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Participation Inequality: The 90-9-1 Rule for Social Features
In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action.
society  community  socialsoftware  socialspace  socialnetworking 
may 2018 by garrettc
Bad comments are a system failure
The definitive view on why comments on the web are often bad, and how we can fix them. Because would know.
comments  society  socialspace  socialsoftware 
august 2015 by garrettc
The LSE guide to using Twitter
Publication from the London School of Economics on using Twitter in university research, teaching and impact activities.
twitter  guide  advice  socialspace  wdcsintranet 
january 2012 by garrettc
If your website's full of assholes, it's your fault
"If you run a website, you need to follow these steps. if you don't, you're making the web, and the world, a worse place. And it's your fault. Put another way, take some goddamn responsibility for what you unleash on the world." - Anil Dash
commentary  community  socialspace  society  culture  comments 
july 2011 by garrettc
SI Web and New Media Strategy - Ignite Smithsonian
Collection of videos from the Ignite Smithsonian conference.
museum  socialmedia  socialspace  video  conference 
april 2011 by garrettc
Social Media Policy Best Practices: Trust Is Cheaper Than Control
"The tone and philosophy in a social media policy depends on the risk appetite of the organization"
socialspace  socialmedia  socialnetworking  nonprofit  community  policy 
april 2011 by garrettc
Architecture is Destiny: A Tale of Two Cities and Lessons for the Social Business
Why would one small French town be undergoing stagnation while another three kilometres away is thriving? Could it be because of the respective architectures and layouts?
architecture  society  socialspace  townplanning 
march 2010 by garrettc

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