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Coding at Headshift: our experience with Version Control Systems
Interesting overview of why Headshift moved from Subversion to Git and their experiences so far.
git  svn  howto  versioncontrol 
march 2010 by garrettc
Alternative to Basecamp with SVN intergration
svn  subversion  development  collaboration  projectmanagement  agile  trac  tools 
june 2009 by garrettc
Deploying PHP applications with Vlad and SVN
Using the Rails system "Vlad the Deployer" (really, where do they get these names?!) to deploy PHP based apps.
php  svn  rubyonrails  rails  web  server  continuousdeployment 
may 2009 by garrettc
Updating Drupal using SVN Vendor Branches
This process has always confused the hell out of me, not any more.
tutorial  drupal  versioncontrol  subversion  svn 
january 2009 by garrettc
Development Environment for Drupal
Comprehensive breakdown of a drupal dev environment. Very closely mirrors my own experiences.
development  environment  howto  subversion  svn  git  drupal  tips 
june 2008 by garrettc
SCplugin for Mac OS X
Inspired by TortoiseSVN, SCplugin adds status overlays and contextual menu support for the Finder in OS X
versioncontrol  client  desktop  development  finder  gui  opensource  osx  plugin  software  subversion  svn  tools 
may 2008 by garrettc

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