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Letterform Archive - nonprofit center for inspiration, education, publishing, and community
With over 50,000 items related to lettering, typography, calligraphy, and graphic design, spanning thousands of years of history. Filing away for next SF trip
design  archive  inspiration  lettering  typography 
The House of The Future
Charles Schridde's painted 1960s Adverts For Motorola
2 days ago
Time to Play Fair
Apple needs to stop it with their anti-competitive practices. Let me play Spotify with Siri and let me rent Amazon movies through the app.
apple  spotify 
5 days ago
David Tamarkin on Twitter: "Some clarification on the EA job I tweeted about yesterday...”
“Full-time freelance” should not exist. Shame on epicurious and Condé Nast
5 days ago
How to Know If You've Sent a Horrible Tweet
It’s called “The Ratio” and it’s relevant to the link above.
socialmedia  twitter  backlash 
5 days ago
Name the celebrity based on their Wikipedia table of contents / via MeFi
game  wiki 
7 days ago
Women who changed science
Wonderful stories, richly presented
women  science 
7 days ago
Belonging is having that voice be heard
Insight about feeling a sense of “belonging” at work
7 days ago
A Modest Guide to Productivity
Start with your body, not your work methods
8 days ago
Shapes of Text (A Pinterest board)
I don't like referencing Pinterest, but this is a good collection.
type  inspiration 
9 days ago
Too busy to write?
Pen a perfect letter with this simple chart. / via Dan Cassaro
11 days ago
The Chobani filter
This is all design / via Joshua Blankenship
HA  design 
11 days ago
Proteak Carving Board
The next photo shows the scale of this thing. (I'm slowly replacing all the lousy things in my life with good things that should last longer. This cutting board is on my radar.)
shopping  cooking 
11 days ago
Advice to Design Students
DJ has some great thoughts on how to not get stuck and explore. Applies to all levels of experience and all fields.
11 days ago
They Really Don’t Make Music Like They Used To
Long piece to read later about the levels and loudness of modern music. / via robweychert
12 days ago
Absurd Design
Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art (free even)
design  free  stock 
12 days ago
Brave Browser
Based on Chromium, but not Google. Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser with Adblocker baked in. Just read a review about this on the Verge. Super easy to be right at home with it.
browser  privacy  software  web 
14 days ago
Message from Earth
Read the story, then check out the replica plaque in the shop. A really nice gift for space lovers, methinks
14 days ago
A simple pixel editor that allows you to get 3D models by making a stack of 2D images. / via Belong
editor  pixel  art 
15 days ago
Always enjoy Tad Carpenters Sunday illustration
design  illustration 
15 days ago
Add depth to photos with this app. Intrigued to try out.
photography  ios  app 
19 days ago
Eames Office
A place I want to visit next time I'm in Los Angeles.
tovisit  eames  design  Los  Angeles 
19 days ago
Amazon Not Paying Federal Income Taxes on $11.2 Billion Profits
It's time to stop Amazon and every organization that is not contributing to society.
taxes  bullshit 
21 days ago
There are 7 Tetris pieces
And they have names / via Yewknee
21 days ago
Manchester Orchestra - The Sunshine
This song's a couple years old, and the baby animation is a little cheesy, but overall? Totes adorbs.
21 days ago
True Facts: The Lemur
This is Brenda's little tree now.
video  heh 
23 days ago
Karl Lagerfeld's library
Goals. / via Joshua Blankenship
homes  books  shelves 
25 days ago
OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus
DJ says this is a very good dictionary and thesaurus, so I'm going to give it a try.
tool  dictionary  thesaurus 
27 days ago
Is Email Making Professors Stupid?
The knowledge economy is systematically undervaluing uninterrupted concentration and overvaluing the convenience and flexibility offered by new technologies / via Joseph
communication  email 
28 days ago
Recomendo | Revue
Weekly email newsletter by Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder and Claudia Dawson of recommended things and services. / via Caterina Fake
tools  recommendations  newsletter  newsletters 
28 days ago
Stream Classic Cinema, Indie Film and Top Documentaries, with your library card. (Sadly CIncinnati's public library doesn't seem to be a part of the system)
movies  streaming  library 
28 days ago
Newspaper Club - Make and print your own newspapers
They've expanded their options. This is a goal for 2019. I want to make a newspaper.
printing  newspaper  design 
28 days ago
FACT CHECK: Did Amazon Pay No Federal Income Taxes in 2017?
