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Contents | Product Management Handbook
A white label product management handbook for government digital services
product  management  project  service  design 
september 2018
Our Story - Uscreates
Uscreates was formed in 2005 by two Goldsmiths design graduates who saw the need for socially-focused service design for all brands and projects.
labs  service  design  innovation 
july 2018
“Cat Person” | The New Yorker
funny and remarkably pointed story on the realities of dating in this time
goodread  newyorker 
december 2017
Physicians | Virta Health
Diabetes reversal startup - ehealth solution that reduces meds
diabetes  ehealth  startup 
august 2017
Alan Watts & David Lindberg - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey on Vimeo
Alan Watts & David Lindberg - Why Your Life Is Not A Journey :: A film I made last night based on my favourite quotes from Alan Watts about how the way of looking at your life as a journey can be the most destructive way. Please have a listen to his wise words. Scenes from Tree of Life Music: Sleepin
Vimeo  video  !FromVimeo 
march 2017
One researcher’s long quest to make drug data more public | University Affairs
Back in 2011, when Nav Persaud prescribed the drug Diclectin to a pregnant patient experiencing morning sickness, her skepticism of the medication made him uneasy. After her visit, he looked into clinical practice guidelines for Diclectin and found gaps in the information. via Pocket
best  evidence  diglectin  evidence  evidence-based  guidelines  therapeutics  initiative  toronto 
march 2017
Google's DeepMind addresses health data transparency fears
DeepMind Health have moved to counter data privacy concerns by introducing an audit trail for the company’s access to NHS patient data. via Pocket
ai  analytics  calico  deep  mind  google  google  health  healthcare 
march 2017
It's different from what you expected. 2014 on Vimeo
It's different from what you expected. 2014 :: Design Ah is an education TV program for the purpose of telling the fun of the design and bringing up design-like viewpoint and sensitivity. This is one of the corners for that. Something different will happen from what we thought. -- Here is 2013 and 20
Vimeo  video  !FromVimeo 
march 2017
Why you should beware of those aiming to “separate fact from fiction” in nutrition research
The following post is by Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, a journalist, and author of the The Cochrane Collaboration: Medicine’s Best-Kept Secret. via Pocket
nutrition  science  matters 
march 2017
Plot and Scatter: Projects
We were among the top 5 finalists to participate in the BCIC data visualization challenge. This is the prototype we've submitted and will continue to work on over the coming weeks. (More to come on this project soon.) via Pocket
yvr  orgs  of  interest 
march 2017
Patient Advocacy Groups Rake In Donations From Pharma | Kaiser Health News
We encourage organizations to republish our content, free of charge. We don’t require much. For those who need to know the legal underpinnings of using our content, we make it available under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. Here’s what we ask: via Pocket
big  pharma  conflict  of  interest  patient  advocacy  patients 
march 2017
Center for Environmental Health Releases Official List Of Shampoos That Cause Cancer : AWM
It seems like every day that a new study is released showing a correlation between our daily household goods and cancer causing ingredients. The use of carcinogenic ingredients in manufacturing is on the rise, and they are finding their way into our homes in unexpected places. via Pocket
cancer  chemicals  health  products  risk  factors  shampoo  toxins 
march 2017
$6.2M settlement reached in B.C. class action against GlaxoSmithKline | Vancouver Sun
Faith Gibson is launching a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Paxil, her daughter Meah, 2, was born with a hole in her heart after Faith took the drug. Jon Murray / Province files via Pocket
anti-depressants  big  pharma  deesilo  drug  approval  gsk  patient  safety  paxil  pharma  yvr  orgs  of  interest 
march 2017
Services — Rocket Builders
Market Assessment - We have years of experience in many industries of performing market sizing, segmentation, growth projections, value chain analysis, buyer’s process analysis, and competitive analysis to provide you with the key insights necessary for business planning. via Pocket
yvr  orgs  of  interest 
march 2017
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds - The New Yorker
