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garrettc : origami   5

Fold N Fly ✈
A database of paper airplane folding designs and instructions
airplane  craft  origami  paper 
october 2018 by garrettc
Origami Resource Center
Over 500 free diagrams. Includes: history of origami, Sadako's story, benefits of origami, book reviews, model databases, professional artists, books, and merchandise.
origami  art  craft  design 
december 2017 by garrettc
Star Wars origami models
Create Star Wars in origami! Step-by-step instructions with photos and video.
starwars  art  origami  craft 
january 2017 by garrettc
Miura-ori fold
Origami technique for folding items into a small area.
origami  paper  craft  art 
july 2014 by garrettc
Money Origami
Making things out of dollar bills
art  craft  diy  fun  money  paper  origami  howto 
april 2005 by garrettc

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