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SPEAR - Computer Music Center
SPEAR is an application for audio analysis, editing and synthesis
spear  spectral  editor 
7 hours ago
Michael Scott Cuthbert research blog
Michael  Scott  Cuthbert  research  blog 
2 days ago
Music21j Index
Music21j is a Javascript reinterpretation of the Music21 Python package,
a toolkit for computer-aided musicology, now with intuitive HTML/Javascript
music21  music21j 
2 days ago
The Wheel Of Exotic Pets [Infographic] | Popular Science
find out exactly how good or bad a pet these exotics would make
3 days ago
Lost limb? No problem. How animals thrive with three legs
Foxes and other animals with fluffy tails can use their tails to help them balance if they lose a leg.

Balancing is especially easy for cats, squirrels, foxes, and other animals with long tails. These animals can use their long fluffy tails as counterbalances when climbing atop narrow structures.
fox  three  legs  lost  limb 
3 days ago
Robin Schwartz
Photographer Robin Schwartz focuses on exploring interspecies relationships. She is a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow in photography.
photography  guggenheim  interspecies  relationships 
3 days ago
Rescued foxes find refuge at Save a Fox in Minnesota
At Save a Fox sanctuary in Minnesota, fur farm rejects and exotic pet cast-offs find a new home.
fox  sanctuary  minnesota  Mikayla  Raines 
3 days ago
The Interactive Fiction Database - IF and Text Adventures
The Interactive Fiction Database is an IF game catalog and recommendation engine. IFDB is a Wiki-style community project: members can add new game listings, write reviews, exchange game recommendations, and more
interactive  fiction  database 
4 days ago
Audiokinetic Blog
If you’ve never used the Wwise Authoring API (WAAPI) before, I’m hoping I can convince you to give it a shot with the rest of this article.
wwise  api  WAAPI 
8 days ago
Trevor Wishart
The Sound Loom is an integrated graphic interface to the CDP sound-processing software, a comprehensive collection of over 500 instruments for sound transformation developed as practical working tools by composers over many years, available from the Composers' Desktop Project.
There is also a CDP Users' Discussion Group.

~~~~ Note that the Sound Loom will only run if you have the CDP software ~~~~
the  sound  loop  transformation 
10 days ago
About CDP
CDP focuses on transforming existing sounds (musique concrète) and how they might be shaped over time to create anything from a single complex sound or gesture, to an extended soundscape or composition.
composer's  desktop  project  sound  design 
10 days ago
Open Problems in Mathematical Physics
This page leads to a collection of significant open problems gathered from colleagues during the academic year 1998/99. They are offered in the belief that good challenges stimulate our work, tempered by the dictum that preformulated questions should not discourage one from seeking new perspectives.
Open  Problems  Mathematical  Physics 
13 days ago
Home - Big Life Foundation
Co-founded in September 2010 by photographer Nick Brandt, conservationist Richard Bonham, and entrepreneur Tom Hill, Big Life was the first organization in East Africa to establish coordinated cross-border anti-poaching operations.
donation  elephants  conservation 
14 days ago
Getting started with VamPy | Isophonics
This is a simple tutorial on writing Vamp plugins in Python using VamPy, and using the command line host Sonic Annotator.
vamp  python  api  itp  stdmp 
15 days ago
The Fox Project - Southern Wildlife Ambulance Network
- "A pragmatic approach to conservation."
- Rehabilitating & Fostering Foxes for Release Back Into the Wild
- Caring for 800 Foxes per Year, Including 250 Cubs
- Here to Assist you on fox Deterrence & Nuisance
FOX  charity  rehabilitation  fostering  care  release  deterrence  nuisance  conservation  pragmatic 
18 days ago
Ofelia and Orchestra
My name is Ana Ofelia Negrete Fernández and I was born in 1988 in Mexico City.
I have been studying mathematics at the UNAM for eight years.
tidalcycles  math  composer  sc 
18 days ago
TidalCycles userbase
TidalCycles is free/open source software, that allows you to make patterns with code, whether live coding music at algoraves or composing in the studio.
audio  code  generation  livecoding  music  mathematics 
18 days ago
The Real-World AI Issue - The Verge
How artificial intelligence and machine learning are affecting technology right now
real-world  AI  machine  learning  verge  issue 
19 days ago
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