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Away from Animals and Machines|シリーズ(連載)/SERIES|
人工知能(AI)やアルゴリズムの進化が、人間のあり方を変えようとしている。 ぼくらは何も考えられない動物になるのか? それとも機械と進化を遂げるのか? 編集者・菅付雅信が世界各地の研究者や起業家を訪ね、… via Pocket
7 hours ago
Synqrinus / syn-antd · GitLab
Ant Design Reagent Wrapper - Optimised for shadow-cljs
ant-design  reagent  shadow-cljs 
12 hours ago
TextWorld - Microsoft Research
Microsoft TextWorld is an open-source, extensible engine that both generates and simulates text games. You can use it to train reinforcement learning (RL) agents to learn skills such as language understanding and grounding, combined with sequential decision making.
ms  ai  game 
13 hours ago
Create, share, collaborate, and reproduce powerful reports and visualizations with tools you already know.
data  collaboration  tool  visualization  js  python 
6 days ago
Zero Server - Zero configuration web framework
Zero abstracts the usual project configuration for routing, bundling, and transpiling to make it easier to get started.

It allows you to build your application without worrying about package management or routing. Write your code in a mix of Node.js, React, HTML, MDX, and static files and put them all in a folder.
server  nodejs  framework 
7 days ago
Polylith - Polylith
Polylith is a software architecture that applies functional thinking at the system scale. It helps us to build simple, maintainable, testable, and scalable systems.
clojure  architecture 
8 days ago
Enumerations, Denumerables, Recursion, and Infinity
An enumeration is a complete, ordered list of all of the elements of a set or collection. There can be more than one enumeration for the same collection, and the collections need not have a finite number of elements. via Pocket
9 days ago
Structural Sharing and Copy-on-Write Semantics, Part II: Reduce-Reuse-Recycle
This is Part II of an essay that takes a highly informal look at two related techniques for achieving high performance when using large data structures: Structural Sharing, and Copy-on-Write Semantics. via Pocket
11 days ago
Java with a Clojure mindset
In this talk, using a real application as an example, we will learn how to build and design Java applications that follow Clojure’s functional principles using just core Java, without any libraries, lambdas, streams or weird syntax; and we will see what benefits those functional principles can bri via Pocket
14 days ago
Enumerations, Denumerables, and Cardinals
Warning: This is an unfinished work. Feel free to share it on Twitter or other conventional social media, but I ask you not to post it on Hacker News or Reddit until it is finished. In programming language jargon, an enumerable is a value that can be accessed sequentially, or iterated over. via Pocket
15 days ago
How to Lead Design Thinking When People Aren’t Familiar with It
Design-thinking methods—such as empathizing with users and conducting experiments knowing many will fail—often seem subjective and personal to employees accustomed to being told to be rational and objective. via Pocket
20 days ago
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