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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein – in charts
Two centuries after the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the monster she created still stalks our imaginations. Adam Frost, Sergio Gallardo and Edu Fuentes piece together the facts behind the myth
book  infographics  literature  visualisation 
january 2018 by garrettc
Infographic adaptation of Star Wars A New Hope, 123m (403.5 ft) of scrolling by graphic novelist Martin Panchaud.
movies  starwars  films  infographics  comic 
may 2016 by garrettc
Amazing Military Infographics
"After a while you realize that this image could be used anywhere in any paper or presentation and make perfect sense. This is a graphic that defines a way of describing anything that has ever existed and everything that has ever happened, in any situation."
infographics  information  military  war  networks  funny 
may 2014 by garrettc
TK TYPE > Chartwell
Opentype font family for visualising data. Clever.
data  typography  design  information  font  presentation  infographics 
march 2011 by garrettc
A Tour through the Visualization Zoo
A survey of powerful visualization techniques, from the obvious to the obscure
data  infographics  information  visualisation  statistics  graphics  inspiration 
january 2011 by garrettc
Visualisation of common words in horoscopes. And proof of meaningless homogeneity
infographics  psychology  statistics  horoscope  visualisation  astrology 
january 2011 by garrettc
Interactive pure JavaScript charting library.
javascript  infographics  library  webdevelopment  data  visualisation 
january 2011 by garrettc
A visualization tool for temporal data.
timeline  data  opensource  visualisation  infographics  tools 
september 2010 by garrettc
Back Story: Think of the Miners
Simple infographic showing the size of the hole the Chilean miners rely on as their lifeline.
news  infographics  design 
september 2010 by garrettc
iPhone Deconstruction
Not what you think, more of a mapping of the ways a portable computer touches every facet of our lives.
iphone  technology  apple  design  infographics  maps 
june 2010 by garrettc
WTF is HTML5, an infographic (and quite nice it is too): /via @dknights
html5  html  reference  inspiration  design  infographics  visualisation  information 
june 2010 by garrettc
The 7 ½ Steps to Successful Infographics
Funny and interesting look at how to create infographics from Sarah Slobin, datameister from the NYT, Fortune Magazine and the Wall St. Journal.
infographics  visualisation  reference  data  tips  graphics  design  howto 
may 2010 by garrettc
Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options
I feel sorry for the poor git who had to collate this infographic. What a mess Facebook has become.
facebook  privacy  nytimes  infographics  visualisation  socialmedia 
may 2010 by garrettc
The Trustworthiness of Beards
A pencil moustache is worse than a werewolf, who knew!
funny  humour  infographics  graphics  hair 
april 2010 by garrettc
So you need a typeface
Flow chart to decide on what font to use for a given purpose. Funny and useful.
typography  design  font  reference  visualisation  infographics 
april 2010 by garrettc
Charting The Beatles
The career of The Beatles charted through infographics.
music  design  infographics  data  graphics  visualisation  thebeatles 
january 2010 by garrettc
9 Ways to Visualize Proportions – A Guide
"With all the visualization options out there, it can be hard to figure out what graph or chart suits your data best. This is a guide to make your decision easier for one particular type of data: proportions."
design  data  infographics  chart  graphics  reference  visualisation 
november 2009 by garrettc
Humanising data: introducing “Chernoff Schools” for Ashdown
Chernoff Faces are algorithmically generated faces to display complex statistics. BERG are have been playing with idea of "Chernoff Schools" for the Ashdown project. Clever.
data  design  psychology  education  infographics  identity  chernofffaces 
november 2009 by garrettc
Spectrum of Online Friendship
Mike Arauz's infographic on the nature of online relationships.
socialsoftware  infographics  society  analysis  visualisation 
may 2009 by garrettc
How To
The art of instructional design, I love this stuff.
reference  tutorial  howto  inspiration  illustration  information  infographics 
january 2009 by garrettc
Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards
Absolutely brilliant examples of bar charts and sparklines built using accessible markup and CSS.
accessibility  bestpractice  chart  code  css  data  design  diagram  graphs  infographics  information  inspiration  sparklines  useful  visualisation  webdevelopment  technique  webstandards 
april 2008 by garrettc
The History of Visual Communication
"The translation of ideas, stories and concepts that are largely textual and/or word based into a visual format, i.e. visual communication." No idea when I'll find the time to read this.
analysis  art  computer  data  drawing  education  graphics  history  ideas  infographics  inspiration  interesting  learning  photography  print  reading  reference  research  visualisation  design 
february 2008 by garrettc
Flight thru Instruments
Images from "Flight Thru Instruments," a 1945 US Navy pilot-training manual designed by the Graphic Engineering Staff at General Motors
aviation  book  cool  design  flight  graphics  illustration  images  infographics  information  instrument  training  inspiration 
january 2008 by garrettc
A Day in the Life of a Designer, 2030
Write-up about a stunning poster developed Tom Klinkowstein and Irene Pereyra called "A Day in the Life of a Networked Designer's Smart Things". The poster is a work of art and reads like a crazy log file of neural activity.
design  future  ideas  illustration  infographics  mapping  visualisation 
november 2007 by garrettc
SQL joins explained with a venn diagram
"If you have tried to understand how joins work and constantly get confused about what join to use, you just need to keep a simple picture in mind"
cheatsheet  database  mysql  diagram  guide  howto  illustration  infographics  teaching  useful  programming  sql 
october 2007 by garrettc

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