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Sound Bites: Dogs on the Microphone
A collection of news photos of pups being interviewed
dogs  funny  news 
5 weeks ago by garrettc
From seashore to beehive: 2018's best architectural photography - in pictures
The shortlist for the 2018 Architectural Photography Awards highlights the expertise of architectural photography with a record number of budding and professional photographers participating
news  photography  architecture  inspiration 
october 2018 by garrettc
Beyond 800 Words: Prototyping New Story Formats for News
"News on the internet is largely served up as 500 to 800-word articles - a legacy of newspapers. Although the digital article has been enhanced and improved with new technologies, it still works on the assumption that 'one size fits all'. BBC R&D is developing new story formats for news that are more effective than conventional video or article formats. I have written elsewhere about the current landscape of digital news. We think there might be better things."
news  bbc  appdevelopment  webdevelopment  data  research  userexperience  prototyping 
july 2018 by garrettc
Futurity: Research News from Top Universities
Futurity brings you research news from top universities.
news  research  science  webdesign  inspiration 
june 2015 by garrettc
Except that: The debate on welfare reform was a...
"Do me a favour: next time you see a picture of MPs not giving a shit about Thing A because greedy Thing B - post this"
politics  society  uk  parliament  news  currentaffairs  research 
november 2014 by garrettc
“The who, what and why of UsVsTh3m” – Martin Belam at Hacks/Hackers London
Fascinating look behind the scenes at the founding of UsVsTh3m and what makes it tick.
news  comedy  politics  society  technology  business  publishing 
january 2014 by garrettc
How to build a news app that never goes down and costs you practically nothing
The most salient point for me "Build for use. Refactor for reuse". Sometimes you have to build up technical debt to be able to deploy quickly.
webdevelopment  deployment  sysadmin  ec2  news  s3  python 
february 2013 by garrettc
Guardian shutters read-us-in-Facebook app
Guardian's seems to be closing down its read-us-inside-Facebook app because it wants readers on site. Not a surprise.
guardian  newspaper  news  facebook  socialnetworking 
december 2012 by garrettc
The New, Convoluted Life Cycle Of A Newspaper Story
How do you publish and update news when 24hr cycles don't exist any more.
journalism  media  news  publishing  storytelling  wdcs  wdcsintranet 
november 2011 by garrettc
Project Cascade
New project from the New York Times Labs which uses Processing and MongoDB to visualise story sharing through time. Beautiful.
news  processing  socialmedia  mongodb  newyorktimes  visualisation 
april 2011 by garrettc
Real time publishing system for embedding in other sites.
realtime  cms  news  events  tools 
february 2011 by garrettc
"SwiftRiver is a platform that helps people make sense of a lot of information in a short amount of time. In practice, SwiftRiver enables the filtering and verification of real-time data from channels like Twitter, SMS, Email and RSS feeds."
news  data  opensource  mapping  api  aggregator  platform 
january 2011 by garrettc
Kill or cure?
Help to make sense of the Daily Mail’s ongoing effort to classify every inanimate object into those that cause cancer and those that prevent it.
health  science  funny  journalism  news  humour  media  dailymail  cancer 
october 2010 by garrettc
Back Story: Think of the Miners
Simple infographic showing the size of the hole the Chilean miners rely on as their lifeline.
news  infographics  design 
september 2010 by garrettc
Times Skimmer by The New York Times
Alternate way of browsing NYT content. Good use of layout and @font-face
news  nytimes  design  interface  html5  css3  userinterface  inspiration 
december 2009 by garrettc
Inside the precision hack
How 4chan manipulated the vote.
security  4chan  internet  programming  time  news  culture  hacks 
april 2009 by garrettc
Barack Obama: the front pages
Guardian slideshow of how papers and magazines around the world reported Barack Obama's victory.
news  media  journalism  gallery  newspaper 
november 2008 by garrettc
Reuters Pictures of the Year 2005
It's that time of year where we get all retrospective. You could do worse than starting with the Reuters pictures of the year.
photography  world  society  currentaffairs  news 
december 2005 by garrettc
green plastic radiohead
A site about Radiohead. News, lyrics, tabs and notes
lyrics  music  radiohead  resource  tablature  news  tab 
april 2005 by garrettc

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