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Flower Child Filter | Soundemote
Flowerchild: Filters of Mass Destruction .... the joy of discovering bizarre and quirky boutique filters
audio  musIc  vst  software 
january 2019 by grantpotter
Beaker Browser
Beaker is an experimental browser for exploring and building the peer-to-peer Web.
browser  p2p  software  web  decentralization  decentralize 
september 2018 by grantpotter
Editing Audio in Linux
Audio Editing Suites for Linux
howto  linux  software 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Free Alternatives to Macromedia and Adobe
List of software replacements for Flash, Photoshop, etc.
software  linux  webdesign 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Record anything with "Silent Bob"
Recording utility with 2 minute buffer...
software  tools 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Sweet customized P2P software
software  tech 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Download Free CD Covers
Use AJAX-powered site to download CD Covers
tools  software  mp3  javascript 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Distributed Filesystem - Open Soure
linux  storage  software 
june 2017 by grantpotter
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