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Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants
Ashley Feinberg

“A conversation with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey can be incredibly disorienting. Not because he’s particularly clever or thought-provoking, but because he sounds like he should be. He takes long pauses before he speaks. He furrows his brow, setting you up for a considered response from the man many have called a genius. The words themselves sound like they should probably mean something, too. Dorsey is just hard enough to follow that it’s easy to assume that any confusion is your own fault, and that if you just listen a little more or think a little harder, whatever he’s saying will finally start to make sense.”
tech_journalism  twitter  techlash  socialmedia 
8 hours ago
Lucinda Hawksley | Bitten by Witch Fever
Beautiful to leaf through and compelling to read, ‘Bitten by Witch Fever’ is a highly original and captivating volume that interleaves facsimile sections of alluring, arsenic-laden wallpapers, all laboratory-tested for the first time, with thought-provoking narrative, tracing the arresting story of the manufacture, uses and effects of arsenic in the 19th-century home, in particular, the pigments ingrained in popular wallpapers.
homesteading  design  19th_century  interior  gifts 
16 hours ago
teenage engineering – pocket operators
pocket operators are small, ultra portable music devices,with studio quality sound and the flexibility to make music on the go.affordable for everyone and compatible with all other music gear.
gifts  music  stuff 
2 days ago
The Sound of ‘Housewives’ Everywhere
Caity Weaver in NYT on the composers of Bravo Housewives soundtracks
soundtrack  film_music 
4 days ago
“Alexa, play some music” isn’t the only time Amazon is listening to you.
This story isn’t a thought experiment. It is precisely what happened when a German citizen who requested his data files from Amazon under the European Union’s GDPR regulation. He expected to get a list of the products he has purchased, how he paid, and other commercial profile data Amazon compiled. Unlike my scenario, he wasn’t expecting audio recordings. He didn’t own an Alexa-enabled device. He shouldn’t have been getting any recordings, yet there they were.

According to the story originally reported by the German investigative magazine c’t, Amazon admitted the mistake, citing human error in sending him the wrong file.
smarthome  privacy  amazon 
6 days ago
The debate: is America’s future capitalist or socialist? - Vox
But what are the actual differences between liberal reformers of capitalism, like Warren and Pearlstein, and democratic socialists, like Sanders? I invited Pearlstein to discuss his book, and the broader capitalism vs. socialism divide, with Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of the journal Jacobin, and author of the forthcoming book, The Socialist Manifesto. Their debate follows, lightly edited for style and length, with Sunkara kicking off the conversation.
capitalism  socialism 
6 days ago
How AirPlay 2 works on Vizio TVs - The Verge
CTO Of Vizio confirms that Data collection in Smart TV's is now offsetting the cost of the hardware to the point that a non-Smart TV would have a higher price tag. Just like android phones, user data is used to reduce costs and stay competitive.
privacy  information_economy 
9 days ago
My Stepdad's Huge Dataset
The internet isn’t just revolutionizing how porn is distributed and consumed. It’s also revolutionizing how porn is made, by enabling companies to cater more closely to the perceived tastes of their audience.
11 days ago
Scott Weingart’s teaching yourself to code in DH
programming  syllabus  dh_pedagogy 
4 weeks ago
Coding for humanities majors syllabi
syllabus  dh_pedagogy  programming  dh_tutorials 
4 weeks ago
Kitchen - Page 1 - Salter House
gorgeous enamel dishes, bakeware, strainers, etc
stuff  kitchen  gifts 
5 weeks ago
Mozilla - *privacy not included
Teddy bears that connect to the internet. Smart speakers that listen to commands. Great gifts—unless they spy on you. We created this guide to help you buy safe, secure products this holiday season.
privacy  internet_of_things  smarthome 
5 weeks ago
Walden, a game
Walden, a game is an exploratory narrative and open world simulation of the life of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau during his experiment in self-reliant living at Walden Pond. The game begins in the summer of 1845 when Thoreau moved to the Pond and built his cabin there.
5 weeks ago
At the Very Least We Know the End of the World Will Have a Bright Side
Solarpunk, a new genre of science fiction, demands radical optimism of its writers and readers. It takes the apocalypse as given, but doesn’t assume the worst of people living through it.
SF  SF_stories  sf_studies 
5 weeks ago
The End of Books / Octave Uzanne
From Scribner’s Magazine Illustrated — July–December 1894
5 weeks ago
Anonymized data doesn't stay anonymous, says MIT study
The reality, a group of MIT scientists and urban planners show in a new study, is that it’s fairly simple to figure out who is who anyway. In other words, anonymized data can be deanonymized pretty quickly when you’re working with multiple datasets within a city.

