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GitHub - Giorgi/Math-Expression-Evaluator: A C# library for parsing mathemitical expressions with support for parentheses and variables.
A C# library for parsing mathematical expressions with support for parentheses and variables. - Giorgi/Math-Expression-Evaluator
c#  expression  evaluation  library  math  runtime  opensource  floss 
3 days ago
Razor Components for a JavaScript-Free Frontend in 2019
Could Razor Components provide an alternative to JavaScript and be the next big thing for .NET developers in 2019?
blazor  serverside  razoe  webapplication  programming  library 
3 days ago
GitHub - froggey/Mezzano: An operating system written in Common Lisp
An operating system written in Common Lisp. Contribute to froggey/Mezzano development by creating an account on GitHub.
lisp  os  operatingsystem  opensource  floss 
3 days ago
GitHub - froggey/Iota: LLVM to Common Lisp transpiler.
LLVM to Common Lisp transpiler. Contribute to froggey/Iota development by creating an account on GitHub.
llvm  lisp  converter  opensource  floss 
3 days ago
GitHub - y2q-actionman/with-c-syntax: C language syntax in Common Lisp
C language syntax in Common Lisp. Contribute to y2q-actionman/with-c-syntax development by creating an account on GitHub.
clang  syntax  lisp  compatibility  layer  opensource  floss  funny  joke 
3 days ago
One Letter Programming Languages
If you are looking for a free name, there is none.
oneletter  name  programming  language  list 
3 days ago
Introduction to Cloud Storage for Developers - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Many developers think immediately of databases to store their data, but a variety of cloud storage options exist that are incredibly cost effective and straightforward to use. This articles takes a look at options like "blob storage" and cloud-based file systems and explores how they relate to developers.
cloud  blob  storage  intro  developer 
3 days ago
Python and Slack: A Natural Match – Towards Data Science
Nearly every service you use has an API with a Python interface. This allows us to interact programmatically with many services we use every day directly from Python.
python  slack  webapi  access  howto 
3 days ago
ConyEdit Home
ConyEdit is a cross-editor plugin for the text editors or IDEs. With ConyEdit running in the background, you can use its commands in any text editor or IDE on Windows OS. It has defined A completely new way to edit code or edit text (for example, extract data in any text editor or IDE and store them in ConyEdit's named arrays. Then batch refer at anytime anywhere, without wasting time on moving data repeatedly). It has rich features for the in-place column-editing, line-editing, and string-editing.
texteditor  plugin  extension  advanced  feature 
4 days ago
GitHub - nigeltao/taowm: The Acutely Opinionated Window Manager
The Acutely Opinionated Window Manager. Contribute to nigeltao/taowm development by creating an account on GitHub.
minimalist  lightweight  tiling  windowmanager  linux  x11  wm  opensource  floss 
4 days ago
GitHub - Giorgi/EntityFramework.Exceptions: Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL and MySql
Handle database errors easily when working with Entity Framework Core. Supports SQLServer, PostgreSQL and MySql - Giorgi/EntityFramework.Exceptions
entityframework  exception  extension  error  management  plugin  opensource  floss 
4 days ago
How to set up Docker and Windows Subsystem for Linux: A Love Story. 💚
Do you sometimes feel you’re a beautiful princess turned by an evil wizard into a frog? Like you don’t belong? I do. I’m a UNIX guy scared to leave the cozy command line. My terminal is my castle…
docker  wsl  windows  setup  deployment  howto 
4 days ago
How to Code Your First Algorithm — Draw A Line –
Creators of HTML Canvas, SVG, WebGL and other graphics libraries had to write code for drawing lines from scratch. In this tutorial I will show you the nuts and bolts of what it’s like to design an…
javascript  js  html  drawing  intro  algorithm  beginner  programming  webdev 
4 days ago
Anatomy of a Scala quirk – buildo blog
Seasoned Scala developers usually know the answer, but I think it’s easy to underestimate the number of Scala features that play together to produce this spectacularly unintuitive result. This is a…
scala  strange  weird  behaviour  quirk 
4 days ago
The Perils of Inheritance – Kt. Academy
This article will show the perils of class inheritance. This article will illustrate the alternative to class inheritance — composition. After reading this article, you will understand why Kotlin…
inheritance  risk  oop  kotlin  composition  preference 
4 days ago
TabNine is the all-language autocompleter. It uses machine learning to provide responsive, reliable, and relevant suggestions.
