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Contents | Product Management Handbook
A white label product management handbook for government digital services
product  management  project  service  design 
september 2018 by ginesthoi
Printing genomes on demand could mean custom-built organisms, difficult ethical questions, and profits for a handful of companies. via Pocket
genetic  engineering  genomics  human  genome  project 
july 2016 by ginesthoi
Building Information Modeling: How the construction industry is getting 'smart' | Popular Science
Are you familiar with what a 'light table' is? No trick question here, it is simply a backlit surface, commonly used to overlay drawings. Now imagine you have architects, engineers and builders all huddled around one. via Pocket
architecture  coordination  design  engagement  project  management  stakeholder  engagement  workflow 
may 2015 by ginesthoi
data analytics spreadsheet | Powerful Data Analysis Tools for Every Business User
enterprise data spreadsheet work in the cloud for teams and collaborative efforts without software
database  spreadsheet  data  webapp  analytics  tools  deesilo  tools  dataviz  collaboration  project  management 
january 2015 by ginesthoi
A recipe for understanding cancer | Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Most good science takes time. John Spinelli, a cancer epidemiologist, is on intimate terms with that hard truth. His hard-won patience gives him the perfect disposition to serve as leader of the BC Generations Project, an endeavour whose scientific payoff will likely  come long after he retires. via
bc  bc  generations  project  cancer  clinical  research  medicine  outcomes  research  risk  factors  trends  ubc 
december 2013 by ginesthoi
Better use of lighting in hospital rooms may improve patients' health
Most people will say that they feel better on a sunny day rather than a cloudy day, and researchers have found that when we are exposed to brighter light during the day -- such as natural sunlight -- our mood is better and we sleep better. via Pocket
hospitals  lighting  patient  experience  project  quality  improvement 
november 2013 by ginesthoi
Lab Management | Research Management | Labguru
Research and lab management software; increase efficiency, decrease waste in labs
project  management  app  Science  Matters  experiments  apps  documentation  efficiency  Electric_Dreams  tool  education  management  research 
february 2013 by ginesthoi

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