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Cornwall Travel Book - Weekend Journals
Cornwall by Weekend Journals is the definitive new guide to exploring the fairest English county. Following extensive research and time spent travelling round Cornwall, the Weekend Journals team have uncovered unique and special venues, from verdant gardens to visionary galleries, independent shops and exceptional restaurants. The book is written by Milly Kenny-Ryder and produced by Simon Lovell. They both have strong family links to Cornwall and have been visiting with their families since they were young. Using these connections they have gone off the beaten track to discover the venues that the locals love, while also showcasing some of Cornwall’s most iconic sites and stories.
***  england  cornwall  travel  book  photography 
july 2017 by gpe
Balloons to transform Hadrian's Wall into world's longest work of art
"Artists will use 450 balloons and thousands of light emitting diodes to turn the 2,000-year-old Hadrian's Wall into the world's longest work of art.

New York digital arts collective YesYesNo has been invited by organisers of the London 2012 festival to transform the wall, built by Roman invaders to guard the northern frontier of their empire.

"Connecting Light" will suspend hundreds of white weather balloons above the 73-mile wall, which snakes across hill and dale in northern England just south of the Scottish border.

The balloons will be fitted with lights and networked so they can communicate with one another. Viewers will be able to submit short messages which will be transformed into pulses of colored light that pass along the wall in patterns reminiscent of Morse Code.

Group member Zachary Lieberman, who is overseeing final work on the project at Newcastle University in northeast England, said today he hoped to create "the inverse of a border ... to imagine the border as a means of connection" rather than separation.

He said balloons were chosen for their ability to evoke a sense of wonder and magic."
border  balloon  aeriality  art  ****  uk  england  walls 
august 2012 by gpe
Sensing the City: Mapping London’s Population Flows | Spatial Analysis
Sensing the City: Mapping London's Population Flows via

A bunch of interactive maps of London flows.
analysis  london  uk  england  ***  mapping  interactive  flows 
april 2012 by gpe
Ageing luxury jet
"For almost 25 years, Concorde has been the last word in airborne luxury.

Only 20 of the supersonic passenger jets were ever built, of which 13 are still in service, operated by British Airways and Air France.

The standard fare for a return trip from London to New York is £6,636 ($10,070)."
concorde  sst  aviation  politics  england  france  ***  bbc  history 
november 2011 by gpe
Why economists don't fly Concorde
"Concorde has always appealed far more to politicians and engineers than to administrators and economists.

A trawl through the cabinet archives for Concorde's development phase - slowly becoming public under Britain's 30-year disclosure rules - reveals a torrent of official contempt for the project.

As late as 1971, when the aircraft was to all intents and purposes a fait accompli, Concorde was being called "a commercial disaster", which "should never have been started".