autocomplete  tool  programming  editor  extension  ai  machinelearning 
4 days ago
GitHub - jarun/bcal: :1234: Storage and general-purpose calculator
:1234: Storage and general-purpose calculator. Contribute to jarun/bcal development by creating an account on GitHub.
cli  commandline  calculator  console  opensource  floss 
5 days ago
Unit Testing Anti-Patterns, Full List
This is a full list of unit-testing anti-patterns that I managed to find and collect; feel free to add your items to the list, via a pull request.
unittesting  pattern  antipattern  defective 
5 days ago
GitHub - hundredrabbits/Orca: Live Programming Environment
Live Programming Environment. Contribute to hundredrabbits/Orca development by creating an account on GitHub.
esoteric  live  programming  environment  artistic  opensource  floss 
5 days ago
The Architecture and History of Git: A Distributed Version Control System
As of 2018, almost 90% of the 74,000 developers surveyed by Stack Overflow prefer to use Git for version control. Git dominates all other version control systems and adoption is up almost 20% from…
git  vcs  history  innerworking 
5 days ago
Access Microsoft Excel from Java the low-budget way
There are numerous ways to work with Excel Spreadsheets in Java. Apache POI looks like the way to go but if your spreadsheet contains complex formulas, cross-references and all this fancy stuff, you…
java  microsoftoffice  excel  spreadsheet  access  scripting  howto 
5 days ago
Web Development on a Phone. Updated for Linux on DeX.
Last year I wrote about how you can use a phone for web development using an Android Linux Terminal and a simple editor I’d made as a Progressive Web App. It worked pretty well but had some…
samsungdex  development  webdev  platform  howto  linux  gnulinux  distro  smartphone  environment 
5 days ago
Flutter will change everything, and Apple won’t do anything about it
On December 4th, Google launched Flutter 1.0, showing how we will build beautiful user experiences in the future. I was lucky enough to attend Flutter Live in person. If you missed the event, you can…
flutter  ios  application  development  advocacy 
5 days ago
How to stop thinking about code after work | Making Loops
Being a developer could be one of the most mentally exhausting professions. Joe discusses his strategy of using a Personal Standup to help resolve your day so you can disconnect and leave work where it belongs - at work.
work  life  balanche  detach  spare  time  management  tip 
5 days ago
Angular vs. Vue.js- A Handy Comparison Guide – SYSTANGO – Medium
Modern front-end development has dramatically changed a lot in the past few decades. As a front-end developer, whenever I think of modern front-end development, three promising technologies come to…
vuejs  angularjs  framework  webdev  comparison 
5 days ago
Functional programming paradigms in modern JavaScript: Partial Application
If you’ve been following this series from the beginning then I’m confident to say that by finishing this chapter we will have a solid understanding of the basics of functional programming. So far…
javascript  functional  programming  js  partial  application  currying 
5 days ago
Garbage Collection is a Hack • The Adamant Programming Language Blog
At the dawn of the heap, there was manual memory management, and it was bad. Programmers were forced to keep track of when to free memory, and whether it had...
garbagecollection  gc  criticism  hack  opinion 
6 days ago
Active Database Software - Professional Database Tools and Developer Components
The FlySpeed series of database tools for database migration, data transfer and SQL query building for database administrators and developers
datbase  rdbms  migration  query  export  data  tool  library  programming 
6 days ago
A crash course on serverless-side rendering with React.js, Next.js and AWS Lambda | Statsbot Blog
We want the best of both worlds. The SEO boost server-side rendering provides, and the speed of a Single Page Application. Today I'll show you all this while hosting it basically for free in a serverless environment on AWS Lambda.
webdev  serverside  rendering  awslambda  reactjs  nextjs 
6 days ago
Why Are Enterprises So Slow? – zwischenzugs
tl;dr In this article I want to explain a few things about enterprises and their software, based on my experiences, and also describe what things need to be in place to make change  come about. Have you ever found yourself saying things like: Why are enterprises so slow? How do they decide what to…
enterprise  software  managemnt  slowness  business  management  leadership  complexity 
6 days ago
Operating systems development for Dummies – Leo Whitehead – Medium
If you’ve ever used a computer, you may have found yourself wondering how operating systems function on a low level, or even how you you would go about developing one yourself. To say that kernel…
operating  system  development  firststep  os  example 
6 days ago
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