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Design Tokens in Design Systems
Jina, from Salesforce, talks about the Lightning Design System.
designsystems  designthinking  slideshow  presentation  webdevelopment  webdesign 
december 2016 by garrettc
Nice flash based slideshow with Flickr API integration.
flash  gallery  webdesign  photography  software  slideshow  tools 
january 2011 by garrettc
Very customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery
jquery  javascript  plugin  gallery  slideshow  lightbox  userinterface 
june 2010 by garrettc
JQuery Cycle Plugin
I keep forgetting to bookmark this. No more!
jquery  slideshow  javascript  gallery  webdevelopment 
december 2009 by garrettc
A skim-read introduction to linked data
A really quite useful presentation from BBC Radiolabs
semanticweb  linkeddata  rdf  bbc  presentation  slideshow  web  http 
september 2009 by garrettc
Khoi Vinh's "Control"
Khoi Vinh's presentation on why interactive is so different to print. Recommended for anyone in web development.
design  digital  inspiration  media  presentation  slideshow  webdevelopment 
october 2007 by garrettc
DrupalCon 2007 Slides
Drupal slides and presentations from the OSCMS Summit 2007
drupal  opensource  slideshow  video  conference 
march 2007 by garrettc
BBS 05
Blogging Business Summit 05 write up and links
business  slideshow  bestpractice  guide  blog  tips  tricks 
january 2005 by garrettc

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