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Block Together
Twitter community blocking blocklist tool service
tool  internet 
october 2016 by greerrrr
KeePass 2.x plugins that provide Linux Desktop integration. These are primarily targeted for Ubuntu (but can work on other distros as well).
tool  linux 
october 2016 by greerrrr
WriteMonkey - Home
zenware distraction free writing
tool  windows 
march 2016 by greerrrr
Jake on The Law - Adventure Time - YouTube
tool  resource  101 
february 2016 by greerrrr
You feel like shit.
mental health
self care
january 2016 by greerrrr
[Dave Peck's Go]
Simple go playing site webapp board server
go  tool 
march 2015 by greerrrr
Offline RPG Tools
A pretty solid set of mappers and other tools, including an *excellent* cit map generator
rpg  tool  facebook  tumblr 
april 2014 by greerrrr
Logical Increments - PC Buying Guide
Somewhere intelligent to start if building a PC!
tool  hardware  games 
april 2014 by greerrrr
Nested workspaces. Need I say more?
tool  ux  de 
may 2012 by greerrrr
About at csync – file synchronization
csync is a lightweight utility to synchronize files between two directories on a system or between multiple systems.

It synchronizes bidirectionally and allows the user to keep two copies of files and directories in sync. csync uses widely adopted protocols, such as smb or sftp, so that there is no need for a server component. It is a user-level program which means you don’t need to be a superuser or administrator.
april 2012 by greerrrr
piep — piep 0.5 documentation
awk, sed, grep, tr, cut, for python dummies like me
tool  ux  programming:python 
march 2012 by greerrrr
sl takes the most common use of Unix ls, to display the files in a directory compactly in multiple columns, and makes it substantially more useful.
march 2012 by greerrrr
Xhotkeys webpage
Possible xbindkeys replacement
march 2012 by greerrrr
PV, one of the most useful applications around
Pipe viewer to inspect file operations and provide things like eta
february 2012 by greerrrr
btpd/btpd - GitHub
Small bittorrent daemon. Supports add, stop, start, del, list, statistics, global ratelimit.
raincloud  tool 
february 2012 by greerrrr

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