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How to read
"Five years ago I realized that I remembered almost nothing about most books that I read. I was reading all kinds of non-fiction - pop-psychology, pop-economics, pop-sociology, you name it - and felt like quite the polymath auto-didact. But one day, after I had finished blathering at a friend about how much I had enjoyed Thinking, Fast and Slow, they asked for a quick summary of the book’s overall thesis. I thought for a while, mumbled something about System 1 and System 2 and how I had only really read it for background knowledge, and adroitly changed the subject. As I was falling asleep that night it occurred to me that calling yourself an auto-didact doesn’t mean you actually know anything."
books  reading  education  learning  technique  flashcards  memory  studying 
july 2018 by garrettc
Memento Mori by Jonathan Nolan
This short story was the basis for the movie, Memento
film  cinema  memory  story 
october 2016 by garrettc
How to profile PHP memory with Drupal
Using the Memory Profiler module to tune Drupal.
drupal  memory  performance  php  webdevelopment 
may 2015 by garrettc
Memiary - What did you do today
Interesting lightweight web based diary where you input five interesting things you did today. Very slick sign up process too.
software  service  memory  webapp  web2.0  design  tools 
november 2008 by garrettc
learn morse code
Learn Morse Code in one minute via repetition and recognition. Very clever.
audio  cool  education  fun  geek  guide  howto  language  learning  memory  radio  morsecode  morse  code  reference  tools 
may 2005 by garrettc

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