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LeBron vs. Jordan: Who’s the greatest? - Washington Post
As a result of the rule changes, an increase in pace, and a rise in the prevalence of three-pointers, NBA teams are averaging 110.6 points per game this season , up dramatically from 95.1 points per game in 2002-03, Jordan’s final season and the last before James joined the league.

That scoring boom has left Jordan’s former defenders wondering how many points he might score in today’s NBA. Christie estimated 40 points per game. Or “44, easily,” guessed Cassell. “I’d put him near 50,” said Smith, adding that Jordan could have played for 20 seasons if he absorbed less contact throughout his career.
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23 days ago by gwijthoff
Is It Possible to Know Too Much About Basketball? - The Ringer
Augmented graphics existed before CourtVision. The NFL has used yellow first-down markers for three decades, and MLB has featured strike zones for nearly as long. But those graphics focus on numbers such as speed, distance, and location. Second Spectrum is using computers to process information that is far more illustrative of performance. “What we wanted to do required a machine to understand the game like a coach or a human, then augment it,” Maheswaran said. “John Madden taught us a lot about football, and, because of the breaks in the game, he drew a lot on the screen. We want to bring the same thing to basketball.”
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october 2018 by gwijthoff
Anthony Davis and the Plight of the Modern N.B.A. Big Man | The New Yorker
For most of his career, the six-foot-ten Pelicans star has been discussed in terms of potential. But why is it that some big men develop and others do not?
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may 2018 by gwijthoff
Step into the future: NBA talent redefines the meaning of traveling

Introduced to the NBA in the 1990s by Lithuanian guard Sarunas Marciulionis, popularized by the Argentinian legend Manu Ginobili, the zigzag maneuver after the player picks up the ball sows widespread confusion among fans, refs and players alike.
february 2018 by gwijthoff
LeBron James' path to 30,000 career regular-season points
video timeline of James' biggest baskets

"He is a force that moves in, around and through you with such lightning speed and physical dominance that there is little you can do to stop him," Kittles said. "I remember a convo with team president Rod Thorn about the final play. When asked if I could have fouled him to prevent the inevitable, I answered with full confidence, 'Not a chance. Not a chance.'"
january 2018 by gwijthoff
Let Me See Some Footwork - The Ringer
It takes years to master and countless hours of practice, but footwork can be the difference between “good” and “great” in the NBA. Giannis, DeMar, coaches, and trainers talk about the art and science of this fundamental basketball skill.
january 2018 by gwijthoff
Joel Embiid Got Paid Like a Star, Now He Has to Play Like One - The Ringer
No one player has exemplified the promise and the pain of the Process like Philadelphia’s brilliant, hilarious, often injured, and recently paid center, Joel Embiid. On the verge of a new season, the team and its enigmatic star are both dealing with an unfamiliar feeling: great expectations.
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january 2018 by gwijthoff
NBA Documentaries
Hi – Welcome to! Share our love of NBA Documentaries and take a look around. We have a ton of great reviews and info about a wide range of documentaries about NBA basketball ranging from the very popular Beyond The Glory series to the new ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries. Use the menu at the top of the page to browse through documentaries by category or view our full list here; NBA Documentaries List.
december 2017 by gwijthoff
LeBron James, Against All Odds, Is Still Getting Better - The Atlantic
“What he’s doing at his age, his 15th year, is unbelievable,” James’s head coach, Tyronn Lue, said last week. The appraisal was accurate; the roster of athletes who have produced this ably a decade and a half into their playing days is nearly nonexistent. Michael Jordan’s 15th season was his last one, a somber and playoff-less campaign with the Washington Wizards. Neither Larry Bird nor Magic Johnson made it that long, due to injury and illness. Tim Duncan, by the time his 15th season came around, was well along in his transition from focal point to elder statesman. Kobe Bryant, while still scoring at a high clip, was not close to matching James’s efficiency or all-around contributions.

Basketball doesn’t damage its players’ bodies in the way football does, but it is nevertheless a grind. Even Hall of Famers fall victim to diminished bounce and quickness, to nagging injuries, to the simple, physical exhaustion that comes with running and jumping on a wooden floor two and a half hours at a time, 82 nights a year. The average NBA player’s peak comes in his mid-20s, and the early-30s usually portend serious decline, but James is playing and talking like he’ll have none of that. “I want to break the mold of guys, of the stereotype of this prime thing,” he says, as if growing older were a contrived media narrative instead of a fact of life.
basketball  ageing 
december 2017 by gwijthoff
A Night In The Church Of Sam Hinkie [sixers gm]
Watching basketball is supposed to be fun. There is a long-term plan in the Sixers rebuild, and maybe it will still work out, but the Sixers have been fun for exactly one month—January of this year, when they went 10-5—in the last four years. Nothing in those last four years has been as fun as that fluky first-round win in 2012. I remember putting on a Sixers shirt, watching as dozens of runners shouted “Go Sixers!” as I stood along the Broad Street Run, then taking the subway down to the stadium to see the Sixers take a 3-1 series lead against the top-seeded Bulls. I had a great time. So did my mom. But ask a Hinkie deacon about that playoff series and it’s deemed worthless because the Sixers had no shot at winning a championship that year. So fucking what. This is Philadelphia, a city where its sports teams have won two championships in my lifetime, and one of those was when I was four months old. The 2012 Sixers were not great, but they were certainly better than any of Sam Hinkie’s Sixers teams. Any creed that declares the process a good thing, no matter the outcome, must necessarily deny that sports ought to be entertaining.
december 2017 by gwijthoff
What Basketball Sounds Like in 2017 - The Atlantic
Madison Square Garden had announced an unusual experiment, via a message on the arena’s jumbo screen, before the game: “The first half of today’s game will be presented without music, video, or in-game entertainment so you can experience the game in its purest form. Enjoy the sounds of the game.”
basketball  stadiums 
march 2017 by gwijthoff

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