They did not. When you need that thing, are you buying it from the correct place?
4 weeks ago
Tracy Osborn is creating really friendly beginner tech books and zines
I've never been/done/kicked in to a Patreon thing, but this feels like a yes. / via Andy Baio
Patreon  coding 
4 weeks ago
Since Parkland: 12 Months. 1,200 Kids Killed by Gun Violence.
Here are their stories, written by other teens. It's harrowing and exhaustive and important. Favoring weapon proliferation is anti-life. / via Kottke
4 weeks ago
Jameela Jamil on sex education
Watch the video. Be aware there is some appropriate cursing and mature concepts, but it's really and truly correct.
sex  education 
4 weeks ago
A Night at the Garden
In 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in New York's Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism -- an event largely forgotten from U.S. history. Chilling indeed. / via glennplatt
5 weeks ago
The Ink Lab 🔬 (@inkmixers)
Swipe to see the final color mix! So fun / via Thor
ink  mix  design 
5 weeks ago
Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
Another in-depth piece of the vide game phenomenon that is Fortnight. I seriously can't wait til this type of experience merges with a style of game I like (Zelda, Mario, 3rd person adventure games -- I've never been a fan of death matches or fighting games.)
5 weeks ago
25 Times Everyday People Spoke Words Profound
It's a listicle, pulled from a Reddit thread. But dag if I didn't read every one and nod.
list  thinking 
5 weeks ago
Emoji Mosaic
Upload a photo, this will recreate using just emoji. / via a whole lotta nothing
5 weeks ago
9 Life Lessons
Everything is temporary.
thoughts  lists  life 
5 weeks ago
Tap In
A Live Group Meditation App. Sit daily at 3pm ET
5 weeks ago
National Park Typeface
A typeface designed to mimic the national park service sgns that are carved using a router bit. Available in 4 weights.
type  font 
6 weeks ago
Rogue Amoeba - The Design of Loopback 2
John Gruber said "I love this sort of 'from sketch to finished product' look at the evolution of a design." and I concur!
design  software  ui 
6 weeks ago
The Nerdy Charm of Artisanal, Hand-Drawn Infographics
Hand drawn everything please. I'm also ok with spacer gifs and tables. / via Coudal
art  data  infographics 
6 weeks ago
Fortnite’s Marshmello concert was a bizarre and exciting glimpse of the future
A "live" event inside a videogame where hundreds of thousands? (numbers aren't out yet). "attended" This is a glimpse of what is to come.
6 weeks ago
Ellsworth Kelly US Stamps
I will have these stamps and use them. Possibly frame a set to boot.
6 weeks ago
Videogame logos
Such a specific range of styles
games  logo  videogames 
6 weeks ago
Discover the Mekong through colorful illustrations
A journey from Cambodia to Vietnam illustrated by Christoph Niemann. Lovely
illustration  travel 
6 weeks ago
When everybody plays, we all win
Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is pretty fantastic.
6 weeks ago
Canvas Credit Union - Fonts In Use
It's weird that the mark is also a logotype and there's also a combination of a wordmark. Heck, I'm confused, but I dig it.
logo  identity 
6 weeks ago
Why a Utopian Town Is Demolishing Its Own History
Greenhills is in Cincinnati. I did a photowalk there. Fascinating place, struggling with change.
6 weeks ago
BuzzFeed Top Traffic Came From Quizzes Made by Teen for Free
"It’s like the most random things, the little things that people really seem to like." / via Belong
6 weeks ago
A little thing you put on your desk and rotate to track your time. intrigued.
management  time 
7 weeks ago
Vampire Weekend tease new album with a very chill two-hour guitar loop 
I would like to stream this in the coworking space and see how long it takes til everyone notices. (Also excited for the upcoming VW album.)
7 weeks ago
Ford introduces Transit Custom Nugget camper van
There is much wrong with America, and much right. The fact this vehicle will not exist here falls squarely into the wrong category.
auto  van  behicle. 
7 weeks ago
Moving the Giants
Short film profiling David Milarch's quest to archive the genetics of the world's largest trees before they're gone / via Raul Gutierrez
7 weeks ago
The 2018 Emoji Report – Rands in Repose
each emoji I use is an email not sent.
8 weeks ago
Lydian font: The Nancy Drew typeface is all over new books - Vox
I'm all for humanist. I have to thank Chobani for a bit of that love.
font  typography 
8 weeks ago
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