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The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
What’s important is to remember that 95% of the population in the United States (93% in Northern Europe; 92% in rich Asia) cannot do these things.

You can do it; 92%–95% of the population can’t.
design  tech  advice 
september 2019 by grntwlkr
Nord Color Palette
An arctic, north-bluish color palette.
Created for the clean and uncluttered design pattern to achieve a optimal focus and readability for code syntax highlighting and UI components.
design  color 
april 2019 by grntwlkr
Type Design Framework
Raw framework for choosing type, or making custom typefaces – I use it to guide personal reflection and discussions while teaching typography and type design. Currently it is not meant to work in isolation. (work in progress, last edit: 07.2017)
typography  design 
february 2019 by grntwlkr
Metapolator will turn any existing outline font into a parameterised font system, so you can get the fonts you really want.
typography  design 
february 2019 by grntwlkr
Monokai is the lab of Wimer Hazenberg
(it's also the name of a color palette)
design  inspiration  color 
july 2018 by grntwlkr
XXIIVV — About
XXIIVV is a digital playground and personal logging system.

This website is a tool, a notebook, and a mirror.
design  inspiration  tools 
july 2018 by grntwlkr
Jane Griswold Radocchia Architect and Historian Blog
Architect and Historian Blog
geometry and regulating lines in early design and construction
blog  architecture  design  geometry 
july 2016 by grntwlkr
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