplicity  travel  todo  tips  hacks 
may 2007 by garrettc
swfIR: swf Image Replacement
Using Flash and Javascript to extend image inclusion in HTML
code  design  flash  graphics  howto  ideas  images  javascript  layout  opensource  webdevelopment  userinterface  hacks 
february 2007 by garrettc
SIMILE Project
"SIMILE is focused on developing robust, open source tools based on Semantic Web technologies that improve access, management and reuse among digital assets." - lots of cool data tools basically.
application  browser  collaboration  content  semantics  extensions  gadget  ideas  information  internet  management  library  science  plugin  projects  socialsoftware  visualisation  webdevelopment  webstandards  computer  tools  hacks 
november 2006 by garrettc
Learn all sorts of interesting things about your flickr account and photos, including if they're being used anywhere else
analysis  api  community  data  flickr  geek  information  interesting  interface  metrics  social  visualisation  useful  flickrinspector  photo  photography  tips  tools  hacks 
october 2006 by garrettc
I/O Brush
I remember seeing this a little while ago and forgot to save the link. Very very cool, the world as a palette.
art  camera  cool  design  digital  drawing  education  entertainment  fun  gadget  graphics  hci  ideas  inspiration  interaction  interesting  interface  media  multimedia  painting  projects  research  scanner  science  software  mit  video  visual  visualisation  textures  technology  userinterface  computer  colour  tools  hacks 
august 2006 by garrettc
Create quick-access ssh shortcuts in OS X
How to quickly open an ssh connection using a text editor and .inetloc files
mac  osx  apple  hints  ssh  tips  tricks  hacks 
august 2006 by garrettc
Tricks of the Trade: Using a post-it to clean your keyboard
Very elegant use of a post-it note, especially for someone like me who likes toast
keyboard  clean  postit  tips  tricks  hacks 
july 2006 by garrettc
The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Users
Productivity tips and tricks for everyones favourite bookmarking site
advice  tagging  blog  howto  socialsoftware  tips  tricks  hacks 
december 2005 by garrettc
Finding warez using Google
I won't condone software piracy, but this is pretty clever.
bittorrent  china  downloads  funny  geek  google  guide  language  search  software  torrent  computer  hacks 
august 2005 by garrettc
Poloroid frame an image. There's something about poloroids, that white frame.
art  cool  digital  free  fun  gallery  geek  graphics  layout  media  photo  photography  toys  hacks 
june 2005 by garrettc
Abusing Amazon images
Deconstructing Amazon's product image generator
cool  graphics  howto  useful  automation  tools  hacks 
may 2005 by garrettc
How To Make A Coin Ring
How to make a ring from a coin using just a spoon, vice grips and a dremmel
art  cool  craft  fun  diy  jewelry  ring  coin  currency  tips  hacks 
april 2005 by garrettc
CSS Filters
Filtering CSS from browsers via CSS, HTML and JS hacks
css  html  xhtml  javascript  filter  webdevelopment  hacks 
january 2005 by garrettc

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