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Iodide - data science entirely in your browser.
Create, share, collaborate, and reproduce powerful reports and visualizations with tools you already know, such as Python, Javascript, Markdown, and CSS.
collaboration  data  tool  notebook  python  javascript  css  markdown  authoring 
march 2019 by garrettc
Standard Notes
A private notes app that features unmatched simplicity, end-to-end encryption, powerful extensions, and open-source applications.
encryption  notes  software  opensource  markdown  text 
october 2018 by garrettc
"Ever wanted to simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools like Visio when explaining your code? This is why mermaid was born, a simple markdown-like script language for generating charts from text via javascript."
javascript  diagram  markdown  data  visualisation 
may 2018 by garrettc
Threaded open source chat system
chat  collaboration  markdown  slack  opensource 
april 2018 by garrettc
WordPress to Jekyll Exporter
One-click WordPress plugin that converts all posts, pages, taxonomies, metadata, and settings to Markdown and YAML which can be dropped into Jekyll
wordpress  jekyll  markdown  yaml  exporter  conversion  webdevelopment 
february 2018 by garrettc
Grav - A Modern Flat-File CMS | Grav
Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, opensource CMS that requires no database
cms  markdown  opensource  php  static  webdevelopment 
january 2018 by garrettc
"Idyll is a tool that makes it easier to author interactive narratives for the web. The goal of the project is to provide a friendly markup language — and an associated toolchain — that can be used to create dynamic, text-driven web pages."
visualisation  markdown  interactive  javascript  webdevelopment  education  tool 
september 2017 by garrettc
Markdown to InDesign
Based on the ideas and tools discussed in this article, we’re developing a web service for automated cross-media publishing. The idea is simple enough: with our service, you will just dump some .docx (or markdown) files into your favorite cloud storage bucket (say Dropbox) and get .indd files in return, fully compatible with your already existing InDesign templates and styles, which you can then further tweak.
markdown  indesign  adobe  publishing  workflow 
december 2015 by garrettc
Static site generator to build project documentation with Markdown.
documentation  html  markdown  python 
september 2015 by garrettc
Welcome to Madoko
"Madoko is a fast markdown processor for writing professional articles, books, manuals, webpages and presentations, with a focus on simplicity and plain text readability.

With Madoko you can write complex documents completely in markdown and get beautiful PDF and HTML output. "
markdown  content  writing  tools  html  pdf  latex 
september 2015 by garrettc
Modern publishing using Git and Markdown
book  git  markdown  publishing 
august 2015 by garrettc
"Blueprint is documentation-oriented web API description language. The API Blueprint is essentially a set of semantic assumptions laid on top of the Markdown syntax used to describe a web API."
api  webdevelopment  http  rest  restful  markdown 
may 2015 by garrettc
knsv/mermaid · GitHub
Mermaid, the Markdown of flowcharts.
markdown  flowcharts  diagram  text  layout 
december 2014 by garrettc | Mou - Markdown editor for developers, on Mac OS X.
Mou is a great markdown editor for Mac OS X. It features live preview, sync scroll, custom CSS, HTML and PDF export
editor  markdown  writing 
november 2014 by garrettc
A superset of markdown to write books and documentation
markdown  authoring  writing  documentation  books 
october 2014 by garrettc
Standard Markdown
An effort to unify the disparate forms of Markdown
ascii  formatting  markdown  standard 
september 2014 by garrettc
This Git repository contains all German federal laws and regulations in Markdown format.Incredible.
git  github  markdown  law  society 
august 2012 by garrettc
Comparison table of iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools
editor  ios  review  text  markdown  html 
april 2012 by garrettc
wmd - The Wysiwym Markdown Editor
A simple, lightweight HTML editor that uses Markdown as it's intermediate layer.
application  browser  cms  code  development  editing  formatting  javascript  layout  markdown  opensource  plugin  resource  text  wysiwym  editor  forms  tools 
june 2008 by garrettc
markItUp! Universal Markup Editor
jQuery based textarea editor that can wrangle HTML Textile Wiki Markdown and BBCode.
code  component  development  html  javascript  jquery  markdown  textile  resource  useful  plugin  opensource  tools 
may 2008 by garrettc

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