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Welcome to THE BUREAU (a Music and Comics story by Ethan Persoff)
a story, told to you in real time, through comics and modular electronic music.
comics  synth  audio  art  musIc 
november 2018 by grantpotter
Even More Covers on Vimeo
A series of 66 animated vintage book graphics
animation  gifs  literature  art 
october 2018 by grantpotter
The metamorphosis of Escher
#skip18 Techniques which Escher developed by hand over the years are built into the ‘Metamorphosis Machine’.
art  drawing  fun  visualthinking  skip18 
october 2018 by grantpotter
"Audio Tour Hack is a collection of artists and professionals from the communications industries who have come together to use creative storytelling to send people on fun, unexpected and interactive journeys. All of which are designed to change the way people perceive their surroundings and to connect new audiences with the creativity that already surrounds them. "
art  digitalstorytelling  audio  ds106radio  ds106 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Database, Map & Submit
"Un-cloud your files in cement! 'Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space."
art  hacks  projects 
june 2017 by grantpotter
"GGIF is project to sync audio with GIF"
webdev  design  art  audio  gifs  animation  fun 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Radio Web MACBA
RWM is a radiophonic project from the MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona) website that explores the possibilities of the internet and radio as spaces of synthesis and exhibition
music  radio  art  documentary 
june 2017 by grantpotter
New Adventures in Sound Art
New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) is a non-profit organization, based in Toronto, that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included in its productions are: Deep Wireless, Sound Travels, Arts Birthday and SOUNDplay. The objectives of NAISA are to foster awareness and understanding locally, as well as nationally and internationally, in the cultural vitality of experimental sound art in its myriad forms of expression. This objective will be achieved through the exploration of new sound technologies in conjunction with the creation of cultural events and artifacts.
radio  sound  mp3  art 
june 2017 by grantpotter
High School
"HIGH SCHOOL was filmed at a large urban high school in Philadelphia. The film documents how the school system exists not only to pass on ‘facts’ but also transmits social values from one generation to another. HIGH SCHOOL presents a series of formal and informal encounters between teachers, students, parents, and administrators through which the ideology and values of the school emerge."
documentary  art  video  film 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Metadata Games
open-source platform employing computer games to collect information about archival images in libraries and museums
metadata  games  archives  museum  art  data 
june 2017 by grantpotter
video  art  technology  culture  projects  fun  piracy 
june 2017 by grantpotter
The Berlin Wall of Sound by Berliner Mauer
The Berlin Wall of Sound is an acoustic reconstruction of the Berlin Wall.
sound  radio  audio  art 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Art + Reconciliation #mooc
"a MOOC that will address how artistic practices can engage in questions of reconciliation, most particularly in the Canadian context of residential schools and the associated and ongoing Truth and Reconciliation Commission."
mooc  highered  art  teaching  learning 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Open Air
these playful and surprising Open Air audio interventions were broadcast each weekday morning for a week
radio  audio  art  ds106  mp3 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Radio Ghosts
As soon as a car stopped at a red light, whatever radio station frequency the driver was tuned into at that moment would be bypassed and replaced with the relevant frequency for the radio advert. At the end of the radio sequence, the Johanniter-Unfallhilfe e.V. slogan was played: Wer fährt, trinkt nicht! (If you're driving, don't drink!). Die Johanniter. Aus Liebe zum Leben (For the love of life).
radio  art  technology 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Representing Statistical Visitor Activity with Bricks and Cement
visualization  data  art 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Table of Contents | DH Curation Guide
"a community resource guide to data curation in the digital humanities"
digitalhumanities  education  teaching  edtech  learning  highered  art  data  library 
june 2017 by grantpotter
to be is the studio space where you can collage the internet. Create, share and collaborate in open spaces called fields.
art  digitalstorytelling  digitalpics  collaboration  ds106  gifs 
june 2017 by grantpotter
"Memorex is a deep exploration of nostalgia and the fading cultural values of an era of excess. It's a re-contextualization of ads - cultural detritus, the lowest of the low - into something altogether more profound, humorous, and at times, even beautiful."
documentary  art  film 
june 2017 by grantpotter
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