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Augmented Reality Ball Game
Our project implements a two-player game based on real-time edge detection. The design is built on a Cyclone II FPGA on an Altera DE2 development board. The project uses the Sobel operator to detect the edges of a map drawn on a whiteboard. A physics engine implemented on a Pancake processor controls the motion of a ball on the map. The map and the ball are displayed on a VGA screen. The game is played by controlling the switches and keys on the DE2 development board. Player 1 draws an arbitrary number of straight lines on the map. Player 1 and Player 2 each try and move the ball to the destination. The ball’s motion is controlled by a fixed impulse that can be applied at any angle. The number of impulses required to reach the destination is recorded and displayed on a seven segment display. The player who applies the minimum number of impulses to the ball wins. Player 2 then draws the obstacles on the map, and the game proceeds as before.
VHDL  vision  computing  Augmented  Reality  Altera  electronics  FPGA 
may 2013 by guiambros
FPGA course - Hamsterworks Wiki!
FPGA course
This course is currently a work in progress, but aims to be a quick start for hobbyists new to using FPGAs
xilinx  verilog  VHDL  course  tutorial  electronics  FPGA 
february 2012 by guiambros
FPGA VHDL HDL Verilog NES electronics DIY hardware hacking
FPGA  VHDL  HDL  Verilog  NES  electronics  DIY  hardware  hacking 
november 2011 by guiambros
FPGA :: ESawdust Blog
FPGA DIY microelectronics micro electronics electric engineering computer architecture VHDL HDL Verilog
FPGA  DIY  microelectronics  micro  electronics  electric  engineering  computer  architecture  VHDL  HDL  Verilog 
october 2010 by guiambros

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