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Walk Score
Grades areas for local amenities
environment  neighbourhood  walking  wayfinding  home  tools 
july 2014 by garrettc
The Top 10 Articles on Wayfinding on
Collection of useful links on wayfinding and orientation.
wayfinding  navigation  signs 
january 2012 by garrettc
Novices Orienteer, Experts Teleport
"User expertise exists on two levels. If you’re an avid photographer, your domain expertise in photography will be quite high: that is, you’ll be familiar with the terms and techniques of the trade. Each of us is likely a domain expert in a few areas, and a complete novice in others. A second aspect is technical expertise. Familiarity with how computers, the internet, and search engines work significantly impacts how users seek information."
wayfinding  userexperience  search  userinterface  navigation  psychology 
may 2011 by garrettc
Can better signs help pedestrians understand London?
I saw some of these wayfinding signs the other week and really liked them
london  design  maps  mapping  travel  information  wayfinding  geography 
april 2010 by garrettc
An introduction to user journeys
Put yourself in the mind of your customers and design the user journeys around what they need at a moment in time.
usability  webdevelopment  userexperience  userjourney  informationarchitecture  wayfinding 
september 2009 by garrettc
Eureka Carpark Melbourne
A way-finding-system for a carpark in Melbourne. The distored letters can only be read perfectly when standing in the right position, from which they then appear to hang in midair.
typography  streetart  photography  interesting  inspiration  signs  wayfinding 
august 2008 by garrettc

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