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What the Kids Are Saying These Days | STANFORD magazine
A Stanford scholar helps the world analyze how children acquire language differently—and just how much they have in common.
articles  babies  language 
4 days ago
Communicating Model Uncertainty Over Space
How can we show a pathologist an AI model's predictions?
articles  Visualization  information_theory 
4 days ago
Welcome - aleph
Welcome to the documentation for Aleph, a suite of data analysis tools for investigators.
Tools  data  research 
4 weeks ago
Are anti-nutrients harmful? | The Nutrition Source | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
the body may be adapting to the presence of anti-nutrients by increasing the absorption of these minerals in the gut
articles  nutrition 
7 weeks ago
The Surprising Benefits of Sarcasm
And yet, our research suggests, there may also be some unexpected benefits from sarcasm: greater creativity. The use of sarcasm, in fact, promotes creativity for those on both the giving and receiving end of sarcastic exchanges. Instead of avoiding sarcasm completely in the office, the research suggests sarcasm, used with care and in moderation, can be effectively used and trigger some creative sparks.
articles  language  communication  culture 
9 weeks ago
The man who studies the spread of ignorance - BBC Future
How do people or companies with vested interests spread ignorance and obfuscate knowledge? Georgina Kenyon finds there is a term which defines this phenomenon.
articles  information  bias 
12 weeks ago
How “randomizers” are breathing new life into old games | Ars Technica
Hundreds of mods shuffle items and more for a brand-new experience every time.
articles  games  fandom 
december 2019
Sherlock Project
Sherlock, a powerful command line tool provided by Sherlock Project, can be used to find usernames across many social networks.
december 2019
Sometimes the road to discovery starts with a walk in a local marsh | Stanford School of Engineering
With simple tools and a critical eye, researchers detect a new type of intercellular communication where cells, centimeters apart, coordinate to respond in unison to predators.
articles  ecology  bay_area 
november 2019
Integrate your data, APIs, and cloud services in minutes - Pipedream
Develop any workflow, based on any trigger. Workflows are code, which you can run for free.

No server or cloud resources to manage.
cloud  development 
november 2019
Burning Out
Search and rescue teams train for the worst conditions. But the worst conditions are getting worse. Are they ready for the next big disaster?
articles  fire  climate_change 
november 2019
“I Will Never Let Boeing Forget Her” — ProPublica
With the 737 MAX, Boeing put profits first and hundreds died. One grieving family is determined to hold the company accountable.
articles  planes 
november 2019
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