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20 CDs curated by Steve Jobs & the iPod team |
The Apple event tomorrow morning (US Pacific time), takes place at Town Hall, Building 4, Apple, Inc. in Cupertino. It has been almost 15 years since I visited there the last time. 'Hint: It's not...
apple  music  history  business  ipod 
october 2016 by garrettc
Laker - Designing digital publications in HTML5
A collections of files, frameworks, styles and tips for designing digital publications in HTML5
ebook  publishing  framework  html5  css3  ipad  ipod  tablet 
april 2011 by garrettc
Open source firmware for mp3 players, including ones from Apple, Archos and iRiver
ipod  opensource  mp3  music  software  hardware  firmware 
september 2010 by garrettc
Open Street Map powered offline maps for iPhone.
iphone  maps  travel  gps  software  mapping  ipod  openstreetmap 
june 2010 by garrettc
Meat stylus for the iPhone
Sales of CJ Corporation's snack sausages are on the increase in South Korea because of the cold weather; they are useful as a meat stylus for those who don't want to take off their gloves to use their iPhones.
iphone  culture  funny  interface  ipod  southkorea 
february 2010 by garrettc
Review - Replacement iPhone earphones on test
Five sets of headphones with clicker and microphone support put to the test.
music  iphone  review  hardware  ipod  sound  audio  headphones 
february 2009 by garrettc
Adobe Photoshop Tip: Attack of the iPod People
How to duplicate the Apple iPod silhouette adverts. Contains some great general Photoshop tips too.
apple  art  commercial  design  graphics  guide  howto  ideas  ipod  itunes  photography  photoshop  reference  tutorial 
august 2006 by garrettc
Rambler iPod Phrase Books
Audio phrase books for your iPod, currently available in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Really clever idea that I should have realised existed.
french  ipod  language  mac  travel  italian  spanish  german  learning  translation 
december 2005 by garrettc
iPodX iPod Accessories
UK based ipod accessory store
audio  ipod  shop  ecommerce 
june 2005 by garrettc

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