In 1975, researchers at Stanford invited a group of undergraduates to take part in a study about suicide. They were presented with pairs of suicide notes. In each pair, one note had been composed by a random individual, the other by a person who had subsequently taken his own life. via Pocket
facts  good  reads  public  policy  science  matters 
february 2017
Is it ethical for Canadian casinos to so aggressively target Asians? It’s hard to say — they’re not talking | National Post
During recent Lunar New Year celebrations, senior managers at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, B.C., gussied up in colourful Qing Dynasty-era costumes and held a cash giveaway with a prize pool of $88,888. via Pocket
addictions  gambling 
february 2017
The Promise of 3-D Printing Prosthetics - The Atlantic
Cheap, easy-made prosthetics could address a major need in developing nations. He was barely a teenager when he was grabbed by a Sudanese guerrilla army and forced to become a child soldier. He was made to endure weeks of walking with so little food and water that some of his fellow captives died. vi
3d  bioprinting  3d  medicine  maker  medicine  makermed  prosthetics 
february 2017
Why Some Apps Use Fake Progress Bars - The Atlantic
Designers use “benevolent deception” to trick users into trusting the system. In a fit of productivity, I did my taxes early this year. They were a bit more complex than usual, so I set aside some time to click through TurboTax and make sure I got everything right. via Pocket
deception  human  factors  interesting  ui  user-interface  ux 
february 2017
Using data science to find the most depressing Radiohead songs
Radiohead is data scientist Charlie Thompson’s favorite band and he recently employed his professional skills to determine Radiohead’s most depressing songs and albums. Using data from Spotify and Genius, he analyzed and weighted how sad each song sounded musically and the sadness of the lyrics. via
text  analysis 
february 2017
Start-up finds a dozen treatments for rare diseases using robots
Cerebral cavernous malformation isn't the kind of disease the average person is familiar with. But for the 0.5 percent of the population afflicted with the genetic affliction — which causes blood vessels in the brain to grow irregularly — every day can be terrifying. via Pocket
rare  diseases  research  startup 
february 2017
Hope man thrilled with gov’t decision to cover Parkinson drug therapy. | Vancouver Sun
Barry Mansfield, a former teacher in Hope, has Parkinson's disease, and is trying to get funding for a new drug to help his symptoms. Here he is with his drugs. Handout / PNG via Pocket
bc  drug  coverage  duodopa  parkinsons 
february 2017
An Opioid Overdose Drug Used to Cost $575. Now It Costs $4,500 | WIRED
Your friend is on the floor unconscious. The culprit: a heroin overdose. You panic, but then remember a gadget that can save her life. via Pocket
drug  pricing  narcan  opiods 
february 2017
Sign up for a free IFTTT account - IFTTT
Premier Christy Clark’s first photo op of 2017 on Jan. 11 was to announce her rubber-stamping of an environmental certificate for the twinning of the Kinder Morgan tar sands oil pipeline. Exactly one year after the Clark government told the National Energy Board it opposed the project.  via Pocket
deesilo  tools  foi  foippa  open  access  open  data 
february 2017
The Flawed Design of Drug Trials for Autism - The Atlantic
Can a new clinical approach end a pattern of failure and frustration? Taylor Stevenson’s family never left him out of conversations, but they never expected him to participate, either. His contributions, if he made any, were a few random words—gibberish or a Big Bird quote. via Pocket
autism  clinical  data  clinical  trials  science  matters  trials 
february 2017
Merck Alzheimer Drug Is Latest To Fail In A Big Study | Xconomy
Another Alzheimer’s drug has failed a major test. Merck (NYSE: MRK) reported late Tuesday that its pill verubecestat was not helping people with significant Alzheimer’s symptoms. via Pocket
alzheimer's  merck 
february 2017
A Venn Diagram House | elevr
If our real experiences with real drawers contributes to our understanding of categories, our boring physical kitchens might help explain why humans so easily sort other people/things/ideas into exactly one category with no complexity or overlap. Our body’s intuition for politics, for example, might tell us that there’s a single category of Republicans, and a separate single category of Democrats. But if we grew up putting our cups/mugs/glasses in Venn cabinets, and cooking peach/apple Venn pieagrams in our oVenns, maybe it would seem quite natural to us that Republicans and Democrats have more in common than different.
