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Open Educational Resources
Free-to-use teaching and learning content from around the world.
education  opensource  learning  web2.0  teaching  creativecommons  elearning  resource 
october 2009 by garrettc
FlowingData | Data Visualization and Statistics
"FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better - mainly through data visualization."
visualisation  technology  statistics  mapping  web2.0  tools 
november 2008 by garrettc
Ghostly fingers of APIs
How updating a small subset of your sites causes others to be updated via APIs.
webservices  visualisation  personal  identity  diagram  api  lifestream  webdevelopment  web2.0 
november 2008 by garrettc
Memiary - What did you do today
Interesting lightweight web based diary where you input five interesting things you did today. Very slick sign up process too.
software  service  memory  webapp  web2.0  design  tools 
november 2008 by garrettc
Encyclopedia of Life
Inspired by E.O. Wilson's TED Prize acceptance speech, the EOL aims to organise and make available information about the 1.8 million species on our planet.
web2.0  science  search  research  reference  plants  animals  ted  species  tools 
october 2008 by garrettc
Doc Searls - The Live Web
"The Web isn’t just real estate. It’s a habitat, an environment, an ever-increasingly-connected place where fecundity rules, vivifying business, culture and everything else that thrives there. It is alive."
web2.0  trends  social  internet  socialsoftware  userexperience  informationarchitecture 
october 2008 by garrettc
APIs and Mashups For The Rest Of Us
Simple overview of web APIs from Digital Web Magazine, what they are and why you should have them.
api  mashup  microformats  programming  reference  technology  web2.0  article 
june 2007 by garrettc
Scaling websites
A collection of presentations from twitter, Flickr, Bloglines, and more about how to scale websites.
admin  advice  application  architecture  web2.0  twitter  scaling  performance  mysql  network  flickr  lastfm  webdevelopment 
may 2007 by garrettc
Top UK Web 2.0 Apps
Nice round up of the latest starlets on the UK web development scene, including moblogUK and amongst others.
web2.0  list  webdevelopment 
august 2006 by garrettc

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