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The Budget Audiophile, Rolling Stone (2001) | dysmedia - Douglas Anthony Cooper
MOST PEOPLE IMAGINE that you can buy a pretty good stereo for $50,000. Not many suspect that you can put together a system almost as good for $2,000. This can’t be done, I’m afraid, with gear you find at your local RadioShack. To join the fraternity of the Miserly Audiophile, you have to know what you’re doing — it’s easy to drop two grand and end up with something dire. Also, if you are absolutely committed to the accurate, sub-rumbling reproduction of the bottom few notes produced by the world’s monster pipe organs, you probably won’t find satisfaction for less than five figures. But if you can develop an ear for a certain kind of (often British) component, it’s more than possible to create serious music at a less than silly price.
audio  topurchase  ****  list  reviews 
november 2016 by gpe
How to Write a Scholarly Book Review for Publication in a Peer-Reviewed Journal

To describe and discuss the processes used to write scholarly book reviews for publication in peer-reviewed journals and to provide a recommended strategy and book appraisal worksheet to use when conducting book reviews.


A literature search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, and the Index to Chiropractic Literature was conducted in June 2009 using a combination of controlled vocabulary and truncated text words to capture articles relevant to writing scholarly book reviews for publication in peer-reviewed journals.
books  reviews  howto  ***  bookreview  academic 
october 2012 by gpe
In the Life of ‘The Wire’ by Lorrie Moore | The New York Review of Books
"So confident are Simon and Burns in their enterprise that they have with much justification called the program “not television” but a “novel.” Certainly the series’s creators know what novelists know: that it takes time to transform a social type into a human being, demography into dramaturgy, whether time comes in the form of pages or hours. With time as a medium rather than a constraint one can show a profound and unexpected aspect of a character, and discover what that character might decide to do because of it. With time one can show the surprising interconnections within a chaotic, patchworked metropolis."
the.wire  television  time  storytelling  story  baltimore  poverty  *****  reviews  nybooks 
september 2010 by gpe
Dusted Features [ Listed: Blockhead + Joshua Burkett ]
Western Mass has been on my radar a lot the past few months. | "A community can be amazing. When folks actually help each other...!? AMAZING. Western Mass has been that kind of place for years. Stuff happens here ALL THE TIME. Shows almost every week since forever in basements, living rooms, houses, bars, record stores, ATMs, cafeterias, town commons, cars, garages, sheds, roofs, bowling alleys, yurts, bike path tunnels and laundromats. Also Thurston, Byron Coley and the Flywheel are here. Should I say more?"
dusted  reviews  music  massachusetts  community  **** 
march 2010 by gpe
Roger Ebert reviews Secrets & Lies
"It moves us on a human level, it keeps us guessing during scenes as unpredictable as life (the visit, for example, of the former owner of the photography studio), and it shows us how ordinary people have a chance of somehow coping with their problems, which are rather ordinary, too."
film  uk  dissertation  ****  ebert  reviews  secrets  lies  people  literature 
january 2010 by gpe
Roger Ebert reviews Naked
"Leigh has said in an interview that while his earlier films (including "High Hopes" and "Life Is Sweet") might have embodied a socialist view of the world, this one edges over into anarchy. I agree. It suggests a world in which the operating systems have become distant from such inhabitants as Johnny and the women in the flat."
socialism  anarchy  mike.leigh  ****  dissertation  ebert  reviews  manchester  london  uk  government  destruction  chaos  film  1994 
january 2010 by gpe
The Ramones: Rocket To Russia
"Most contemporary music—yeah, even the New Wave stuff—asks why we've slowed down or complains about the fact. The Ramones consider this irrelevant. The question they pose is more interesting: why can't you keep up? I dare you to try."
speed  music  band  punk  new.wave  1977  rolling.stone  modernism  reviews  criticism  quotation 
december 2009 by gpe
CNET editors give it five stars. | From the publisher: "ArtRage Starter Edition is a simple, stylish, and easy-to-use painting tool that lets you play with realistic paints on your computer. Using real world painting tools such as oil paints, pencils, felt pens and more you can create your own paintings or load in photographs as Tracing Images to recreate them by hand, letting ArtRage select the colors for you so that you can focus on the brush strokes."
art  reviews  software  topurhcase  cnet  photoshop  drawing  painting  todownload 
november 2009 by gpe
Mike's Rollerball and Fountain Pen Review
Wherein the reviewer names the Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen "the best fountain pen ever made."
