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macOS HIG: Touch Bar
Apple Human Interface Guidelines for the new Touch Bar input device.
apple  macos  osx  touchbar  userinterface  pamoja  touchscreen  userexperience 
october 2016 by garrettc
Cue – A gesture icon system
"…a public domain gestural icon system which focuses on legibility and symbolic representation."
gesture  touchscreen  touch  icon  resource 
november 2011 by garrettc
A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design
"Are we really going to accept an Interface Of The Future that is less expressive than a sandwich?"
interaction  userinterface  userexperience  touch  touchscreen  rant 
november 2011 by garrettc
Five digital design ideas from Windows 8
Peter Meyers identifies five interesting design principles for touch interfaces from the Metro demo.
analysis  touch  touchscreen  principles  design  designthinking 
september 2011 by garrettc
Sencha Touch Charts
HTML5-based, charting and drawing framework specifically designed for use on touch devices.
touchscreen  userinterface  graphs  interaction  webdevelopment  webdesign  iphone  mobile 
july 2011 by garrettc
Touch Gesture Reference Guide
Compendium of touch UI gestures, how to represent them in documentation and an outline of their support on various platforms.
reference  guidelines  touchscreen  touch  userinterface  gesture 
april 2010 by garrettc
Designing for iPad: Reality Check
Good insights about what is/isn't working in ipad design. The book metaphors (scrolling in page!) look horrible:
ipad  design  userinterface  interface  touchscreen  touch  userexperience  metaphor 
april 2010 by garrettc
Yahoo Sketch-A-Search
Draw a an area on a map and this Yahoo app will return results within it. I've been waiting ages for someone to do this. Currently US only but international support is coming.
iphone  search  yahoo  mobile  userexperience  touchscreen  touch 
march 2010 by garrettc
iPad Application Design
Matt Legend Gemmell on iPad application design
ipad  design  userinterface  usability  iphone  touchscreen  touch  interface  apple 
march 2010 by garrettc
PodCamp Nashville 2010 Presentation
Cameron Daigle's PodCamp presentation on designing for the iPad.
ipad  design  apple  iphone  usability  userinterface  touchscreen  touch  presentation 
march 2010 by garrettc
An icon language to describe natural user interface gestures by Ron George
multitouch  interface  userinterface  touch  touchscreen  symbolism  icon  gesture 
march 2010 by garrettc
iPhone usability research
Create With Context slideshow about their iPhone usability research. Some interesting findings and tips.
usability  research  mobile  iphone  interaction  ia  design  userexperience  userinterface  touchscreen  gesture 
november 2008 by garrettc
Jeff Han - Touch Screen
Includes a new demo video showing more features of the touch screen tech demo'd at TED
article  cool  future  interface  interaction  science  technology  video  visualisation  touchscreen  HCI 
january 2007 by garrettc

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