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Monica lets you remember everything about your loved ones.
crm  family  personal  opensource  software  database  friends 
january 2019 by garrettc
Set goals with OKRs
"Studies have shown that committing to a goal can help improve employee performance. But more specifically, research reveals that setting challenging and specific goals can further enhance employee engagement in attaining those goals. Google often uses “Objectives and Key Results” (OKRs) to try to set ambitious goals and track progress."
google  business  personal  mentoring  personaldevelopment 
june 2017 by garrettc
Network Security in the Medium Term, 2061-2561 AD
Charlie Stross' funny and insightful USENIX 2011 Keynote on security in the future.
future  security  network  society  data  personal 
march 2012 by garrettc
Ghostly fingers of APIs
How updating a small subset of your sites causes others to be updated via APIs.
webservices  visualisation  personal  identity  diagram  api  lifestream  webdevelopment  web2.0 
november 2008 by garrettc
Web 3.0 = (4C + P + VS)
Formula for the 3rd generation of the web. Not sure if I agree with the "web 3.0" moniker, but I like the ideas behind the formula
community  content  personal  search  strategy 
may 2007 by garrettc
VCs on Web Technology: Judy Gibbons from Accel
"[Personal home pages] represent the third generation of Internet usage: first portals because there was little content and it was hard to find; second search because there was an ever increasing amount of content if you could only track it down; now pers
advice  marketing  funding  personal  socialsoftware  socialnetworking 
september 2006 by garrettc

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