fountainpen  review  writing  moleskine  reviews  topurchase  pens  paper 
september 2009 by gpe
The greatest movies ever made - Roger Ebert
"A great movie acts like a window in our box of space and time, opening us to other times and other lands. The more windows we open, the better."
ebert  reviews  criticism  list  movies  film  history  art  towatch  philosophy  recommendations 
august 2009 by gpe
Wow, fiction works!—By Colson Whitehead (Harper's Magazine)
"So often in today’s fiction, we’re left to make our way through the muddle of the author’s hysterical wordplay. It is a false show. Writers confuse the encyclopedic for the illuminating and the meaningful, mistake the exuberance of frenetic language for that which addresses the higher self. When you return to a master like Carver at the end of a long day, it’s a refreshing tonic. This sentence is short, not because it is brief—which it is—but because it has few words."
literature  writing  fiction  reviews  minimalism  language  reading  ** 
february 2009 by gpe
Vivarium Review of Books
"Vivarium is a new, semi-annual magazine ... dedicated to reviewing and promoting new books of innovative, experimental, subversive, radical, visionary, or otherwise undervalued writing."
via:jbushnell  books  reviews  criticism  literature  journal  tosubscribe  book 
february 2009 by gpe
this is it's new to you
Reviews of things that aren't new but are new to you.
reviews  ideas  blogging  old  inspiration  tightgrid  idea 
december 2008 by gpe
Kruse, K.M.: White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism.
In this reappraisal of racial politics in modern America, Kevin Kruse explains the causes and consequences of "white flight" in Atlanta and elsewhere. Seeking to understand segregationists on their own terms, White Flight moves past simple stereotypes to explore the meaning of white resistance. In the end, Kruse finds that segregationist resistance, which failed to stop the civil rights movement, nevertheless managed to preserve the world of segregation and even perfect it in subtler and stronger forms.
reviews  racism  atlanta  books  history  suburban  conservative  segregation  civil.rights  share  usa  politics  white.flight  book 
october 2008 by gpe
Review: The City's End by Max Page - Telegraph
It's a novel way of looking at September 11 2001, I suppose; we've had 9/11 firemen, 9/11 fakery, 9/11 heroics, among others, and now, here, Max Page - professor of architecture and history at Amherst - gives us 9/11 prophecies, the activity of the crime within the collective American psyche before it actually happened.
reviews  9.11  cities  nyc  architecture  books  share  urbanism  book 
october 2008 by gpe
Book review: Culture, urbanism and planning.
Book review: Culture, urbanism and planning. Edited by J. Monclus and M. Guardia. Aldershot: Ashgate. 2006. xix + 293 pp. {pound}55.00 hardback. ISBN: 0754646238
books  reviews  planning  urbanism  culture  culturalgeographies  geography  book 
october 2008 by gpe
BLDGBLOG: Hitting the Books
A summary of some books Geoff has recently read, including an interesting one entitled Coal: A Human History.
coal  books  bldgblog  reviews  summaries  history  slavery  archaeology  remote.sensing  book 
september 2008 by gpe
Robert Bruegmann Writes Sensibly About "Sprawl"
What we learn is that sprawl has been with us for a long time — "a feature of urban life since time immemorial" — its presence a function of wealth and the aspirations of ordinary people.
sprawl  urbanism  history  city  books  reviews 
july 2008 by gpe
Transom: A Showcase & Workshop for New Public Radio
Public radio resources, including reviews of audio recording gear.
audio  radio  npr  documentary  editing  reviews 
june 2008 by gpe
Urban Computing: Looking forward and looking backward
Review and discussion of Mike Crang and Stephen Graham’s recent paper, Sentient Cities: Ambient intelligence and the politics of urban space.
politics  urban  space  urban.computing  stephen.graham  reviews  article  geography  toprint 
march 2008 by gpe
Think globally, live locally
A discussion of Richard Florida's new book, Who's Your City.
richard.florida  city  economics  future  ideas  books  reviews  trends 
march 2008 by gpe
New Tech, New Ties
Ling argues that mobile communication helps to engender and develop social cohesion within the family and the peer group. Drawing on the work of Emile Durkheim...Ling shows that ritual interaction is a catalyst for the development of social bonding.