But the same paper conceded that political considerations gave London no choice but to "commit itself whole-heartedly and publicly to Concorde"."
concorde  sst  aviation  economics  england  france  airbus  bbc  **** 
november 2011 by gpe
Loss of night flights could spell the end for Manston Airport
“Restricting our operating hours will fundamentally affect the economic viability of the airport. It will reduce our ability to attract passenger and freight services and secure based airlines, which would offer a greater range and frequency of scheduled passenger services.”<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
The report said that the ability for Manston to handle some aircraft movements between 11pm and 7am would be necessary for it to attract airlines, such as low-cost operators, with planes based at the airport, as well as handle greater levels of freight from around the world."
airport  uk  england  regulation  government  *  time  traffic 
august 2011 by gpe
Christ's Hospital railway station
On its white elephant status: "In the event, the LBSCR's expectation of an income from the station to match the size of its premises would be defeated by two developments. Firstly, Christ's Hospital school has only ever accommodated boarders - the LBSCR did not consider this when building the station. Secondly, the anticipated residential development in the area did not materialise. This was not helped by the fact that the school had purchased much of the land around the junction, effectively ending any hopes for housing in the area. The LBSCR was therefore left with a white elephant: the capacity and stature of the station being vastly out of proportion with its status as a useful rural interchange, rather than an important railway junction serving much of West Sussex." see more white elephant links on wikipedia:
white.elephant  wikipedia  history  england  train  **** 
september 2010 by gpe
Cookies by Douglas Adams
"The thing I like particularly about this story is the sensation that somewhere in England there has been wandering around for the last quarter-century a perfectly ordinary guy who's had the same exact story, only he doesn't have the punch line."
funny  humor  douglas.adams  literature  story  writing  anecdote  england  psychology  ** 
august 2010 by gpe
BFI Filmstore British Transport Films
"This impressive 18-disc box set collects all nine volumes of the BFI's celebrated British Transport Films DVD series and fully illustrates the wide range of subjects the BTF Unit covered for over three decades. Released in a beautifully illustrated box containing slimlime cases and a fully illustrated booklet, with extensive notes and credits to each film, this remarkable collection serves much more than the transport enthusiast. It provides a unique insight into the changing social history of Britain from the 1950s to the 1980s."
transportation  film  history  uk  england  rail  **  towatch 
july 2010 by gpe
City of illusions
"The history of London may be said to unfold, map by map, in symbolic fashion. The map is a symbol, not a record or a description. It bears as much relation to the actual shape and nature of London as the sculptures of Canova or Rodin bear to the human form. The map is an idealisation, a beautiful illusion of symmetry and grace. It gives form and order to the formless and disordered appearance of the capital. In the British Library's forthcoming exhibition "London: a life in maps", there is a gallery of shapes and perspectives, decorous and intriguing in turn, all of them creating a wholly different London."
architecture  cartography  mapping  london  history  geography  processing  travel-time  deign  culture  ****  new.statesman  england  symbols 
june 2010 by gpe
Mersey Tunnels
"There are three tunnels: the Mersey Railway Tunnel (opened 1886), and two road tunnels, the Queensway Tunnel (opened 1934) and the Kingsway Tunnel (opened 1971). The railway tunnel and Queensway Tunnel connect Liverpool with Birkenhead, while the Kingsway Tunnel runs to Wallasey. // The road tunnels are owned and operated by Merseytravel, and have their own police force, the Mersey Tunnels Police."
mersey  england  liverpool  uk  tunnels  police  wikipedia  history  corridor  dissertation  *** 
january 2010 by gpe
Heathrow ‘must become new rail hub’
"A conservative think-tank will call today for a new high-speed North-South rail link, with Heathrow as its main London terminal. // However, the report from the Bow Group also concludes that a Heathrow hub on a high-speed rail network would bring in tens of thousands of new passengers a day, thus emphasising the need for a new runway at the airport."
high.speed.rail  london  uk  england  conservative  airport  heathrow  ***  dissertation  rail  passenger.rail  passengers 
january 2010 by gpe
"A single-celled creature without a nervous system can provide a solution to a routing problem" /by @newscientist
"Jeff Jones and Andrew Adamatzky, specialists in unconventional computing at the University of the West of England in Bristol, wondered if biology could provide an alternative to conventional road planning methods. To find out, they created templates of the UK using a sheet of agar on which they marked out the nine most populous cities, excluding London, with oat flakes. Then, in the place of London, the pair introduced a colony of P. polycephalum, which feeds by spawning tendrils to reach nutrients, and recorded the colony's feeding activity (see picture). // Most of the resulting "maps" mimicked the real inter-city road network, but some offered new routes."
computing  traffic  ai  england  london  biology  uk  urbanism  roads  t  cartography  mapping  dissertation  ** 
january 2010 by gpe
Some things I like, and some things I'd fix | Stephen M. Walt
Especially the last sentece: "Public transportation. On the other hand, there were a few experience on the road that put les États-Unis to shame. In Paris, there's a direct train from the airport into Paris, or you can take an Air France bus that leaves frequently, is cheap, and gets you to one of several convenient Metro stops. In London, the "Heathrow Express" rail line is equally convenient, and a virtually seamless way to get from the airport to central London. As you leave customs, there's a guy standing there with a credit card swiper. Thirty seconds later, you have your ticket, the trains leave every 15 mins., and they get you to Paddington in about 20 mins.. Consider that you can't take a train to Dulles or JFK and it reminds how bad most public transport and infrastructure is in the Land of the Free(way)."
airport  transit  dulles  jfk  usa  europe  convenience  travel  stephen.walt  dissertation  ****  infrastructure  transportation  england  france  london  paris 
january 2010 by gpe
Britain's big freeze
A live-blog of weather-related transportation issues in Britain. | Sub-zero temperatures after heavy snow falls are causing disruption on roads, airports and schools. Follow the day's developments.
uk  england  guardian  blogging  weather  dissertation  ***  2010  snow  airport  road  disruption  news 
january 2010 by gpe
Eurostar train breaks down in Channel tunnel