Carlo Ratti, the MIT Senseable City Lab founder who co-authored the study in IEEE Transactions on Big Data, says that the research process made them feel “a bit like ‘white hat’ or ‘ethical’ hackers” in a news release. First, they combined two anonymized datasets of people in Singapore, one of mobile phone logs and the other of transit trips, each containing “location stamps” detailing just the time and place of each data point. Then they used an algorithm to match users whose data overlapped closely between each set–in other words, they had phone logs and transit logs with similar time and location stamps–and tracked how closely those stamps matched up over time, eliminating false positives as they went. In the end, it took a week to match up 17% of the users and 11 weeks to get to a 95% rate of accuracy. (With the added GPS data from smartphones, it took less than a week to hit that number.)
privacy  urban_studies 
5 weeks ago
High-Tech Degrees and the Price of an Avocado: The Data New York Gave to Amazon - The New York Times
The city and state sent loads of data to Amazon during its search for a new headquarters, offering a peek into the valuable information the company collected during the process.
amazon  information_economy  technicians 
5 weeks ago
Having the best mattress, suitcase, and vitamins nearly broke me - Vox
My name is Rebecca Jennings. I am 26 years old, and I live in Brooklyn, New York. Every morning, I wake up on a Casper mattress covered with Brooklinen bedding. I brush my teeth with a Quip toothbrush, then floss with Cocofloss. I do exactly 45 minutes on the elliptical at the gym downstairs in a matching set from Outdoor Voices.

In the shower, I use a shampoo and conditioner perfectly customized to my hair type by Function of Beauty; my morning vitamin by Care/of, too, is designed specifically for me. I dry off in a robe from Parachute, then dress in minimalist basics from Everlane. I apply Glossier Cloud Paint followed by Boy Brow, and before I leave the apartment, I slip on a pair of Allbirds.

This is not a terrible attempt at an American Psycho parody. Well, it is not just a terrible attempt at an American Psycho parody: It is also an entirely accurate description of my life, or at least it was, for one week in November.
consumerism  2018  information_economy 
5 weeks ago
👋 Announcing Collections as Data Cohort 1 👋 • Collections as Data - Part to Whole
Earlier this year Collections as Data: Part to Whole was awarded $750,000 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. $600,000 of this award will be regranted, across two cohorts, to foster development of models that support collections as data implementation and use.
5 weeks ago
Data Carpentry | Lessons
We facilitate and develop lessons for Data Carpentry workshops. These lessons are distributed under the CC-BY license and are free for re-use or adaptation, with attribution. We’ve had people use the lessons in courses, to build new lessons, or use them for self-guided learning.

Data Carpentry workshops are domain-specific, so that we are teaching researchers the skills most relevant to their domain and using examples from their type of work. Therefore we have several types of workshops and curriculum is organized by domain.
data  dh_pedagogy 
6 weeks ago
Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia
Listen to the sound of Wikipedia's recent changes feed. Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note. Green circles show edits from unregistered contributors, and purple circles mark edits performed by automated bots. You may see announcements for new users as they join the site, punctuated by a string swell. You can welcome him or her by clicking the blue banner and adding a note on their talk page.

This project is built using D3 and HowlerJS. It is based on BitListen by Maximillian Laumeister. Our source is available on GitHub, and you can read more about this project.
datavisualization  sound  data_sonification  sonification 
6 weeks ago
Radio Garden
Amazing radio history archival project. Includes live streams of radio stations from around the world, historical broadcasts, and a section on radio station jingles
radio  media_archaeology 
6 weeks ago
Root & Star – Root and Star
Root & Star is a quality children's magazine of art, words, and nature. We inspire a childhood to remember.
6 weeks ago
Artwork Personalization at Netflix – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
Netflix customizes show/movie artwork on home screen tiles to attract different viewer tastes
streaming  targeted_ads  netflix 
6 weeks ago
Language Visualization
A gorgeous 1990s cornell text visualization project.
datavisualization  text_analysis  1990s 
6 weeks ago
Public Domain Day 2019 | Duke University School of Law
On January 1, 2019, works published in 1923 will enter the US public domain.
1920s  archive  copyright 
6 weeks ago
CFP — AU: Alternate University
AU: Alternate University is a fanfiction-inspired collaboration which imagines an alternate universe of academe. Produced by those who do not have ownership stakes in academia— adjuncts, ex-academics, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, non-academic community members— AU will challenge readers to confront an uncanny and surreal world, familiar yet decidedly not our own: one in which department meetings morph into activist collectives, or “diversity and inclusion” programs are run by black and brown teenagers, or in which sexual harassment reporting procedures actually work.
academia  university 
6 weeks ago
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