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Hello, we’re Juno. Solicitors who take the stress out of moving home.
house  legal  uk  conveyancing  buying  selling  online  solicitor  lawyer 
december 2017 by garrettc
Medium - Terms of Service
Very well written and clear terms of service for Medium. They even manage to handle the dreaded lawyerese with some grace.
business  law  legal  documentation  wdcs  wdcsintranet  copywriting 
august 2012 by garrettc
Investment Account Agreement
Well written terms of use from Funny and clear. It's still stupidly long, but you've got to love a T&Cs page that contains phrases like "This section is a bit of a mixed bag. So, it may jump around a bit, but it's all important."
terms  legal  copywriting 
april 2012 by garrettc
Email legal disclaimers: Spare us the e-mail yada-yada
"Many disclaimers are, in effect, seeking to impose a contractual obligation unilaterally, and thus are probably unenforceable. This is clear in Europe, where a directive from the European Commission tells the courts to strike out any unreasonable contractual obligation on a consumer if he has not freely negotiated it."
business  email  law  legal 
april 2011 by garrettc
Anti-spam laws
Anti-spam and email marketing laws in various countries. Useful reference.
marketing  legal  law  email  commercial 
november 2008 by garrettc
"The FriendDA is a non-binding, warm blanket agreement that offers absolutely no legal protection."
sharing  legal  law  interesting  inspiration  innovation  nda  ip  tips 
october 2008 by garrettc
Technovia: What to do when a PC goes wrong
Great advice for UKers on how to go about asserting your rights
advice  business  gadget  guide  howto  money  uk  rights  consumer  law  legal  shop  computer  tips 
september 2005 by garrettc

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