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Outline - Read & annotate without distractions
Can't believe I'm only finding now ... I love it ... would be a great service to offer in #highered or #k12
annotation  reading  advertising  attention  paywall  tools  k12  highered 
march 2019 by grantpotter
Trackography - Who tracks you online?
By detecting the specific companies which track our online activity and the geographical location of servers that our data travels to when we access websites, we hope to contribute to the discussion on unseen and unconsented data collection and on the politics of data.
technology  privacy  surveillance  tools  web 
february 2019 by grantpotter
Firefox Lightbeam
see the first and third party sites you interact with on the Web
privacy  surveillance  security  plugin  tools 
february 2019 by grantpotter
Am I unique?
investigating software monocultures and software diversity on the web
surveillance  technology  web  browser  privacy  tools 
february 2019 by grantpotter
Fetches and converts data between social networks, HTML and JSON with microformats2, ActivityStreams 1 and 2, Atom, JSON Feed, and more
indieweb  RSS  syndication  tools 
october 2018 by grantpotter
Alternative App Centre - collection of open-source tools, apps and services via @Info_Activism for better privacy and control
collection of open-source tools, apps and services via @Info_Activism for better privacy and control + guides, tutorials, & videos to help you better understand and manage your digital traces.
privacy  surveillance  apps  tools 
december 2017 by grantpotter
Search open source sounds
webdesign  tools  flash 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Teqlo |
# Reduce complexity # Express yourself # Always on service
collaboration  mashup  tools 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Windows XP Login Recovery
Windows password recovery within minutes.
windows  tools  tech 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Download Free CD Covers
Use AJAX-powered site to download CD Covers
tools  software  mp3  javascript 
june 2017 by grantpotter
Record anything with "Silent Bob"
Recording utility with 2 minute buffer...
software  tools 
june 2017 by grantpotter
System Requirements Lab
Online tool to that checks if your machine is capable of running a game
games  tools 
june 2017 by grantpotter
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