"The affected train, which left Brussels at 8.05am CET and was due to arrive at London St Pancras at 8.56am GMT, had to be towed out of the tunnel by a service engine after the high-speed service encountered yet more problems in heavy snow."
weather  england  uk  brussels  chunnel  guardian  travel  passenger.rail  crisis  ***  dissertation 
january 2010 by gpe
Companies & Ports » London will get the largest port in Europe and 36.000 new jobs
"DP World, the Dubai-based global container terminal operator, has decided to proceed with essential infrastructure work for its planned London Gateway container terminal and logistics hub on the river Thames near London. / ... / London Gateway, the first new deep sea container port in Britain for more than 25 years, is intended to create 36,000 jobs, including 12,000 in the short-term in construction and logistics. The port is planned as a hub, with containers being forwarded by feeder ships to other British ports. The terminal is planned to handle 3,5 mln containers per year."
london  port  investment  infrastructure  jobs  uk  england  shipping  dissertation  ****  economics  news  2010  london.gateway  short.sea.shipping  dubai 
january 2010 by gpe
Climate change report calls for passenger tax on flights to reduce CO2
Heavy taxes on passengers and a ban on expansion at regional airports will be needed to curb Britain's insatiable appetite for air travel, a climate change report will say today. // But it will still be possible to build a third runway at Heathrow, add second runways at Stansted and Edinburgh and permit an extra 140 million journeys a year by 2050 without breaking the UK's commitment to cutting carbon dioxide emissions, according to the Committee on Climate Change. // However, that 60% increase in air travel over the next four decades will come at a cost of choking off expansion at other airports including Gatwick, Birmingham, Newcastle and Bristol.
airport  aviation  dissertation  ****  policy  taxes  environment  uk  england  london  heathrow  carbon  future  2010  guardian 
january 2010 by gpe
Rip up aviation policy and start again | Leo Murray
A great transportation policy op-ed *and* an Orange Juice reference? Awesome on both counts. | "The transport select committee complains that aviation should not be "demonised" by climate policy, but treated just like every other sector. But if that were to happen, aviation would be having to make 80% emissions cuts over 1990 levels over the next 40 years – just like the rest of us. As it is, the government plans to let air travel stick at emissions levels that are already double what they were in 1990, and force ev\ery other person and every other sector of the economy to make even bigger cuts to accommodate this special treatment."
environment  aviation  airport  policy  politics  dissertation  ****  guardian  uk  england  op-ed 
january 2010 by gpe
BA calls Tory opposition to Heathrow third runway 'biggest mistake ever'
"Walsh's comments follow the publication today of a report by the government's advisory panel on climate change, which makes the case for a third runway by admitting that British airports can handle up to 140 million more passengers a year by 2050 without breaching emissions targets. But the shadow transport secretary, Theresa Villiers, said the Tories stood by their policy and warned that a third runway would exact a "horrendous price" on the environment."
environment  uk  england  london  heathrow  airport  politics  dissertation  **** 
january 2010 by gpe
Adonis: mix of funding for rapid rail
"A proposed high-speed rail network linking Britain's major cities would be funded through a mixture of public and private sector partnerships and by a range of government departments..."
via:_maxi  england  uk  transportation  transit  high.speed.rail  rail  passenger.rail  government  future 
november 2009 by gpe
Suburbia: the list
An Anglo-centric list of the five best things to come out of suburbia: 1) the semi-detached house ("semi-detached torture chambers", according to Orwell), 2) poet John Betjeman, 3) the great British sitcom, 4) pop music, & 5) J.G. Ballard.
suburban  suburbs  list  culture  society  ballard  housing  orwell  poetry  television  music  uk  england  book 
november 2009 by gpe
Crime mapping for English and Welsh police forces - CrimeMapper
"Welcome to CrimeMapper. This website provides you with information on crime and antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood, wherever you live in England or Wales."
via:preoccupations  crime  police  data  reference  mapping  england  uk 
october 2009 by gpe
Defining a new traditional urbanism
"In a traditional city, plots were subdivided over time as the need arose. In a modern city lots are defined as a standard shape, and then later sold off for some standard price. This approach has the unfortunate side effect of creating a lot of negative space."
space  urbanism  development  history  england 
october 2009 by gpe
Prehistoric man 'used crude sat nav'
"Prehistoric man navigated his way across England using a crude version of sat nav based on stone circle markers, historians have claimed."
navigation  england  history  prehistory  landscape  telegraph  gps  via:bldgblog 
september 2009 by gpe
Watchification: The Victorians
"Whilst it hits all the cliches you’d expect - Paxman down a sewer, telling Bazalgette’s story - there’s a heady mix of architecture, art, literature and social realism presented to explain who the Victorians really were."
towatch  victorian  england  uk  history  bbc  video  * 
april 2009 by gpe
[no title]
The 76 metre-high cooling towers next to the M1 motorway have become a Sheffield landmark, but now face demolition. Local fanzine writers Tom Keeley and Tom James hope the iconic towers can be saved and transformed into a space for public art. This film explains how the proposals could be a launchpad for urban revival across the city
future  ideas  sheffield  england  uk  industry  art  video  guardian  idea 
january 2009 by gpe
Gabion: Faith, hope and sub-prime: Nathan Coley reveals England's seaside favela.
If you want to see a different, but no less real, England, come here. This is an England that is in every respect teetering. It takes a considerable artist to provide such a focusing device as Coley has done. He provides such discomfiting clarity. Of course, all but a very few of us would never normally come here. He shows you exactly why this is. 46 Brooklands Gardens is absolutely right for now. Edgy art for edgy times.
england  favela  art  housing  poverty  uk  architecture  color 
december 2008 by gpe
Company - Hayford & Rhodes
This is the identity for the Hayford and Rhodes florist in London. I love the use of commissioned "English" floral paintings.
floral  arrangement  logo  branding  london  flowers  england  painting  design  typography 
december 2008 by gpe
Airports as Music
Heathrow is a gigantic roar with a distribution of furniture, shopping facilities, and smoking areas.
share  airports  architecture  art  aviation  music  place  space  london  england  uk  sound  mapping  maps 
april 2008 by gpe

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