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Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”
Is innovation inherently a hit-or-miss endeavor? Not if you understand why customers make the choices they do.
business  jobstobedone  service  servicedesign 
november 2017 by garrettc
Swiftype: Enterprise Search & Site Search Platform
Swiftype is a cloud-based search platform that provides all the tools you need to create fantastic search experiences.
search  api  service  saas  webdevelopment 
november 2017 by garrettc
Cheese Posties | Subscription Cheese Toasties
"The World's first subscription grilled cheese sandwich service. Get a uniquely flavoured cheese toastie kit through your letter box like clockwork every week or month. Our boxes include all the bread, fillings and a collectable toast card to make a delicious treat."
food  gift  cheese  service 
august 2017 by garrettc
Post your Swarm checkins to your website via Micropub.
indieweb  service  swarm  foursquare 
may 2017 by garrettc
Indieweb system to post Instagram posts back to your own site.
html  service  indieweb  photography  instagram 
may 2017 by garrettc
AWS in Plain English
Mapping all those nonsense names to plain english.
amazon  aws  saas  service  hosting  guide  reference 
september 2015 by garrettc
How to get through to a human being at companies worldwide.
phone  reference  customerservice  telephone  service  business  lifehack  tools 
march 2010 by garrettc
RESTful Django practice
Not just relevant to Django, it's also a useful meditation on how to construct a RESTful application.
programming  service  api  rest  python  django  http  json  restful 
january 2009 by garrettc
Kapow SMS Gateway
SMS gateway with multiple sending methods including HTTP and email.
mobile  service  text  messaging  sms  gateway  tools 
december 2008 by garrettc
Finding a Freemium model that works for you
Excellent run down of the pros and cons of various freemium business models.
longtail  service  softwareasaservice  freemium  business  businessmodel 
november 2008 by garrettc
Memiary - What did you do today
Interesting lightweight web based diary where you input five interesting things you did today. Very slick sign up process too.
software  service  memory  webapp  web2.0  design  tools 
november 2008 by garrettc
Versioning REST Web Services
Interesting idea, using a custom vendor based mime type instead of sticking the version in the URL and having to deal with all the non-RESTful crud that entails
webservices  webdevelopment  versioncontrol  rest  programming  service  restful 
october 2008 by garrettc

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