reviews  books  mit  phone  mobile  research  community  counterintuitive  friendship  friends  ideas  sociology  family  social 
january 2008 by gpe
David Simon response to a Matthew Yglesias blog post on The Wire
"The Wire is dissent; it argues that our systems are no longer viable for the greater good of the most, that America is no longer operating as a utilitarian and democratic experiment."
david.simon  the.wire  baltimore  blogs  comment  television  race  culture  crime  criticism  reviews  blogging  class  economics  tv  foucault  power  institutions  ideas  quotations  share  urbanism  urban  urbanization  city  local.government 
january 2008 by gpe
Seeing Like a State
James C. Scott’s ‘Seeing Like a State’ is an obvious influence on many entries on this blog. It remains an important book on urbanism as it frames the questions that obsess urbanists within the larger tug-of-power that lies beneath them.
reviews  politics  surveillance  urbanism  city 
december 2007 by gpe
Learning from Andy Warhol
Fashion, art and cultural industries combined are the fourth largest employer in New York City, just behind management, professional services and finance. Fashion shows bring out-of-towners to the city. Broadway attracts millions. And in this hip world, d
creativity  nyc  warhol  economics  culture  cool  commerce  trends  art  books  reviews 
september 2007 by gpe
Design for L'Appareil bookcover
"L'Appareil, designed by Feed for La Pastèque was awarded with a bronze medal at the Stiftung Buchkunst, International Competition Best Bookdesign from all over the World 2007."
books  design  canada  reviews  criticism  art 
september 2007 by gpe
8 Notes on the New M.I.A. Album
"It's difficult to come up with musical comparison points with MIA -- The Clash is probably the best lazy comparison right now."
music  m.i.a.  fimoculous  reviews  criticism  innovation  hip-hop  art  politics 
august 2007 by gpe
Not Coming to a Theater Near You
If not discerned in its title, this site assumes a bias towards older, often unpopular, and sometimes unknown films that merit a second look. This site caters specifically to those who find an impotent similarity in the “New Releases” section of a vid
film  interesting  obscure  reviews  criticism  culture  media 
august 2007 by gpe
BOOK - the complete pattern library
"This book basically consists of patterns based on historical design that have been organised and re-coloured to demonstrate different looks. the publishers say the book has two uses, for home craft projects and to help readers learn the basics of pattern
books  reviews  design 
august 2007 by gpe
CNN redesign review and a discussion of quiet structure
"One of the basic, overriding elements featured in CNN’s new website design and layout is something I like to call quiet structure. Quiet structure is achieved when you de–emphasize the structural elements; the containing boxes, structural lines, bull
webdesign  color  information  interface  typography  publishing  technology  reviews  design  interesting  reference  internet  cnn 
august 2007 by gpe
The Bourne Ultimatum: review by Nathan Lee
A well-written review in which the author makes the observation that, "United 93 and The Passion of the Christ are basically the same movie for different audiences."
reviews  criticism  film  village.voice 
august 2007 by gpe
Can 35 Million Book Buyers Be Wrong? Yes.
by Harold Bloom | "I will keep in mind that a host are reading it who simply will not read superior fare, such as Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows" or the "Alice" books of Lewis Carroll."
literature  bloom  reviews  criticism  culture  books  article  art 
july 2007 by gpe
The melancholy greatness of "All My Friends."
"You spend the first five years trying to get with the plan and the next five years trying to be with your friends again."
lcd.soundsystem  music  slate  reviews  interesting 
july 2007 by gpe
Garmin nuvi 680 Awarded GPSmagazine Editor's Choice Award
No GPS is perfect, but all-in-all the nuvi 680 is the best one I've tested. If you're looking for the best GPS and willing to spend close to $700, it's hard to beat the Garmin nuvi 680.
gps  lbs  mobile  garmin  reviews  gps.magazine  topurchase 
july 2007 by gpe
Jasper Johns' Map, 1961
A discussion of his painting, Map.
art  maps  mapping  geography  reviews  johns 
may 2007 by gpe
The Streak of Streaks - The New York Review of Books
Stephen Jay Gould on Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hit streak
baseball  books  reviews  statistics  mythology 
may 2007 by gpe
Economic Principals
Review of book: Targeting in Social Programs: Avoiding Bad Bets, Removing Bad Apples
policy  reviews  books 
december 2006 by gpe
Graphic novels come of age
from The New Yorker: The Critics: Books
article  books  reviews  new.yorker  literature 
april 2006 by gpe

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