interesting  categories  philosophy  learning  intuition  organizational  behavior  thought  piece 
february 2017
About Us -
health news media commentary and review - interesting criteria to build on for analyzing policy decisions
science  matters  deesilo  tools 
february 2017
2017 Life Sciences Start-Up Competition | Life Sciences Institute
2017 Life Sciences Start-Up Competition

Brought to you by the Life Sciences Institute and e@UBC

We challenge you to innovate! Design a plan for translation of your idea into product
entrepreneurship  ubc  life  sciences  lsi  life  sciences  institute  workshops  learning 
february 2017
Sense about Science is an independent campaigning charity that challenges the misrepresentation of science and evidence in public life. We advocate openness and honesty about research findings, and work to ensure the public interest in sound science and evidence is recognised in public discussion and policy making.
deesilo  tools  deesilo  science  matters 
february 2017
Who's not sharing their clinical trial results?
algorithm scrapes data from clinical trials repository and measures which ones not reported
RIAT  clinical  trials  deesilo  deesilo  tools 
february 2017
How Pharma Can Offer More than Pills
For years, there has been a push within the pharmaceutical industry to move “beyond the pill” — in other words, to build and deploy complementary services and solutions to diversify revenue sources. via Pocket
beyond-the-pill  big  pharma  harvard  pharma  stanford 
january 2017
Vancouver's Conquer Mobile, medical simulation training specialists, took first place at the Boost VC on-stage pitch contest at the Upload VR annual Virtual Reality Demo Day event last week. The VR Demo Day event took place on July 13th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. via
conquer  mobile  medical  simulation  virtual  reality 
january 2017
Vancouver Sun | Page Not Found
MONTREAL — Valeant Pharmaceuticals is taking aim at critics who have questioned the company’s ability to grow without acquisitions by boosting its guidance for the year after reporting their fourth consecutive quarter of greater than 15 per cent organic growth. via Pocket
big  pharma  canada  investing  m&a  mergers  pharma  valeant 
january 2017
Gov't Moves to Empower Ombudsperson to Probe Health Firings | The Tyee
After repeating several times in the legislature this week that she wouldn't actively intervene, B.C.'s Attorney General Suzanne Anton said today that an amendment to the Ombudsperson Act is in the works, to enable an investigation of the 2012 botched health research firings. via Pocket
bc  moh  scandal  therapeutics  initiative 
january 2017
Vancouver Sun | Page Not Found
B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake was grilled Thursday during question period over his ministry's investigation into the botched firings of eight health workers. NDP critic Adrian Dix, the MLA for Vancouver Kingsway, accused Lake's ministry of knowingly smearing the names of the workers. via Pocket
bc  moh  moh  scandal  therapeutics  initiative 
january 2017
Dr. Lee Hood's scientific wellness startup Arivale raises $36M to improve health through genetics - GeekWire
A new startup in Seattle wants to be the Google or Microsoft of a new industry called scientific wellness, and now it has some serious cash to do so. Co-founded by renowned genetics pioneer Dr. via Pocket
direct  to  consumer  p4  medicine  personalized  medicine  pmi  wellness 
january 2017
B.C. health firings prompt legal changes to pave way for investigation - The Globe and Mail
British Columbia’s ongoing health firings scandal is about to share the stage with the Liberal government’s vaunted liquefied natural gas project law. via Pocket
bc  moh  politics  scandal  therapeutics  initiative 
january 2017
The Walrus Talks Innovation with the University of King’s College ·
presents The Walrus Talks Innovation Building new ideas in health, education, technology, and more By University of King's College, Alumni Hall 6350 Coburg Rd., Halifax Wednesday, October 21, 7:00 p.m. via Pocket
events  healthcare  toronto 
january 2017
Not Impossible Labs Creates Open-Source Tech for Good
PSFK speaks to Mick Ebeling about his new book and DIY projects that can improve quality of life through the power of storytelling and story-making Not Impossible Labs aims to create accessible technology on an open-source platform in the spaces of mobility, health and communication, and then use via
engineering  global  health  maker  med  not  impossible 
january 2017
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