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Remote Audio Data (RAD) measures podcast listening across a range of participating clients and platforms, aggregating the data in a publishers’ analytics endpoint
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9 weeks ago by grantpotter
Peer Review
The University of Calgary Alumni Podcast
highered  podcast  education 
june 2017 by grantpotter
online radio programme offers insight and inspiration by revealing how universities and colleges, with the help of digital technologies, are addressing key challenges in teaching, learning and course management.
edtech  audio  podcast  radio  education  highered  opened 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Podcasting Blossoms, but in Slow Motion - The New York Times
"it is that rarest thing in the technology industry: a slow, steady and unrelentingly persistent digital tortoise that could eventually — but who really knows? — slay the analog behemoths in its path."
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june 2017 by grantpotter
Podcasts |
Indigenous music and culture podcast series
music  podcast  indigenous 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Return Home - A Serialized Audio Drama -
Return Home is the story of Jonathan Barker, who returns to his home of Melancholy Falls, NJ, after five years away. An unknown entity beckons him back East, in order to unravel the mystery of what his home town has become…or has always been.
podcast  audio 
june 2017 by grantpotter

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