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Copyright and Creative Commons | Common Craft
Simple video for content users (i.e., students) explaining copyright and creative commons
copyright  creativecommons  commoncraft  video  intellectualproperty  ip  legal 
may 2014 by geephroh
Leibovitz v. Paramount Pictures Corp., 948 F. Supp. 1214 - Dist. Court, SD New York 1996 - Google Scholar
Litigation over the use of Annie Leibovitz's pregnant Demi Moore photo in a promotional poster for the Naked Gun 2 movie. Paramount argued successfully that their unlicensed rendition did not infringe Leibovitz's copyright because the primary intent was parody under the fair use exemption.
law  intellectualproperty  ip  copyright  demi_moore  decision  annie_leibovitz  fairuse  parody 
january 2014 by geephroh
Google Settles Suit Over Book-Scanning - (10/28/2008)
Establishes new framework for registering and compensating authors of in-copyright books.
ip  copyright  books  scanning  google  search 
october 2008 by geephroh
In One Flaw, Questions on Validity of 46 Judges - New York Times, 5/6/2008
Prof. John Duffy at GWU discovers a constitutional flaw in the way patent appeal judges are appointed.
law  patent  ip  intellectualproperty  judiciary  constitution  gwu  uspto  nytimes  newsarticle 
may 2008 by geephroh
Rights-in-the-PREMIS-Data-Model.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Overview of intellectual property rights issues in digital preservation realm. Conducted as adjunct to PREMIS working group activities.
archive  densho  metadata  standards  premis  preservation  loc  mets  ip  pdf  whitepaper  filetype:pdf  media:document 
january 2007 by geephroh
Documentary Filmmakers’ Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use -- Publications -- Center for Social Media at American University
"Documentary filmmakers have created, through their professional associations, a clear, easy to understand statement of fair and reasonable approaches to fair use."
ip  fairuse  documentary  standards  film  video 
november 2006 by geephroh
The Open Digital Rights Language Initiative Dublin Core Working Group
ODRL is an xml-based rights-expression framework. There is work currently underway to integrate the ODRL and DC approaches.
imt530  ip  metadata  dublin_core 
may 2005 by geephroh

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